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                                                    Willow rolled her eyes when he talked about her kissing, but she knew she was blushing. "Shut up," she told him, playfully of course. When he started talking about ghosts she giggles, but she felt guilty when Sebastian asked why she hadn't gone looking for him. The truth was that she'd been afraid to even come out of hiding, and she didn't know if she'd be able to protect herself, or anyone for that matter, if she was found. "Sebastian, I..." but when Adrian came along she couldn't finish.

                                                    Willow felt a little dizzy as she looked back and forth between the boys. Their banter was funny, but she could hardly keep up with it. She had a close friend, Benji, whom she had little talks like that with but theirs was too much. She'd never heard a nickname quite like 'Icy Hot'. She cracked a smile at them but when Sebastian wrapped his arm around her shoulders she felt her face heat up in a blush. They continued their banter, going along with the ladies thing and acting like they were ready to gossip about the happenings in New York. She scrunched her nose. The only women she'd know to act like that, gossiping and talking about men, were mostly the girls in the Aphrodite cabin.
                                                    A little wave of sorrow, mostly for her friend Coralyn, washed over her at the though but when Sebastian moved his arm so he could hold her hand made her feel better. She looked up at him, yes he was taller than her, and smiled before allowing him to lead her inside.

                                                    Once inside she listened as the boys ordered their coffee. She wasn't to fond of the bitter drink. The first time she ever drank it she felt like she was going to have a heart attack. Still she ordered a cup with extra cream and sugar. And as a side... "Could I get a bowl and glass milk please?" The person taking her order simply shrugged and gave as she asked. It took her two trips because she didn't want to break the bowl, but when she had everything she took a seat next to Sebastian. She listened as they went back and forth with 'boyfriend banter' and giggled. They were silly, and she smiled at Sebastian when he smiled at her.
                                                    She continued to listen as she pulled one of the small boxes of cheerios out from her bag and poured it in the bowl, and then added some milk carefully. "Excuse me," she said, reaching in front of Sebastian for the syrup she saw at the end of the table. She poured a decent amount onto her cheerios and grabbed a spoon and took a bite. Absolute heaven.

                                                    Now, the mixture must sound incredibly disgusting but...well Willow loved it, as she had since she was four. It was by complete accident really. Her mother, bless her wherever she was now, had been pouring her a bowl and when she meant to add milk she added syrup instead, only adding milk when she'd discovered her mistake. It was Willow's favorite ever since.

                                                    The brunette paused though when Adrian asked if either of them had returned since the attack. He hadn't been able to finish the sentence, but Willow understood. "I haven't even been away from this part of the city," she said before taking another bite.
                                                    Adrian excused himself abruptly and then Willow was left alone with the boy she was trying so hard to hide her feelings for. she looked down at her bowl awkwardly before turning her pretty blue eyes to him. "Hi..."
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                        in the middle of a gun fight, in the center of a restaurant, they say, come with your arms raised high
                        your life will never be the same. on your mother's eyes say a prayer. say your prayer.
                        oh, nobody knows all the trouble i've seen, well i can't, well i can. life is but a dream for the dead

                                                          well, they're never gonna get me

                                                          Who would've thought destroying an entire family of warriors would have been so easy? They fled so fast, so smooth. Cedric could still hear the screams. The fire. The laughter. His laughter. The most amusing thing about this camp was that everything was alive. The water, the trees, even the buildings. He could feel the trees shaking from stem to root, the waves of the water, uneasily, flowing through the tide, and the building's unwilling creaks of despair. They had new masters, now. Yes, they did. However, no matter their triumph or the number of demigods they had decreased. They did not achieve what they initially came for. Directly proceeding the attack on the camp, Cedric was informed by one of his used-to-be trusted demititans that two of the Big Three managed to escape. This was unfortunate news, and the man who gave it to him paid dearly. Life is just a dream for him, now. It wasn't all in vain, though. What they were left with was a weak and pathetic excuse for a son of Zeus. Evidently, there were two twin brothers. It's a shame, really. Cedric would've loved the set of them, together. To turn brother against brother...that would've been a treat. No matter.

                                                          "Well, well, well....it's Marcus, isn't it? Let me tell you something, Marcus, son of Zeus...there's something that I'm looking for. Something very important to me...and you're going to help me find it, understand?"

                                                          According to his files, this Marcus boy had the IQ level that almost matched that of an Athena child. Extremely intelligent for a son of Zeus, though his physical levels were not anything in comparison to his twin brother, and almost made him a weakling, intelligence was something he could use right now. The prophecy, something that has been going on for nearly 50 years now, mentioned something. Something that Cedric has been trying to find for many years now. Cedric was no oracle. Riddles made little sense to him. All he knew was that this key would help him, tremendously, in his search for power. He needed this key. Now, knowing prophecies, this key is no key at all. The key was simply a metaphor. It could be a place, a person, or any ordinary object. It's this that has driven Cedric mad these past few years and now that he's this close...he'll be damned if he lets some stupid son of Zeus get in his way.

                                                          Through the past couple months, the boy wouldn't budge. Cedric managed to use his influence to get out of the boy that he at least understood the prophecy. He knew what it meant. He knew what the key was. However, that information has yet to be revealed. The boy was stubborn. He was intelligent. Those with intelligence...they were even harder to crack. Today was the three month anniversary of the day they invaded camp half blood, and Cedric was getting impatient. He would find that key.

                                                          "I do believe it is your three month anniversary here with us, today," Cedric said, smiling, as he approached the cell in which Marcus was kept at. The boy was chained to the wall by his arms, forced to stand. Cedric entered the cell, standing feet away from him. "Surely you must understand how anxious I have been getting," he sneered. "My patience has dwindled, dear son of Zeus...I will break you, by any means necessary." Marcus scrunched his face and spit into the eyes of Cedric. Cedric coiled and wiped his eyes, glaring at the boy.

                                                          "I'll never tell you anything, and if you kill me...I'll rest happily with the knowledge that you'll never know what it is."

                                                          At this remark, Cedric only laughed. "My dear boy...who ever said I was going to kill you? Bell!" He called to his associate, a fifteen year old boy that Cedric was, actually, rather fond of. There was an unspoken understanding between the two of them. Neither of them liked the other that very much, but they also did not particularly dislike each other, either. Cedric trusted the boy. "Bell...I want you to organize a search for this poor boy's twin brother. After all, it's been months since the three have seen each other." Cedric only smiled and inched close to the boy of Zeus, who avoided eye contact with him. "I will find your dear brother, Marcus. I will find him...and I will break him. And if he does not know anything...if he proves useless to me...I will kill him."

                                                          "Go ahead," the boy snapped. "He means nothing to me." The boys voice cracked.

                                                          "Oh, come now. We both know that's not true." Cedric slammed the door shut, hard, and then looked into the eyes of his trusted associate, Bell. He wouldn't have made this threat without a plan. "Take whoever you trust, or whoever we don't care if they die, to the shores. I want Kannah there, where the hell is she? Find her. Have her send up a beacon. Water. Lots of it. And Bell...I want him alive." Bell had a tendency to prefer things dead, which is why Cedric goes out of his way to tell Bell which ones he wanted dead and which, alive. He didn't listen half the time. Cedric knew that Bell improvises to meet his needs. It didn't matter so much to Cedric, as long as the job was done. Hopefully, Bell would catch on to the Oceanus part, though. If Henry saw an usual behavior of water, why, wouldn't he believe that's his Poseidon friend calling for him and go running to her? For the past while, Cedric hasn't really been searching for Henry. Only by luck has he showed up on the radar every so often, but disappears just as quickly. Now, he might be a little of use to him. Love is something Cedric could use to his advantage, and there isn't much greater love than those of twins, no matter how different they claim they are.

