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Created by: Shadowin Current
Inspired by: An Rp that I joined a long time ago that didn't last
Pictures from: Photobucket
Status: Open and accepting

Let me tell you

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a little about our story

As part of N's attempt to make harmony between humans and Pokemon, He had a machine built that would combine a trainer and their most prized Pokemon into one being.
To Trick people into going into this machine, he told trainers that the machine would create the perfect bond between trainer and Pokemon. Leaving behind the Pokeballs of the rest of their team, trainer and Pokemon entered the machine one way, and are locked into the machine and a gas sprays knocking them out. Trainers wake up and see an open door, the opposite side then they entered. They exit into a room, and the first thing they see is a reflection of them combined.
Due to the two being combined, the trainer can hear and communicate with their combined Pokemon. They find a note explaining what is going on. Some being outraged, others find it to be a reasonable idea. Trainers begin to find each other in what turns out to a mansion as mentioned in the letter. Those who agree with N, are on a mission to stop those who don't. Those who don't are out searching for N in the mansion to reverse the effect and find their Pokemon.

What side are you on?

The Trainers?

Or N's
Some Rules Must be set

I am in Charge, If you see anyone breaking rules, come to me and and point to where the rule breakage is occurring
NO goddmodding, NO auto-hitting, NO cybering(There's Chatzy for that kind of things), NO text talk
No Legendaries, while fun, in reality people wouldn't be waltzing around with a Mewtwo or Jirachi
You can have up to two Characters. That way if you want you could have one character on the Trainer's side, the other on N's.
I will be playing N so do not ask.
To be on the Trainer's side, Title your PM "Reverse us" For N's side, Title your PM "Harmony"
Add a exclaim of the Trainer's side in your profile, For N's side put a heart somewhere in the Profile.
If you choose to battle see the Battle rules below.
No Killing, there is no death.
Conflicts, Drama, Romance, are all encouraged.
Actually, Everyone Put a dramallama in the profile you send in.
Be fair
Be creative with this!
Use anime pictures and pretty post layouts. It's nice to have lovely stuff to look at.
Respect your fellow rp-ers.
Use [[ ]] [ ] (( )) ( ) for OOC
To avoid confusion, try to avoid using the same Pokemon as someone else.
And remember, Just have fun biggrin
тнє ℓєттєя

Dear Trainer:

You are now in Perfect Harmony with your Pokemon, a complete bond.
Pokemon and Humans can now live in perfect harmony, and you are my test subjects.
Don't think ill of me. You two are one, always together and able to communicate.
The only problem though, is you two must say here hidden in my mansion until society will accept you.
Around the castle you will find basic living nessessities.

Somewhere in the mansion I reside.
Do you dare find me?

The Battle System

In your post you will have 4 moves, and your type/s.

Battles will take place here to keep the main thread less cluttered.

Your 4 moves all are moves your Pokemon can learn including HMs

Try not to spend more than a day or two on a battle

Battles will be based on a roll system.

Each person has 200 HP

Making sure that the other is fallowing the rules is up to the people battling. If you find someone cheating, notify me and the one who did not cheat will be able to automatically finish and win the battle.

Items to be used during battles can be found scattered around the mansion. You cannot find them in bulk, You'll be lucky to find more than one together. You can only keep 2 of each item. (see below for items)

You will role out of 100.

ATTACKER!: Roll and then hit edit, to go based off the roll

roll 1-80 and the attack hits. Halve the number to deduct the number from the others HP. Say you role a 40, halve it, you did 20 damage to the other
81-100 the attack misses. (as if your opponent were dodging.)
40-50 is a super effective attack. Attack with the number you rolled.

If using a stat move or an attack that doesn't miss you do not need to roll.

KEEP TRUE TO TURN BASE!!!!!! It keeps things simple and people can't go all out to try and beat the crap out the other

Typically those battling will be on opposites sides

Making sure that the other is fallowing the rules is up to the people battling. If you find someone cheating, notify me and the one who did not cheat will be able to automatically finish and win the battle.


Profiles are here

Hello, My name is: (your character's name)
and I am a: (age)
Year old: (gender)
and reside originally from the region: (any region that exists in a Pokemon game)
The Pokemon I was bonded with is: (no ledgendaries!)
This how I am: (personality)
And here is my Pokemon's personality: (self said)
And this is how my past goes: (little blurb of your character's life till now, doesn't have to be long)
Here's a little extra about me: (any extra info about your character
The Pokemon team I once had was: (your 6 pokemon party, the one you bonded with and the 5 you are searching for)
The moves I discover I have are: (4 moves, including HMs as long as the pokemon you bonded with can learn them)
I am on the side of: (Trainer's side or N's)
I am controlled by: (your username)
Here is what I look like: (anime, preferably a gijinka of your bonded pokemon)
:To those on N's side:

You don't Know N's real name.
You don't know Who N is.
You don't know what N looks like.

But you see what he is doing and you agree. You belive that Human and Pokemon will never be harmonized unless they are one. Maybe you're right, Maybe you're wrong, But you really don't care. Your goal is to stop those who are against N's way and keep them away from N wherever he may be hiding.
:To those on the Trainer's side:

You don't Know N's real name.
You don't know Who N is.
You don't know what N looks like.

But you disagree with what he has to say and his view on things. You believe that it is not the way to go about and isn't fair to the Pokemon. You believe that Human and Pokemon are already harmonized. You want to find N to Reverse the effect and find your lost Pokemon

Items can be found around the mansion. Try to not overload on items, 2 of each item please. Also please do not find a stash of items around, they are all separated around. Have a list of your items somewhere in your post to keep track of them. If recommended, I can add items to this list. Just send me a PM and I can add items and how rare they are.

Red= Rare

Potions: Heal 20HP
Super potion: heal 50HP
Hyper Potion: Heal 70HP
Burn Heal: Heal burn wounds
X-Attack: Attack goes up by 20 damage. Effect lasts 2 turns
X-Defense: Takes 20 Attack of the incoming attack. Effect lasts 2 turns
Oran Berry: Heals 10HP
Leppa Berry: Heals 15HP

Sitrus Berry: Heals 20HP
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яιℓєч киιɢнт
N's side.

|♥| ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ •♥ ♡♡ ♥• ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ |♥|

Riley was sitting in a chair reading her favorite book. A book about adventure and danger, and challenge. She sighed closing her book and looked across at a mirror. She loved the look but it would still take more time to get use to seeing herself in the mirror. "Are you ok?" Raine, her Eevee asked. "I'm perfectly fine. Don't worry." Riley smiled and opened her book back up. She didn't hear any signs of new comers so she decided it was ok. She wondered what was taking so long for new people to go into the Machine. People are probably saying they already have a complete bond with their Pokemon, but they don't understand. This is the only way to be completely bonded.

|♥| ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ •♥ ♡♡ ♥• ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ |♥|

Shadow Ball
Take down

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