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did you have a good time?

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This poll closed on November 11, 2004.
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we know you all loved the event, and those of you who are artists, post your artwork here. get your artwork posted in the gaia office!

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Oh, fabulous! *makes art*

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I'll update as I finish the BG.
whee I loved it alright
I have a picture I drew, I'll edit this post later and post it.
Too bad we can't keep fighting, I really want to pump you full of lead kaia9. wink Just kidding I think it was quite fun I just wish I was here for more of it and if there wasn't such a lag.
Loved, but lag was annoying
hey how come i dont look like a zombie???but i am 1
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Hold on.


I thought this was rather special.


I doubt many other users can say their avatar was bitten by one of the official LabTechs. domokun
but I didn't do any fan art yet. :/
first page of a sticky, I win. <3
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So, like, is this thread going to be up, like, indefinately, or what?
It was super awesome! 3nodding I only wish I didn't lose my sootface for it! sweatdrop

My piccy

EDIT: Changed it to a link, so it dun kill my photobucket bandwidth. ^^;;
Gino Did it...he was missing and gambino went flying...gino doesnt like his dad either...but oh well...we will se what happens!
I loved it!
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Zombie Rampage

There's mine xd

Btw, I'd vote Hell Yeah on the poll but my browser won't let me... It was an awesome event, loved it, loved it. The lag was annoying but, for me at least, it made it no less fun. Yay! xd heart
I loved the event and the challenges, but ending up facing 5 minutes of lag per page, only to go buy a vial to cure the zombi-ism of being bittn 3 times fast.. That sucked. Still, it was grand fun, even if I never made it far enough for the freebies! Do more stuff like this! Get people involved again! blaugh And make Gambino pull more of this junk on us!

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