                                                          He was going to find that key if it killed him.

                        ooc; introducing the head villain! sorry it took so long! lot of dialogue but, I don't care.
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s o n o f d i o n y s u sxxxxxxxxxxx

                                          They were grape flavored. Same as yesterday, same as the day before. It's not that he doesn't miss it. Walking through the crowds of New York, you're bound to pick up that luscious smell consisting of the beautiful combination of nicotine and tobacco. Now, Nathan had been forced down to the measures of smoking on a electronic cigarette that had only a hint of nicotine with a grape flavor. It wasn't terrible...it wasn't great. It was only tolerable. However, if he could feed one of his addictions, just one, maybe, and just maybe, he'd be able to lead a normal life.

                                          "You'll never lead a normal life, Nathan. Not while I'm here."
                                          "Which is something I've been meaning to forget," Nathan grumbled.
                                          "You can't forget who you are. I'm your better half, you know that."
                                          "You're not real, Lex. It's never real."

                                          It's something his psychiatrist always tells him. He's not real, Nathan. Lex. It's never real. It's kind of a twist in the gut. Lex had always been there for Nathan. Lately, he's been kind of a jerk but only because Nathan has been trying his hardest to ignore him, or at least deny him any access he might have to his brain. It's not real. It's never real. Lex was, and remains, Nathan's best friend. He had many friends in high school, up until he tried to quit everything. When he stopped drinking. When he refused drugs. When he took up the electronic cigarettes and started going to Alcoholics Anonymous and a psychiatrist. Suddenly, the people who claimed he was friends with, they weren't so interested in him anymore. Guess he was only cool for a little while. Lex stayed with him. He stayed up until three o'clock when he was crying. When he would wake up from nightmares and when he had panic attacks. Isn't it odd that someone you're imagining is helping you from your own imagination? Imagine having to shun your best friend because they're not real. Because they never were. Nathan wasn't sure he could do it. This was one request his psychiatrist asked that Nathan didn't think he could do. Without it, he'd never truly conquer his problems. He didn't care.

                                          "I'm sorry..." Nathan said, ashamed in himself.

                                          Lex didn't reply. He was upset and Nathan watched him as he walked out of the room, ignoring him. Nathan sighed. See? How come someone who has feelings and could be hurt not be real? Maybe it was happening inside his head...but why on earth should that mean that it is not real? All of a sudden, there was someone at the door. "You okay, Nathan?" It was his roommate, Seth. Seth knew of his...problems. Seth wasn't crazy. He never saw them. As far as real people go, though, Seth was as close to a friend as Nathan had ever head, although he could tell that Seth was afraid of him. Nathan wasn't sure why. He could barely harm a fly, and if he were ever to harm anyone, it would be himself. Perhaps that's why Seth was so afraid. He'd come home before to catch Nathan with a knife or pills in his hand and he'd yell at Nathan like a father. He keeps an annoyingly close eye on Nathan, now, always worried. Nathan has told Seth about Lex before. He doesn't understand. Nobody will.

                                          "I'm fine..." he said. Seth simply stood there looking at him with pity. "'m sure," he noted, again. "Listen, you wanna, I don't know, go out tonight or somethin'?" Nathan shook his head. "No, I have to go to work." Seth looked at him sceptically. He didn't believe him. He thought he would end up finding Nathan, dead, in a gutter somewhere. "You don't believe me? Are you gonna have to walk with me to the ******** coffee house to make sure I don't slit my wrists on the way there? Seriously?" Nathan was getting angry. He's been prone to lash out due to his bipolar disorder. You never know when he's going to break down, crying, or explode in anger. Seth fished around in his pocket taking out two pills and setting them on the table in between them. "I'm not leaving till you take them." Giving a death glare to Seth, Nathan walked to the table and popped the two pills in his mouth, swallowing them at the same time without water. Let's just say he was used to it by now. "Open your mouth." Even more aggravated, Nathan opened his mouth while Seth inspected it to make sure he took his medication. "Happy?" he scoffed, rolling his eyes. Knocking into Seth's shoulder on the way out, he stormed down the stairs and slammed their apartment door shut as he left his way for work. He had his lunch in his backpack as well as a few other things. Just necessities.

                                          He also had a coffee in his hand, something that he drinks at least twice a day. Coffee was his vice for his alcoholism that he had previously fought in life. It kept him stimulated, at least. It got him ready for work and by the time he got his apron on and clocked in, his boss already had something for him to do. "Take this coffee and muffin to those two outside." Nathan looked over to see a girl and a boy had just sat down next to her. The both of them were smoking and Nathan mentally cursed. It's so not what he needed right now. But, he did it anyway, placing the coffee and muffin in front of the girl. Still in his bad mood, though, and his need for nicotine getting more drastic, he responded in a foul mood.

                                          "Is there anything else you need?" he asked in a tone that basically meant there better not be. For a moment, he closed his eyes and breathed in the tobacco, momentarily forgetting why he quit in the first place and he felt a strong need to take one of electronic cigarettes, which is the equivalent of drinking lemonade when you're addicted to caffeine. Ridiculous.

                                          "Man, someone's in a bad mood." Lex said, appearing outside the door, laughing, with a smirk on his face. Nathan rolled his eyes.
                                          "Not now, Lex, I'm working," he said, forgetting that he was in a public place and people couldn't see Lex. Embarrassed, Nathan widened his eyes, waiting for their response so he could quickly leave before the called the white coats on him.

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                                                      You had to love how oblivious most mortal where when it came to anything that didn’t involve themselves. It made the Mist’s job so much easier when it came to concealing the “mythological” in their everyday, mundane lives. As one who has never been under the influence of the magical veil, Celine often found herself wondering just what it was that the normal humans saw when they spared a moment glanced up at her. Did they an armed, dangerous woman who knew a hundred different ways to defeat them in hand to hand combat? Or did they just see a harmless girl happily chatting on the phone, maybe a guitar case replacing the celestial bronze sword strapped to her back?

                                                      “Mommy, when you coming home?”

                                                      Celine’s attention snapped back to the conversation she was having with her five year old son. It was easy to zone out when he had been repeating the same story for her the third time. But now, she finds herself on the spot. How was she supposed to explain why she had to go away? Explain the reason she was so far away from him right now? It wasn’t like she could tell him the truth about the gods and titans. He was too young understand. Too young to be burdened even if he could.

                                                      “Soon, Leon. But there’s some things mommy has to do first. Now it’s almost time for school right? I’ll call you before you go to bed tonight.”

                                                      “Okay. I love you.”

                                                      “I love you, too.”

