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◥〓Jace Protogenoi〓◤

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Location: Memories-Street Level

Jace's smirk lessened as he held Keto. She wasn't squirming and that wasn't as fun. He heard her mutter something. Pain. He felt immense pain in his torso. Jace was pissed. She had the audacity to draw first blood on herself and then be the first to harm him? He pushed Keto away, just enough to get the spikes out and he flung her. He flung her toward the building next to his dragon as he fell to his knees.

He growled as a shimmer appeared next to him. Pyolon showed itself and shook its head. Jace looked at his familiar as his features softened. "I know I got cocky. It won't happen again." He stood to his full height while still bleeding profusely. Cracking his neck he stood. "Your the first to have harmed me in over 150 years. Be it my folly or your ingenuity, it matters not." His demeanor turned cold, "It will not happen again."

Jace roared in tune with the phantasmal dragon. Pyolon faded from view as it floated toward the dead dragon. Jace clenched his fists as the phantasmal dragon took flight. Stomping the ground, he channeled aether. Forming an aether wall underneath the area where Keto was, he sent debris flying up to Keto. The dragon dived toward Keto with a gaping maw as Jace readied himself. He formed an aether blade along his right arm and charged. He wanted blood, but yet he was still curious about this witch.
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Madeline Adams
"Ah, wait!" Madeline blurted, running after Voli. "We should stick together, like Ms. Melaine said." She didn't want to be left behind. Not again. The girl glanced back at the dark-haired woman standing in the maze. Madeline smiled brightly, extending a gloved hand.

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By the time her ride landed Lucy was able to change, into some more warmer clothing. Clothing she had taken away from her old home in Death city. Just a small birds nest on top of another bar . It wasn't to shabby of a place and it was close by the orphanage in which she grew up in. Close to home that sort of thing. Blue orbs discovered the snow covered hills of Sweden dead ahead and Lucy could only hope her fluffy was waiting for her to get back. In a couple of minutes they'd (those being Lucy and her golem) would be at DWMA Sweden. Clapping her hands excitedly Lucy urged her summon to go faster, so she'd be able to run around the school looking for a familiar white beast. It matter not that they were apart for so long it only mattered that she wanted to see him and hoped they could forget what happened in the past...so they could move on... maybe even go back to how it was. Anything would be better then being away from Byleth. She even brought with her the famous Death City Booze. kinda like his favorite liquor except it packed more of a punch. when the school was ins sight the bird dove for the front doors and using it's large wings sent a huge gust of wind to force the doors open. Lucy ran off the birds back and dove inside the school, clutching her bag close to her chest so she wouldn't drop the liquor. placing her bag on her back Lucy put finger-less leather gloves to her mouth and sucked in a deep breath before she let out a loud yell. "FLUUUUUFFFFFYYYY!!!!!I'M BACK!!!!" Her yell echoed through the school, Lucy knew this because she heard it come back at her after about a minute. Finally she yelled again, because her fluffy beast wasn't near her at that moment. "BYLETH!!!"

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Haizea Melania Coupe

Haizea has a perfect memory and Haizea never loses count...

Haizea started to watch coldly. Her hand wanted to reach out, as if she made a new friend, but she kept her hands in her pockets, following behind them. Deep inside she wanted to kill them now, cause some of the buildings to start to collapse, and make it look like an accident. She had to look like she was held against her will, that she wasn't earning her freedom by working alongside DWMA. She needed to prove herself to the resistance that she wasn't lame anymore, that she was actually as cold and as heartless as they were. She started to breathe in through her nose, able to sense the scent of Cursey emanating from her clothes. She could feel these magical clothes be a limiter on her magical power. She couldn't conjure the slicing wind she had come to know and love, let alone enough to cause a breeze in the middle of the ruins.

She started to look at the ruins, her brain taking in all the details. She started to look into her historic memories, seeing if there were any clues as to who died. She had no success, and instead started to reflect over the lessons of hate she had learned from Ms. Atl. DWMA wants nothing more than Haizea's soul. Each student, even though they grin, wants Haizea dead so that they can become one of his weapons. She started to glare at the students in front of her. Haizea must kill before they can see through Haizea.

She started to look around a little more, acting curious and harmless. It was the only way she survived this long. She started to notice they were getting closer to the tower in the center, and she really wanted to cause an accident. Something she could survive. Something to set the school back a few thousand years. She had her information. She only lacked the perfect escape to open the portal to take her away.

...Unfortunately for you, Shakespeare wrote curtains.

Haizea's Friends: Madeline and Auberon
Haizea's Spot: In a city...?
Haizea's Protection: Off

Dear Fellow RPers, or to whoever is interested,

I apologize for the lack of posts and time to see how this thread is doing; however, my priorities in the past couple of weeks have changed due to responsibilities as a student, employee, and daughter. So I must sadly say, this RP has definitely come to a close.

Do not fret, it does not mean we gave up entirely. I plan to transfer this RP into a private RP, continue off after the event with Jaaku and proceed to the Night Raid; however, I will only be accepting 10 other people in this RP, minus Boko, Ryuu, and I. You are able to keep you characters, create new ones, or even give them power ups and such.

I have not created this new RP yet, but please look forward to it, if you're still interested. It will pretty much function as this RP, but with a few tweaks here and there. If you are interested in joining, I suggest you PM me your reservation.

Subject: Not Letting the Madness End!
Contents: Tell me that you are still willing to continue the Soul Eater RP, tell me which characters you will keep, or which characters you will get rid of, or which characters you wish to upgrade.

I hope to receive PMs by people at the end of this week. Also, it is a first come first serve. In other news, I am making a Fairy Tail RP, which will also be private as well. I will be accepting the same amount of people and hopefully the RP will be up by this weekend.

Subject: Hello, new nakama!
Contents: Tell me that you're interested in the Fairy Tail RP. Also, don't be afraid to voice any questions.

Thank you all for your patience and support. I hope to hear from you soon.


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