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xxxMade By
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxKitten elric

xxxBased on
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Harvest Moon games



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Ҏ ȴ o Ⱦ

                                                    ɱ any years ago there was an island. Nothing was special about this lifeless island..Unless you wanna count the many harvest spirits that lived there and the lonely goddess who wanted more. For years she perfected this island for people to find and live on but no one came. For years so changed things, No bad storms, No wilting plants, no harm, no evil, everything in the book and yet no one came. She had tried and tried with no luck.

                                                    fter so many years so realized she was going to need some help here. She called upon the Harvest God to help her little island. When the two came together they worked day and night to make the island a suitable for human life. Soon enough one right after another humans came to this land. Started with one, than two and soon enough families came together and moved here. The Goddess was so pleased with this but the God? Not as much.

                                                    e saw the human's as selfish people. Taking and taking from him and the goddess and never giving anything back for what? Nothing! He soon started to distory what he and the goddess worked so hard to make and casing off the humans. The Wizard, who was good friends with the god, learned of what he was doing and he quickly told the goddess. She was enraged by this. She and the wizard got the Witch on her side and the three came together and put the God under a spell that would make him sleep for years to come.

                                                    ime went on and the Goddess control the island by herself with some help of the Wizard and the Witch. People came and went but only few ever truly settled down here. She still wanted more. Even though the Witch and the Goddess weren't big with each other she had still asked her to cast a spell to make others come see this wonderful island. The witch thought about this and agreed. Only to have the spell back fire and an earthquake hit. Few had died, others injured but that wasn't the worse to happen. It seems the quake had awoken the Harvest God. Now he wants revenge.

                                                    im and the Goddess have been at war with each other for a while now. He has taken out most of her spirits and has been weakening her powers. The Goddess has tried to keep her island safe and those who live there and she's been trying to keep strong. So what's the best way to break her sprite? She loves those who lives here on the island right? It than hit him. If she does manage to over come him who says she wasn't going to seal him up better than before? Why not go after the humans? Take what they so selfishly took from them and why not make an heir or two with some of the females? After all humans are easy to trick.

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я ʊ Ƚ ε s

                                                    GENERAL//xx Always, and I mean ALWAYS Follow the TOS. It's the main rules or Gaiaonline and it is still in effect here in the forums. For those of you who do not know what the TOS is go read them here then come on back. This also means no Cybering, god-modding, and No one hits. I do not want to report you but I will if needed.

                                                    POSTING//xx When it comes down to posting I want you to type in third person and a Minimum of two paragraphs and a max. of what ever. Just don't write us a novel here. I would like a good THREE to FIVE or more sentences per a paragraph. Remember: I do under stand the horrors of Writers block and will let you slide when told about it. Also, No TXT Speaking. It's annoying.

                                                    DRAMA//xx We all know drama helps move things on but it can also destroy everything. It's fun to do and fun to Roleplay. Just remember Too much could be bad but too little is boring.

                                                    PROFILES// xx
                                                    Make sure you fill out everything and do not leave anything left out. The only thing you can change on the profiles are the coloring other than that don't touch.
                                                    xxxxALSO, make sure to send your profiles into "Kitten elric" and title it as one of the many Harvest Moon games. And some where in the PM put the name of your favorite character from any of the games.

                                                    OOC// xx Post your OOC conversations in the OOC form, please! Just make sure to respect those in there and their questions. If people who have not joined yet so up, don't be rude and fight with them. They too might only have a question about the roleplay before joining or they may be a family member of another User letting us know why they haven't been on in a while.

                                                    M.I.A?// xx If you must leave for some time let me know that way I don't delete your profile and give your spot up. If you can't get on because of an injury or due to being grounded ask your siblings, cousin, friend, or who ever to tell me. I'll let it go and wait for your return. This will not only help me keep order but who ever your RPing with can move on until you make it back.

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S к ə ℓ ə τ ö и



[img]malformed url[/img]




[align=left][size=16][color=Dimgray]✎[/color] [color=POSTCOLOR]Name[/color] [/size][u] [/u]
[size=16][color=Dimgray]✏[/color] [color=POSTCOLOR] Age[/color][/size][size=11] [/u]
[size=16][color=Dimgray]✐ [/color][color=POSTCOLOR] Birthday [/color][/size][u][size=11] [/u]
[size=16][color=Dimgray]✎ [/color][color=POSTCOLOR] Gender[/color][/size][u][size=11] [/u]
[size=16][color=Dimgray]✏[/color][color=POSTCOLOR] Sexuality [/color][/size][u][size=11] [/u]
[size=16][color=Dimgray]✐[/color][color=POSTCOLOR]Relationship status[/color][/size][u][size=11] [/u]
[size=16][color=Dimgray]✎[/color][color=POSTCOLOR] Role [/color][/size][u][size=11] [/u]
[size=16][color=Dimgray]✏ [/color][color=POSTCOLOR] Home [/color][/size][u][size=11] [/u]
[size=16][color=Dimgray]✐ [/color][color=POSTCOLOR] Others [/color][/size][u][size=11] [/u]