                                                      With a click, the call was disconnected and Celine let out a tired sigh. Her fingers traveled to the heart shaped pendant around her neck, stroking the cold metal. Yes, the sooner they finished this task, the sooner she could get home and see her family. But if this dragged on any longer, she was going to have to schedule a trip back home whether SeaDick liked it or not. The son of Themis might be their leader, but she wasn’t going to let him dictate when and where she could go.

                                                      Pushing off the building she had been leaning against, she took a moment to readjust the xiphos strapped to her back so that it was clearly visible. It was hard to tell the difference between a normal mortal and one whose blood contained celestial DNA based on sight alone. Her unsheathed blade took care of that. Mortals saw it as something harmless and un-noteworthy while other demi-titans and demi-gods saw it for what it was.

                                                      And since the attack three months ago, there were two types of reaction she got. One, fear that sent the prey running in the opposite direction and two, blind rage that made them attack. Either way, it was an obvious sign. Though this method often required sheer luck of being at the right place and the right time. Luck that didn’t seem to be on her side today as she headed towards the place she was supposed to be meeting Kannah at least five minutes ago.

                                                      “Hey Kannah~” She called in a sing song voice, throwing her arm over the shorter female’s shoulder. “Miss me? Saw a gas station on my way over and I couldn’t help myself.”

                                                      She held up a lottery ticket with a sly grin. “If I win, I’ll buy you something pretty.”

                                                      She laughed as she tucked the ticket into her pocket. She didn’t mention calling home afterwards since it was something she tried not to advertise. As much as she loved Leon and would love to be a bragging parent, he was a liability. With only ¼ of his blood that of a titan, he had all of her weaknesses and very little of her strength. So if no one knew about him, than no one could use him against her.

                                                      “So what’s our plan of action? Throw a rock in any direction and start there? Drudge through the sewers? Because if you don’t know, I’m sure there’s some demi-gods hiding at the movies.”

                                                      ooc: text coding on its way
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          xxxlocation : camp half-bloodxxxxxfeeling : annoyed, angryxxxxxcompany : no onexxx

                                                    The shadows welcomed Bell into its loving embrace. When Cedric walked into Marcus' cell, he slunk into the darkness and stood seemingly unseen, watching the boy intensely. The fact that the son of Zeus was so pathetic and frail was rather ironic to Bell, and he laughed at it mentally every time he got to cause him pain. With every punch, kick and cut he found it hilarious that Zeus' son was so useless. However, from observation, he realized that Marcus wasn't a complete idiot. While his skin bruised easy and he couldn't stand up for himself if everyone else bowed at his feet, he had the strongest will he had ever seen. Three months of torture, enough to pretty well kill him, he had endured and not once had he told Cedric a single thing of his own accord. Anything he had told him was because of Cedric's influence over him, but it wasn't enough; his mind was too strong for Cedric to break, not while he believed he had something to fight for.

                                                    The way the boy looked was appalling; he was strung up on the wall like a piece of the decor, battered and bruised, on display as Cedric would have him as a trophy. Look at me, he's shouting, I've got a son of Zeus helpless and weak. You should fear me. If I can take him, I can take any of you. It may have fooled the rest of the camp, but Bell wasn't ignorant in the slightest. He knew how Cedric's mind worked because his was the same way. Even though he was—in all intents and purposes—their leader, there was no reason to trust him. That way, if anything went sour, feelings weren't hurt and he was prepared to continue on his path. Cedric knew Bell didn't trust him and yet still seemed to place some strange form of trust in him; he trusted him to get the job done when it was needed. Bell didn't have trust for anyone, sometimes not even himself. The way he treated other demititans was different than how he treated Cedric, however. He treated everyone else like garbage, simply because that's what they were. Half of them couldn't beat him in a fight, and he was a fifteen-year-old boy! The other half were too flawed, too reckless, or too soft. Like Wyatt. God, that boy didn't have the stomach to be who he was. He couldn't even handle seeing the blood of another! He'd have to eventually, so Bell tried as often as he could to make him used to it. Most saw it as bullying, but he saw it as being generous. The other person who was different than most was Celine, this b***h who took it upon herself to take advantage of her luck and torture him. No matter how much Bell tried, she was near untouchable to him, and it pissed him off to no end. He wished only for one thing: if she was to die, it would be by his hand.

                                                    He watched Cedric attempt to interrogate Marcus, eyeing the both of them carefully. Marcus understood the prophecy, that much was known, but the fact that he was trying so hard to protect the key from being known...it sent of a red flag in his head. Could the key be something they would normally overlook? Perhaps a single trinket that could turn into a godly weapon able to destroy them all, or a person who seemed weak and defenseless? It was entirely possible that he didn't want to give any hints because without him, they would never know. If it were an obvious choice, the problem wouldn't be what it was but which one it was. There were plenty of obvious ideas: a child of the Big Three, a hunter of Artemis, a demititan who would switch sides and destroy them from within, or a single piece of knowledge. A weakness, so to say. No...those were too obvious. It had to be something less obvious, but even Bell couldn't figure that one out. It seemed that the only way they would find out is if Cedric was able to crack Marcus' mind, or for someone else to bring them the news.

                                                    When Cedric called his name, he pushed off the wall of his cell and appeared from the shadows, an emotionless stare beaming up at the boy on the wall. "Yes, Cedric?" he asked, his hands shoved into the pockets of his pants. He was told they were brown pants, but he couldn't really tell himself. He didn't take his eyes off Marcus as Cedric demanded for him to go find Marcus' twin brother, Henry. He watched Marcus' face as he made the order, and while he seemed distressed and uncomfortable, it wasn't the reaction of extreme despair. Henry wasn't the key. Another obvious choice, the twin sons of Zeus, being the key in the prophecy. That clearly didn't seem to be the case. Despite this, bringing the other Zeus boy into their little game could possibly psyche Marcus out long enough for Cedric to dig in and find the answer they needed.

                                                    "Yes, sir," he responded, albeit distastefully. Bell didn't take orders from anyone. He did what he wanted, simple as that. Sticking with Cedric was the choice he made because he knew he would have more opportunity to do what he liked best if he did so. Once Cedric no longer provided what he was looking for, Bell was gone, and he made sure to tell him that once in a while. And if he so much as thought about trying to use his godawful powers on him, Bell would strike him down right there.

                                                    He left the cell with full intent to walk out and just leave right away, but there were no details to this mission so he stayed behind and lurked, waiting for Cedric to be done with Zeus' boy so he could give him the full details. Marcus tried to lie, saying he didn't care about his brother, which was pointless to try and insinuate. Twins were powerful allies; even when they were different, they held a tight bond, because they were a part of each other. There were times when Bell wished he had a twin, or even a sibling, but remembering the day he'd killed his mother quickly made him realize that a sibling of his would have probably ended up dead real quick.

                                                    When Cedric finally joined him outside of Marcus' cell, he listened intently for his plan to bait Henry. Call him with water? Decent. Having to use Kannah? Pretty decent. He nodded in agreement, moved to walk away, but one last order caught him both annoyed him and upset him. I want him alive.

                                                    Alive? Where was the fun in that? Nodding again, Bell took his leave from the cells, mentally assembling a team to take down Henry. He'd seen him before; he always traveled with a bodyguard, and not a weak one, either. He would have loved to shove Wyatt's face into the blood of the butch Zeus twin, but his forces were too strong. This wasn't the time to push Wyatt into it. He needed stronger allies on his side. Kannah was a good choice, but she was already a part of the plan. Ambrosia was his next choice, but she was too wild. She'd outright kill him. Victor didn't do fighting much, and he had no clue where to find Dmitri or Kori. Perhaps Kannah would be enough?

