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                                              She knew that Celine wasn't fond of Cedric and his demanding nature. She saw the look on the other girl's face at the mere mention of his name and wondered if she should have said yes to the movie. Kannah shook her head as she reached down to help her friend off the pavement, they needed to find the demi-gods or risk facing Cedric. "I tried, she's stubborn," she said with a shrug. "I'll make sure she behaves tonight." As she was helping Celine to her feet, her phone beeped in her pocket, alerting her to a message. After ensuring that Celine wasn't going to fall over again, Kannah pulled the phone from her pocket and opened her inbox.

                                                  From: Adrian
                                                  what are the plans for today? need any help with the rabbit hunting?

                                              She smiled slightly. Adrian was someone she felt she could get along with just as well as she got along with Celine. They hadn't known each other before the attack on Camp Half-Blood, but, as far as Kannah was concerned, they might as well have. She quickly sent out her reply.

                                                  To: Adrian
                                                  with celine in the slums. feel free to join us.

                                              After sliding the phone back into her pocket, she wrapped her arm around Celine's, "C'mon, Celine," she said in the most convincing voice she could muster, "If we finish this by nine I'm sure we can catch a movie."

                                              This was how she handled Celine on night like this. If she promised to take Celine to do something fun, she was sure to get the girl to help her with what they were supposed to be doing. She knew the girl couldn't help it, her impulsiveness was just part of who she was. Even though Kannah hated to admit it to herself, she actually would've enjoyed a movie to take her mind off the utter failure that had accompanied them for the last three months.

                                              "What do you say?" she asked, but, instead of waiting for an answer, she began to walk, pulling Celine along with her.

                                              This is possibly the worst post I've written. Sorry for its terribleness.