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[size=16][color=Dimgray]✎[/color][color=POSTCOLOR] Bio [/color][/size][u][size=11] [/u]

[size=16][color=Dimgray]✏[/color][color=POSTCOLOR] Personality [/color][/size][u][size=11] [/u]
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                                                    Town Hall


                                                    xxxPost officexxx
                                                    xxxMail manxxx

                                                    Police Station

                                                    xxxChiefxxxBarret Augustus Sadel
                                                    xxxCop 1xxxApolonia Terenya Pawlicka
                                                    xxxCop 2xxx


                                                    xxxFarmerxxxLeah Abigail Everson


                                                    xxxRancherxxxFell Wheeler


                                                    xxxElementary TeacherxxxMay Alison Milton
                                                    xxxMiddle School Teacherxxx
                                                    xxxHigh school Teacherxxx
                                                    xxxStudent 1xxx
                                                    xxxStudent 2xxx
                                                    xxxStudent 3xxx


                                                    xxxCookxxxPamela Theodore Asher
                                                    xxxWaiterxxx Benjamin Riccardo Orsini


                                                    xxxBartenderxxx Darius Tolkien Melchior


                                                    xxxButlerxxx Baldassare Renzo Orsini

                                                    Florist Shop

                                                    xxxOwnerxxxMarina Rae Price
                                                    xxxClerkxxxBenigno Raffaele Orsini


                                                    xxxLibrarianxxxAvery Knight
                                                    xxxAssistantxxxLucille Harper Tibideaux

                                                    Black Smith

                                                    xxxOwnerxxx Vivaldi Rozelle
                                                    xxxMinerxxx Ecaterina Dragomirka

User Image


                                                    xxxNursexxxElizabeth Johnsons

                                                    Fortune Teller

                                                    xxxWizardxxxOrion Wizard

                                                    Church/ Graveyard

                                                    xxxPreacherxxx Dero Signiore Denali
                                                    xxxGrave keeperxxx Deidrich Falsoph

                                                    Clothing Store

                                                    xxxOwnerxxxEmilia Stravinsky
                                                    xxxTailorxxxAlana Bellerose Couture

                                                    Harvest Spring

                                                    xxxHarvest GodessxxxAmane
                                                    xxxSprite 1xxxNissa/Noelle Blythe
                                                    xxxSprite 2xxx

                                                    Mountain Top

                                                    xxxHarvest GodxxxIgnis/Demetrius Goren
                                                    xxxSprite 3xxx
                                                    xxxSprite 4xxx Cyric Haerthfel

                                                    Fish Market

                                                    xxxFisher 1xxxZaiden James Zakii
                                                    xxxFisher 2xxx

                                                    Enchanted Forest

                                                    xxxWitchxxxTama Guchi


                                                    xxxWriterxxxMaxim J'onn Satyr
                                                    xxxTraveler 1xxx Leigh Merry James
                                                    xxxTraveler 2xxx
                                                    xxxMermaid xxxMesii
                                                    xxx PhotographerxxxCatherine Michelle Teller
                                                    xxx ThiefxxxZephyr Tallula
                                                    xxx Children xxxVasilica Dragomirka

User Image

H o ɱ ȇ

                                                    Housing District
                                                    House 1 - Leah Everson
                                                    House 2 - Fell Wheeler
                                                    House 3 -
                                                    House 4 - Benigno Orsini, Benjamin Orsini && Baldassare Orsini
                                                    House 5 - Pamela Asher
                                                    House 6 - Alana Couture
                                                    House 7 -Apolonia Pawlicka
                                                    House 8 - Marina Price
                                                    House 9 - Avery Knight
                                                    House 10 - Deidrich Falsoph

                                                    Business District

                                                    House 1 -
                                                    House 2 - Emilia Stravinsky
                                                    House 3 - Darius Melchior
                                                    House 4 - May Milton
                                                    House 5 -
                                                    House 6 - Barret Sadel
                                                    House 7 -
                                                    House 8 -
                                                    House 9 - Vivaldi Rozelle
                                                    House 10 - Orion Wizard

                                                    Beach Houses

                                                    House 1 - Ecaterina Dragomirka&& Vasilica Dragomirka
                                                    House 2 - Maxim Satyr
                                                    House 3 - Dero Denali
                                                    House 4 - Catherine Teller