                                                    He squeezed his neck a little as he tried to think, his mind going to Celine. That ******** woman was a bigger pain in his butt than shoving a rusty pipe up his a**, but she was lucky. And, to top it off, she was supposed to be meeting with Kannah so more than likely they were already together. If anything, her death would lift a great weight off his chest. He didn't want to rely on luck to help him, since it was never on his side, but he quickly realized he had no other choice. Although as luck would probably have it, Celine would be the one to capture Henry and he'd be the one to end up dead.

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxONE DAY WE'LL REVEAL THE TRUTH
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxONE DAY WE'LL REVEAL THE TRUTH


                                                    Approaching the female on the swing might have not been in her best interest. She slipped from the plastic she was sitting on, but was able to catch herself from doing a face plant, barely. He was about to move beside her, help her up from the fall, but she picked herself up and gave an odd look to the son of Crius. Wyatt was never great with reading other people’s expressions. However, it was clear this girl was in a panic from his appearance. He felt bad for surprising her, even though she was the one sitting in a public park. She should have expected that there would be other people making their way into and out of the park. It felt like an eternity before the younger girl answered his question. When she began to speak, she seemed unsure about what she was going to tell him. She didn’t answer his question about the convenient store. He wondered if she was lost herself. She continued to step away from him, and he didn’t understand what as going on in her mind.

                                                    When he had offered her his hand, he went back to not knowing what she was thinking. He worried that he might have disgusted her with the amount of sweat dripping over his body. She began to stutter as she didn’t take his hand and seemed to be avoiding shaking his. He thought that he would try to be a gentleman around this stranger, but she clearly didn’t want much to do with being around him. He thought he might be right about her being lost herself, seeing as she didn’t know where the closest store was. Wyatt was about to thank her and leave her to her own activities. Before he was able to speak, she brought up that he could go to her house to rest, get a drink, and shower. He instantly thought to decline her offer, he was supposed to out hunting for demigods, not spending time at a mortal’s house. Besides, she looked younger than him; did she live on her own or with a roommate or family? How would he explain whom he was, where he had come from? Would someone try to call the police when he stepped into their house?

                                                    I don’t know, I mean, thank you for the offer, but I don’t want to worry you or anyone else.” Wyatt worried that the girl’s reaction would be the same as other that lived with her. “I can just find a store close by or something.” He didn’t mind looking around the city, at least as long as he knew that there weren’t going to be any other demititans around where he was. There was a chance that they were out that day, a likely chance seeing as they wanted to find demigods. It was three months since the attack on the camp, and he could tell that Cedric wanted to move things along, another demititan that Wyatt generally tried to avoid most of the time. However, he would still hold Bellini higher in his distain, it felt more like Cedric didn’t give a care about him, but Bellini wanted to torture Wyatt himself.

                                                    Moving his hand from his side to wave to the girl on the swing, he could feel the sweat drenched hand. His clothing was practically soaked, and he knew it was no way to be walking around New York City during the day. “Actually, I mean, if you wouldn’t mind, if I could possibly shower?” he questioned, hoping the offer was still open to him. He didn’t bring a change of clothes with him that day, but at least getting the clothing off his body for a bit, they would be able to dry from his sweat. Going to her house would allow him to decide exactly where he wanted to spend his day. If he were to stumble upon a demititan, he would have to explain himself, sometimes when he entered town he thought about hiding away in the library or movie theatre anything to avoid a run in with Bellini.

                                                    Realizing that he had introduced himself, but the mortal had yet to say anything he made a small comment, “I’m sorry, I think I missed your name.” He wanted to be able to address her by her name. It made him feel better knowing her name if he were to enter her house. He felt like a stranger to her, if he knew her name, he at least wouldn’t feel like he had broken into someone’s house to shower.

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                                                    Cedric and Victor walked ahead of the group of demi-titans who were assembled to attack the camp. Victor and Cedric paused before looking at one another. Victor nodded, soon followed by a nod from Cedric who then gave the signal to start the attack. He alongside many other demi-titans ran towards the camp and began to attack the dazed demi-gods who weren't ready. Surprise was key to the plan and it had been accomplished. Victor then signalled the second wave of demi-titans who came up to stand around him to attack and as his hand fell they all ran and leapt forwards as Victor slowly began to walk into the battle ground. Killing whatever demi-god that challenged him with an eerie calm and lack of emotion. He viewed the battle field seeing Cedric enjoying the battle a little too much. But more importantly seeing numbers wearing thing on both sides. The demi-titans were being beaten down, while many demi-gods were escaping the battle. This couldn't happen, they needed the blood of the big three to unlock the gates to Tatarus. Cedric and the others wasn't enough. With a speed that caught many of the demi-gods off guard Victor engaged them in battle, tossing them left and right with great ease. His strength was mortal, that he earned through training. But his speed was supernatural. A gift from his father and that which was yet to be matched. Instead of seeing his figure moving at great speed, for those who couldn't keep up, all you would see is stream of yellow light and shapes made by Victors body moving around the field and bodies being flung from every direction like rag dolls.

                                                    But that was 3 months ago. Since then Victor hasn't been seen out of the camp grounds. Not often is he seen outside the main building of which the camp is built around. It appears that himself and Cedric have split the house in half. Victor has taken the east side, and Cedric the west. Unlike Cedric who more recently has become unbearably obsessed with 'his mission' and doesn't like people being in his space, Victor is more tolerant of the other demi-titans beng within the house. Aslong as no one goes rummaging through or are found alone in the camp library and the office attached which are the main rooms that Victor can be found in then he's happy.

                                                    Victor has been going through the camp archives and has learned a lot about the people who were in it, where they came from, he talents and weapons they have. But that isn't important, as its not what gifts you have it's how you use them. Cedric mocked him for having no weapons, until he saw how he channeled his skills in hand to hand combat and his powers combined.He is one of the best fighters on the side, he just doesn't use it unless totally necessary as he is trained to kill, not to wound or imprison; and with Cedric being as passionate about this war as he is about taunting and hunting their enemy, they don't need Victor in the field.

                                                    Victor hadn't slept in the last few days as he hadn't finished reading a file he had discovered about some of the old demi-gods that had been at the camp prior to their attack. But this didn't take anything away from his awareness or his strength and power, as he uses the light around him to re-charge like flowers do. He was in his office door close and this file spread all over the desk, floor walls, his eyes scanning from page to page even though they were scattered around the room this didn't slow him down. He soaked up the information like a sponge. But his eyes were getting sore, the sun was up and shining brightly through the window. He winced as he finished the final pages and held up his hand to block the sun from his eyes. He then reached for his sunglasses and stretched and took a few steps out into the main hall and out the front door to look over the campsite to see familiar faces and familiar scenarios. He didn't doubt that Cedric would be in the cells tourmenting the prisoners and Bell wouldn't be too far behind him. But Victor was more interested about what those out in the city were doing, and what they'd had found if anything. His eyes scanned the surrounding acres of land and as they did, to him, it was like a beacon of light shining around him as if from a lighthouse. There were not dark areas he could see as his powers would illuminate them to show him what hid in the shadows. He cracked his fingers and took a few steps away from the house in order to walk around and see everything was in order, but more importantly that Cedric hadn't gone too far with combat training or tormenting the few gods that were captured.

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                                                    Wren was never a rich person, but she did have some expensive items that could prove otherwise. She happens to have two cell phones and a laptop with two hacker-made programs. One of the programs allowed her work phone to be connected to her laptop. The other one allowed her to see her clients' general file, such as full name, date of birth, occupation, residency, etc. The only reason why she had these programs was because of her job. Under the pseudonym Robin, Wren would give out her work phone to her clients, who would contact her on her "job". Then, through their contact information, the program on her laptop would allow her to look through her clients' files. That way, she couldn't be tricked by her clients. She had heard of famous thieves getting tricked and caught, only because they didn't know much background information; she didn't want to end up the same.

                                                    As Wren looked through her phone, she skimmed through the text messages sent to Robin. She went passed her usual clients, knowing that they wanted the same thing again. She also ignored some of her male clients, who only wanted to get in her pants. She finally found one of them that was more interesting than the others.
                                                    To: Robin
                                                    From: Billy Richards
                                                    Subj: Stolen ball
                                                    Hi, Ms. Robin. My school bully took my favorite ball away from me and I want it back. Do you think you can get it back? I can pay you my whole allowance. Thank you!

                                                    Now Wren never told anyone this, but she liked children. She always liked how innocent they were, how naive they were when it came to the world, and how hopeful they were in harsh situations. She had even made a vow long ago that she would make sure that no child would suffer as much loneliness and pain as she did. She smiled lightly and texted him back, telling him to meet her at Central Park next Saturday. She then went back to scrolling through her text messages where she found one particularly... exhilirating.
                                                    To: Robin
                                                    From: Cynthia Salmon
                                                    Subj: Valuable Possessions
                                                    Hello, Ms. Robin. My name is Cynthia Salmon and I have contacted you for help. My husband and I have recently been robbed of our family heirlooms by a local gang. We tried contacting the police and even confronting them, only to get rejections. We need you to steal back our valuables. Can you help us? We can talk about payment in detail.

                                                    Wren was surprised that a couple would go a thief to get their stuff back. She shrugged, thinking that it was probably important. She quickly texted back, informing the lady that she'll meet up with them next Thursday afternoon. With that said, she quickly skimmed through the rest of her text messages before locking and putting away her work phone. Wren had put down her cigarette when she was looking at her work phone; she always liked to keep a sharp mind when going through her mobile phone. As soon as she put away her phone, she took the cigarette back in her mouth, inhaling the nicotine-filled air before taking the stick out and exhaling. She continued to do that every few minutes, savoring each puff of smoke.

                                                    However, Wren stopped when she sensed someone coming. Before she could turn around to see the person, the man took a seat beside her, even though he asked if he could sit down. Looking at the side, she realized who it was and relaxed. It was one of her old classmates from college, Adrian Ronaldo. The two of them had shared a class last year and the two of them have been in good terms ever since. Now Wren wouldn't say that they were buddies or something, but she wouldn't say that they were mere acquaintances; if anything, she would have to classify him as a friend, seeing how he is one of the few people that Wren has slightly opened up to. She inhaled her cigarette before replying, allowing the puff of smoke to exhale out with her words. "It hasn't been that long, Adrian. Merely a year. But I would say I'm good. What about you? How does it feel to be a college graduate?" Wren asked, looking at the people passing by the coffee shop.

                                                    Before she could hear Adrian's reply though, someone else came by, causing Wren to look up. Noticing that it was the waiter with her macchiato and muffin, she was about to give them a small smile. However, seeing the waiter's expression, she held it in. She looked closely at the boy, noticing how aggravated and uncomfortable he was. Looking back and forth between the cigarette in her hand and the boy, she wondered if he was uncomfortable with smoking. But before she could think further, the waiter asked her something in a tone she did not like. Now, she never worked in the food industry, so she never understood how hard some waiters work. But she was irritated at the attitude the boy gave her; they just met for goodness sake's.

                                                    Looking up at the boy and glaring, Wren took her cigarette in her mouth and sucked in some smoke before turning to him. "Yes, actually. I would like it if you changed your attitude. What crawled up your a** and died?" Wren replied, exhaling the smoke right at him. She then noticed that the boy had said something, but not in her direction. Looking at what he was once staring at, she saw nothing and looked back at him. She looked at the waiter, whose eyes were wide, and asked calmly, "Are you okay...? If it means anything, I'm sorry for what I said. Is everything alright?" She couldn't exactly let his actions go, but she didn't want him to think of her as a b***h. Hopefully, she said the right thing; she was never good at that type of stuff.

                                                    OOC: Thanks Phil and Anorexorcist for interacting with Wren. Hope you guys understand and like it; I was trying to explain how she does her job so well. No hard feelings Phil!

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                                              Standing against the building, Kannah couldn't help but go back to the attack on Camp Half-Blood. She didn't know how many people she'd killed, how much blood was on her hands. There were times when the weight of that blood sat on her shoulders and threatened to send her into a fit grief and remorse. Those were the days that Kannah had to remind herself over and over that anyone related to the gods had to die. The gods, she would tell herself, had imprisoned her father. While he was miserable in Tartarus, the gods enjoyed their immortality, running around the earth and leaving dozens of children in their wake. They did not deserve the freedom of this world and Kannah was going to make sure they suffered the same fate her father did.

                                              She had lost herself so thoroughly in her thoughts that she hadn't seen Celine until the girl's singsong voice was ringing in her ear and her arm was over Kannah's shoulder. Surprised, Kannah stiffened slightly and turned to look at the girl with a small smile. Celine was one of the few she felt she could truly trust. Sure, Cedric was the leader of their cause, but, that didn't mean she trusted him by any means. His right hand man was no different. She wouldn't trust Bell if her life depended on it.

                                              She sighed at the lottery ticket and moved away from the wall, certain that the back of her sweater was covered in grime. "If you win I will take you to a casino," she said with a small smile.

                                              She watched Celine stick the ticket in her pocket and wondered what draw the ticket held for her. Sure, she was lucky and would probably win every time, but, wasn't that what should turn her away? Where was the thrill in gambling if you nearly always won?

                                              Whatever luck she might have had, Kannah wished it would kick in during their searches. Wandering the streets of Manhattan had its fun, sure, but, having to tell Cedric after every patrol that they had nothing still...that was something that Kannah detested. He was a bitter and angry person, someone to be feared...and she did fear him. It wasn't something she liked to admit, even to herself, but, the fact remained. She did not want to have to call him again and tell him that they'd found nothing.

                                              As she was scraping her hair into a ponytail, Celine asked about their plans for the night and suggested something that Kannah couldn't help but smile at. "As much as I'm sure we'd enjoy a movie...or two...we can't get sidetracked. Cedric would have our heads." she finished the ponytail and pointed down the road, "Today I thought we'd search some of the abandoned warehouses and apartment buildings."