                                                    Inn Rooms

                                                    House 1 - Leigh James
                                                    House 2 - Elizabeth Johnsons
                                                    House 3 - Lulu Tibideaux
                                                    House 4 -
                                                    House 5 - Zaiden Zakii
                                                    House 6 -
                                                    House 7 -Tama Guchi
                                                    House 8 -
                                                    House 9 -
                                                    House 10 -
                                                    House 11 -
                                                    House 12 -

User Image

ȩ ɣ ȩ и T ș

                                                    01 ;; New Years Festival && Amane's birthday
                                                    02 ;;
                                                    03 ;;
                                                    04 ;;
                                                    05 ;; Vasilica's Birthday
                                                    06 ;;
                                                    07 ;; Leah's Birthday
                                                    08 ;;
                                                    09 ;; Emilia's && Benjamin's Birthday
                                                    10 ;;
                                                    11 ;; Harvest Festival
                                                    12 ;;
                                                    13 ;; Tama's birthday
                                                    14 ;;
                                                    15 ;;
                                                    16 ;;
                                                    17 ;; Marina's birthday
                                                    18 ;; Springs Dance&&Nissa's birthday
                                                    19 ;;
                                                    20 ;;
                                                    21 ;;
                                                    22 ;; Spring Cooking Festival
                                                    23 ;;
                                                    24 ;;
                                                    25 ;;
                                                    26 ;;
                                                    27 ;; Deidrich's birthday
                                                    28 ;;
                                                    29 ;;
                                                    30 ;;

                                                    01 ;; Mesii's birthday
                                                    02 ;; Elizabeth's birthday
                                                    03 ;;
                                                    o4 ;;
                                                    05 ;;
                                                    06 ;;
                                                    07 ;; Summer Cook Off
                                                    08 ;;
                                                    09 ;; Zaiden's Birthday
                                                    10 ;;
                                                    11 ;; Marathon on Foot && Pamela's birthday
                                                    12 ;;
                                                    13 ;;
                                                    14 ;;
                                                    15 ;; Boat Race && Lulu's Birthday
                                                    16 ;;
                                                    17 ;;
                                                    18 ;; Beach Day
                                                    19 ;;
                                                    20 ;; Benigno's birthday
                                                    21 ;;
                                                    22 ;;
                                                    23 ;;
                                                    24 ;; Leigh's birthday
                                                    25 ;;
                                                    26 ;;
                                                    27 ;; Fire Works & Foods
                                                    28 ;;
                                                    29 ;;
                                                    30 ;; Dero's birthday

                                                    01 ;; Fell's birthday
                                                    02 ;;
                                                    03 ;;
                                                    04 ;;
                                                    05 ;; Avery's birthday
                                                    06 ;;
                                                    07 ;; Baldassare's birthday
                                                    08 ;;
                                                    09 ;;
                                                    10 ;;
                                                    11 ;; Darius's birthday
                                                    12 ;; Fall Harvest Festival && May's birthday
                                                    13 ;; Catherine's birthday
                                                    14 ;; Wizard's Birthday
                                                    15 ;; Horse Race
                                                    16 ;;
                                                    17 ;;
                                                    18 ;; Animal Contests, Livestock and Pets
                                                    19 ;;
                                                    20 ;;
                                                    21 ;;
                                                    22 ;; Art Festival
                                                    23 ;; Barret's birthday
                                                    24 ;;
                                                    25 ;; Vivaldi's birthday
                                                    26 ;;
                                                    27 ;;
                                                    28 ;;
                                                    29 ;;
                                                    30 ;;

                                                    01 ;; Maxim's birthday
                                                    02 ;;
                                                    03 ;; Winter Dance
                                                    04 ;;
                                                    05 ;;
                                                    06 ;; Snow Festival
                                                    07 ;;
                                                    08 ;;
                                                    09 ;; Dancing With the Stars
                                                    10 ;;
                                                    11 ;;
                                                    12 ;; Night Festival
                                                    13 ;; Zephyr's birthday
                                                    14 ;;
                                                    15 ;;
                                                    16 ;; Alana's birthday
                                                    17 ;;
                                                    18 ;;
                                                    19 ;;
                                                    20 ;; Ecaterina's birthday
                                                    21 ;;
                                                    22 ;; Giving Day Eve
                                                    23 ;; Giving Day
                                                    24 ;;
                                                    25 ;;
                                                    26 ;;
                                                    27 ;; Starry Night
                                                    28 ;;
                                                    29 ;; Apolonia's birthday
                                                    30 ;; New Year End

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W e a t h e r IN N o M e


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15。 16。 17。 18。 19。 20。 21。 22。 23。 24。 25。
26。 27。 28。 29。 30。 31。


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W h i t e L i s t
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B L A C K L i s t
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