                                              She knew it was nothing as glamorous as Celine would like, but, they all made their sacrifices for the cause. As much as Kannah would've loved to sit at a bar and drink with her long-lost friend, there was work to be done. Illiya slithered her way onto the back of Kannah's neck again and leveled one of her eyes at Celine. The snake didn't say anything, simply stared at Celine. Kannah smiled slightly and turned to walk toward the first empty apartment building on the street, cutting off the snake's view of Celine. "I told you to leave her alone," she whispered to the snake. Illiya simply repositioned herself on Kannah's neck, using the fabric of the sweater to keep herself warm. Kannah sighed again. She could feel it already, it was going to be a long night.
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A l e x a n d r axxM a r k o v
▄▄▄▄▄▄- - -▄▄▄▄▄▄- - -▄▄▄▄▄▄- - -▄▄▄▄▄▄

x x - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Daughter of Hephaestus

The window was never going to budge or move no matter how much Alexandra glared at it. It frustrated her that she had no other exited apart from a single door. Alexandra had alway had an escape route, whether it was the fire escape next to her bedroom in her mother's apartment or the small tunnel built at the back of the Hephaestus cabin. There was always a way out, except now. Alexandra had thought about smashing the window and maybe trying to climb down the piping that ran down the building, but had no intention of breaking something that was not hers. She was not at either of her homes, so she would have to behave accordingly. She had lost track of time in recent days. She didn't notice the sun rising and falling over the opposite horizons or the number of days that had passed by since the last time she was at Camp Half-Blood. There was no doubt that she missed home, she was sure that everyone who had escaped and had called the camp their home missed it, but they couldn't go back.

The home that she once knew and loved had been invaded and taken over by a ruthless enemy. Alexandra had been completing part of her training for that day when the attack happened. She remembered hearing battle cries and explosions in the distance. At first Alexandra thought maybe she had forgotten about a training exercise, but quickly realised that the next one was definitely not scheduled for another two days. She had run faster than she ever had before, making her way through the forrest surrounding camp to the cabins. She only made it to the edge of the camp when she had been cut off. Two demititans had stepped in front of her. Alexandra had never been a strong fighter. There was no way she would have been able to take them alone. Thankfully one of the children of Aphrodite had caused a distraction by her sudden appearance for Alexandra to get the drop on them. She hadn't killed them, but she knew that they would be sore when they woke up. From then on it had been her and the daughter of Aphrodite. They had worked together in order to survive. An unlikely duo, sure, but one that really did work. Even Alexandra had to admit that she had a new respect for the children of love. Coralyn had saved her life at three times, maybe more.

For the past few months Alexandra had been hiding out at Coralyn's place. It wasn't 'cozy' like her old place with her mother. It was more of a mansion placed on one level. When they had first arrived Alexandra had been overly curious to find out every secret that this place held, but had restrained herself to merely look at the photos on the wall. Alexandra held no ill will towards Coralyn for the environment that she had been raised in. You work with the hand your dealt, clearly some get a hand that look better then others. Alexandra was always perfectly happy with her life. She never really had any reason to complain. Loving mother, adoring father figure in her Uncle and the chance to have a seemingly normal life. She was grateful that the monsters had not bothered her most of her childhood. She had met kids who had been tormented and couldn't stand the idea of it.

A knock at the door made Alexandra realise that she had been staring at the window for a while now. "I’m going to make something for breakfast,” Coralyn called through the door. "Yeah I'll be right out." she called back as she jumped up off the bed. Quickly she put her hair up in a simple ponytail, before exiting her room. She was glad to get of there. She hated feeling trapped and the main area of the apartment definitely did give off that feeling. Every time Alexandra stepped out of her room she felt like she had stepped into a movie or an alternate reality, although it would quickly fade when she would remind herself that she was here to hide. A delightful smell of eggs and toast had already filled the room as Alexandra wondered over to the kitchen bench. "What can I do to help?" she said looking around somewhat lost. She had familiarised herself with some of the kitchen luckily, and began to pull out plates and for Coralyn to serve up the food, before turning towards a cupboard to grab a couple cups. She filled her own with water and skulled it down first and then filled back up again with orange juice. Eventually they settled in to have their meal, but like most morning Alexandra found herself fiddling with her food more then eating it.

She manoeuvred her food around her plate for a while, mainly scraping it from one side to the other, before putting down her fork. "We have got to find the others." she sighed as she sipped on her juice. "I hate not knowing where they are." leaning back in her chair, she knew that Coralyn felt the same way. These weren't there friends that were missing, for many it was family Her brothers and sister in her cabin could struggling in the real world, captured or worse. She shuttered at the thought of it. "I am going to try Central Park again and the docks" she said looking back up at Coralyn. They had been searching for a while, but still hadn't found anyone else. The worst had crossed Alexandra's mind, but at the same time she knew that at least a few, apart from her and Coralyn, would've had to have made it out.

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                                                              come in here dear boy have a cigar
                                                              you're gonna go far

                                                                      you're never gonna die
                                                                      you're gonna make it if you try they're gonna love you.

                                              Taking a seat, it had been far too long since he had seen or even talked to Wren. They had spent much time together in class together about a year ago, the two got along well enough. They had managed to open up enough to each other. Not that he was spilling his blood onto the floor for her, or they were going to go all Romeo and Juliet because of the whole situation. But, Adrian was positive enough that Wren was most definitely someone that he could trust and depend on if he had ever needed anything. Chuckling slightly and taking a long drag from his cigarette, in retrospect, a year was not really a long time, but sometimes it felt like it was much longer. "I guess, but then again, it hasn't been that short of a time frame," Adrian compromised, trailing off near the end as he saw Wren's reaction to the waiter and how the waiter looked at her. Raising one of his eyebrows slightly, Adrian said nothing and decided to merely watch how this encounter would turn out.

                                              Seeing Wren be so rude, Adrian merely leaned his chair back onto the back two legs and watched carefully. He was not one to interject and act in situations like this. Sometimes it was more entertaining just to watch how everything would turn out. However, it was quite strange that he seemed to seeing something and talking to what appeared to be no one. Tilting his head slightly, Adrian said to the waiter in a polite tone, "Who's there?" Not trying to mock or make fun of him, it was a serious question. Adrian meant no harm by it, and was merely curious.

                                              Resting his chair back on its four legs, Adrian looked at the waiter and said, "Maybe you need a break, a cigarette?" Pulling a pack out of his pocket and offering the boy one, Adrian was a selfless person. He would help those in need. Although he had a strange feeling that this boy was more than they knew. He just seemed all too familiar to Adrian, so of course he asked, "What's your name? You look familiar." It was better to ask these questions and figure these things out rather than wonder for the next few hours, or maybe even days. It was not very often that you met someone who saw "things" or talked to people that were not there. Well for Adrian at least.

                                              Pulling out his phone, Adrian decided to sent his good friend Kannah a message. He liked the girl, she was nice enough and maybe he could help her with some good-natured hunting. It was not like he ever did it on his own anyway. Might as well appease Cedric and actually get something done. Yes, that would be an effective course of action:

                                                  To: Kannah
                                                  what are the plans for today? need any help with the rabbit hunting?

                                              Putting away his phone quickly, making sure Wren had not seen the message. She would destroy Adrian, or so he assumed, if she found out that he had been part of the attack on the Camp mere months earlier. Of course it was not his best moment, but he had a job to do.

                                                              well ive always had a deep respect, and i mean that most sincerely
                                                              the band is just fantastic, that is really what i think.

                                                                      oh by the way, which ones PINK

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                                                                                          I met you on somebody's island, you thought you had known me before.

                                                                                          You probably wouldn't remember, I probably couldn't forget

                                                              Screams, terror and the haunting memories that resonated in a young blonde woman's mind never seemed to go away. This young girl, Kori, seemed to be thinking about it more and more, exponentially really, as the days went on and she remained at the camp. She remembered it all too clearly. Kori had helped with the attacks, read demi-gods minds and erased memories if some knew too much or suspected anything. The young woman had never been much of a fighter, more a strategist and someone who would much rather sneak around rather than kill someone, and see the terror in their eyes and slowly watch the life drain from them. No, it was something Kori found incredibly difficult. But somehow, she forced herself to get up that day, three months ago today actually, and fight those who had oppressed those who she saw as her brothers and sisters. Letting out a deep sigh, Kori tossed a few rocks into the large outstretched lake before her. She had barely slept the night before, tortured by nightmares and the negatives thoughts that lingered here. It was a sad place.

                                                              Trying to hum to herself to keep some aura of positive energy around her, it seemed nearly impossible in this place. Kori knew she had to stay here though, to help their cause. The reason being her power to read minds, it was useful when they needed to interrogate some of their beloved guests, well more like prisoners of war. But, it was one of those necessary evils. Kori was not a huge fan of the torture that was inflicted, but Kori was also too fearful of Cedric's wrath to say anything against his decisions. Sometimes it was easier to just accept his sickening commands and merely report the thoughts of those they were torturing. Not her favorite part of her days, but it felt like her duty.

                                                              Pacing back and force for a bit, Kori sat down in the soft grass, trying to ignore the fact that months earlier it had been soaked with blood. She hated it here, so much. But she was stuck. Letting out another depressing sigh, Kori looked around and saw a familiar face lingering around. It was their second in command, Viktor. Kori definitely liked Viktor more than she liked Cedric. Although, she was neither of the older men as very enjoyable or happy people. They always seemed like they had a cloud around them, and it made her sad. It made her think that if the cloud went away they would be happier people, and maybe they would not be to angry and so vengeful. But this was impossible, although Kori could erase others memories and hear their thoughts, she could not fix someone. Biting her lower lip for a minute at her bright blue eyes watched Viktor, Kori suddenly jumped up and walked over to the co-captain of their merry brigade.

                                                              Walking with a warmth and a slight bounce, Kori smiled at Viktor with her usual warmth and positive energy before greeting him whole-heartedly, "Hey Viktor, do you know where Cedric may be? Wasn't sure if he wanted me to help with information gathering today." The question had a tinge of awkwardness to it. Although Kori tried to hide it, sometimes it became all too obvious that the "information gathering" made her nervous. Also, it made it even more obvious as she refused to call it torturing, that was such an ugly word. "But that's whatever," the young blonde smiled with a quick roll of the eyes. Hopefully she would not have to witness any torturing today. That would make everything so much better, well at least for today.

                                                              Looking around and stuffing her hands into her pockets, Kori whistled a three note tune before returning her attention back to Viktor. She never really knew what to say to the man. Sometimes it was better to stay silent around him. But then again, Kori could not help but want to chat away with anyone who crossed her path. Even if it was their terrifying commanders. "You look tired, I'm guessing you haven't been sleeping either?" Kori frowned slightly, the man looked exhausted. Well he just seemed tired. "I'd say take a walk with me, but you're not a sun dweller," Kori smirked, trying to add some good natured humor into the mix. At least she was trying to talk to the man, better than sitting along by the lonely lake.

                                                                                          Jungle love in the surf in the pouring rain, everything's better when wet...

                                                                                          J U N G L E L O V E, it's driving me mad, it's making me crazy!

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyou'll n.never ever f.fade
xxxxyou're lovely { but } it's not for sure
xxand though my love ( ) is rare
xxlxTHOUGH x MY x LOVE x IS x x TRUE

                                                    It didn’t take long for Alexandra to join Coralyn in the kitchen where she was finishing making breakfast. The daughter of Hephaestus questioned if there was anything that she could help Coralyn with. “You could get some glasses down for drinks.” They had been living in the penthouse long enough that she figured Alexandra knew where the different dishes were in the kitchen. Alexandra pulled the glasses down. After she finished plating up the meal that she was making, splitting it between the two different plates. Handing off one of the plates, Coralyn filled her glass with water. Taking a step, she began to eat the food in front of her. She could tell that Alexandra wasn’t too excited to eat the meal that she had made.

                                                    When they finished their meal, the brunette brought up that they needed to find others. It wasn’t that Coralyn didn’t know that already, they were searching all throughout the town. After that first week, they didn’t stop searching, everyday, until sundown. When the lights turned on and the sun was nowhere to be seen, Coralyn would call it a day. She wasn’t sure what Alexandra thought about her decision, and frankly she didn’t care. Coralyn didn’t believe that they would be able to find anyone in the night, there were too many people bustling around the big city, partying and going crazy. Besides, it was all the more likely that they would run into a demititan. What would they do? Run? Sure, there were chances they’d run into them during the day, but people out in the day wouldn’t turn the other way, pretend that there was nothing wrong. Night people were out for themselves to party and drink, Coralyn didn’t trust the night.

                                                    When Alexandra told Coralyn where she would be looking that day, she nodded. “I’ll go with you. We should head out shortly. Let me just change and I’ll be ready to go,” she offered, placing her dishes into the sink to wash later. They had a maid at the penthouse, but while she had Alexandra at the house she told the maid she would not be needed. She didn’t want to chance a demititan approaching them in the penthouse; she figured they would beat down anyone in their way including mortals. Coralyn didn’t want that blood on her hands.

                                                    Reaching her room, she walked into her walk-in closet. Grabbing a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt. She didn’t like leaving the penthouse in something so, so unclassy. However, she couldn’t just go out looking for demigods in a nice sundress. It’d probably be ruined by the time she got back to the house, and it wouldn’t help her run from anyone who might be following her. It didn’t take long for her to change her clothing and tie up her hair with a hair tie. Pulling socks up onto her feet, she headed out of her room. She left most of her shoes by the elevator that led them outside.

                                                    I’m ready to get going whenever you are ready.” She called through the penthouse. She wasn’t completely telling the truth, but she figured by the time that she had her shoes on, Alexandra would just be joining her. Sitting by the elevator door, she untied her tennis shoes and pulled them onto her feet. Her outfit of choice created the look that she would be going out on a run or something, but in reality she wasn’t looking forward to the idea of running anywhere that day. She was hoping that somehow they would just run into a demigod and wouldn’t have any problems with demititans.

                                                    The first week that they were at the penthouse, the media was completely interested in seeing her in the house. They knew that during the summer she went away to a camp. She never told them what the camp was, avoiding having anyone try to figure out where she was going to be spending her summer. There were cameras outside of the house, but now that it was three months since she had started staying there, they lost their interest. She was pretty sure they attempted to write a story about why Alexandra was at the house with her. She saw on some magazine something about their relationship and how Coralyn was trying to come out of the closet to the public. As much as she wished that the media would go away, she also thought it would stop the demititans from trying to pursue the two of them. There would be media swarming whoever tried to walk into the building. The Mist covered their weapons, but it didn’t cover up people’s appearances.

                                                    We should start in Grand Central Park, and stick together while we’re there. We don’t want to get caught off guard in case there are any demititans spending their time around there.” Coralyn thought aloud when Alexandra joined her. Pressing the button down to the first floor, the elevator opened to them and allowed them to step inside. She then pressed the one button and the machine began to move down to the lobby.

                                                    [ooc; @crazycupcakecritter I hope you don’t mind me saying that she joined Coralyn. If you don’t then I can change it. I just figured that they would be going down together.]

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                                                      Time was not a friend to the human mind, even if enhanced by divine blood. For most people, years apart would have caused old memories to falter and fade. However, even after all their time apart Kannah was quickly relearning or rather remembering how best to handle the daughter of Theia. Celine couldn’t help the wide grin that crossed her face at her friend’s promise.

                                                      “Darling,” She purred with enthusiasm, “you know me so well. I know the perfect place too. Great food, free drinks, and not too far for some more…adult entertainment.”

                                                      Punctuating that last sentence with a suggestive eyebrow wiggle, she ran her fingers over the waxy surface of the ticket. She should have gone with a scratch card instead of the raffle based on she had ended up choosing. She’d have to wait another two days for the results and who knew what she would be doing than or where Cedric would end up sending them. She really could do with some new shoes, maybe a jacket with winter approaching.

                                                      Celine knew that her fellow demi-titans found it hard to understand her “gambling addiction”. First off, it wasn’t an addiction. It was only an addiction if it was a problem and since she rarely lost, it was rarely a problem. But that wasn’t the point. The point was these petty games had long ago lost their appeal as a challenge but still remained the main source of income for the brunette. She could make more in five minutes with a scratch card than she could working behind the McDonald’s counter. Why should she give up such easy money?

                                                      When Kannah mentioned their mission and the reaction their leader would have if he found out, she found her good humor slowly fading. She let out a sigh before shrugging her shoulder. Oceanus’ daughter was correct of course but that didn’t mean Celine had to like it. Looks like that new action fantasy movie would have to wait another day. Damn, she had been looking forward to criticizing the actor’s sword work.

                                                      “Yeah, yeah.” She ran a hand through her hair, the way she did when she was feeling stressed. “Can’t blame him for getting impatient I guess, it has been three months. Still, wish he would lighten up a bit. It’s not like the prophecy has a deadline. Wouldn’t it make more sense to wait and lure these damn demi-gods into a sense of security? All this constant pursuing is bound to have them on edge. “

                                                      Kannah might not believe Celine’s power of luck was working on their search, but the older female would disagree. The demi-gods that were left were the ones skilled enough to escape the initial attack on the camp or were lucky enough to be elsewhere at the time. It also appeared that these few individuals were the ones who knew what and perhaps more importantly where the hell the Key was. It sounded like way too much to be a mere coincidence. No, they had to be under the protection of their godly parents.

                                                      If that was the case, than there was a good chance that it would be hard to bring them back to the camp without killing them. And if they got away…well Celine rather tell Cedric that they couldn’t find any than tell him that. As much as she put on a brave act to both herself and her companions, his wrath was terrifying. However, Cedric was back in the camp and the distance made him less scary. Unlike the other menace that decided to make its presence known while Celine was in her musing.

                                                      Letting out several obscenities as Illiya peaked her scaly head out, Celine threw her arm away from its strike zone. The momentum sent her steps back where she managed to trip over her own feet, high heels doing nothing for her balance, and land flat on her rear end.

                                                      “Come on Kannah! Why didn’t you leave her home? Won’t she freeze to death or something?”

                                                      Not that Celine was opposed to that idea, but she knew how much the snake meant to her friend so she tried to bear with it. Tried, but usually failing.

                                                      ooc: outfit in pic
User Image

              ⇨⇨I BEGGED YOU elloyouTO HEAR ME,
                  LET THE DEAD BURY THEIR DEAD,
                  LET THE DEAD BURY THEIR DEAD,
                  LET THE DEAD BURY THEIR DEAD,

                                                            "Ah yes, I just left my loser ex boyfriend about a month ago. You would not believe what I have on him," Adrian replied and Sebastian returned his devilish smirk. He enjoyed the company of the older demi-titan, despite the war that was brewing between their two races, Sebastian felt undeniably comfortable with the demi-titan. When he saw the boy raise his eyebrows at the hand he held in his own, Sebastian couldn't help but inwardly grimace at the explaining he was going to have to do later. "I come here every morning, but don't tell the other demi-gods that. I have a fondness for living," Adrian joked and Sebastian couldn't help but let a laugh escape his lips, despite the serious topic. He knew he couldn't tell the other demi-gods about Adrian - even if he knew where any were. Which he didn't. "No worries, Icy Hot. I'll spare your pretty little face," he replied with a little smirk.

                                                            "How have you both been since the...." Sebastian stiffened at this unfinished question. It was a testy subject for him. He'd promised his mother that he'd stay there and he hadn't. He couldn't. Listening to Willow's answer, his countenance grew slightly darker and he heard pebbles that had been kicked into the cafe without thought begin to rattle. "Been staying at my mom's boyfriend's place. They're out hiking somewhere or other in some distant country. Suppose I've been fine. Not sure about the other demi-gods that escaped, though," he said, no sarcasm in his tone this time. He was dead serious, which was a sudden change that usually would have caused some unwanted attention. This time, it was understood and nearly ignored. Suddenly, a smile crossed Adrian's lips and Sebastian wrinkled his brow. What got him so fit in his breeches? "I'll be right back. Don't have too much fun while I'm gone."

                                                            Sebastian simply blinked as his friend stood and walked over to talk to a girl. Well, that was unexpected. "Hi..." he heard suddenly and his head turned to see Willow looking shyly at him. He let his smirk reclaim his features, then let go of her hand to wrap his arm around the back of her chair. "Hi," he said, then his eyes lowered to what she was eating. He wrinkled his nose in disgust, not liking that amount of sweetness in that one bowl. "How in Hades are you eating that?" he asked, shaking his head, then stood. "Anyway, let's go. You've had enough sugar for a while," he said teasingly, grabbing her hand and gently pulling her up and eyeing Adrian before leaving the cafe. He didn't say a word as he led her a couple blocks away and into an apartment building, going all the way to the top. He then grabbed the hidden key from where it was hidden under the dirt in the potted plant, then opened the door.

                                                            Once they were inside, he smiled and led her to the bathroom. "You, my dear Willow, need a shower. You smell. Really bad," he told her jokingly and then winked before heading to his mother's room to get her clothes. He wasn't quite sure what she would wear, but they looked about the same size to him. He quickly grabbed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a sweatshirt before grabbing a towel from the closet and sitting them on the counter in the bathroom. He leaned against the door frame with his arms crossed, a smirk playing across his face. "Please, don't mind me. Continue, I beg of you," he teased, raising his eyebrows at her expectantly.

                                                            ooc: d: ;; outfit is in the skull icon ;; sword

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