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America has a serious shortage of scientists and engineers. I learned this while applying to the Mechanical engineering Program at ASU for next year and doing a lot of research on the Major and engineering in general before I did.

What is this? With the way everyone in our age bracket wants to act that "empiricism is everything" and "Rationality is law" WHY is this the case?

In personal reflection all of my super Atheist ( a topic for another time ) rationally minded "scientifically" inclined friends are all in liberal arts majors. I'm not suggesting that the major is useless,( I have a BS in Criminal Justice myself) but I'm just wondering, why are we fronting so much? Is it the ONE philosophy class we take that inclines us pretend that we're so much better then previous generations?

I can practically guarantee that there are rationalist types in your college of engineering - I just don't think you've met them to make friends yet.
Times we live in always have a saying in what teenagers/students want to pursue. Back when building skyscrapers was the cutting edge tech, you had a lot of them wanting to become construction engineers. Nowadays, software is in everyone's mind so you end up with having a lot of those. smile
"We" aren't scientifically minded. "We" like to pretend that we are.

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The generation before us was also scientifically minded. The generation before them was also scientifically minded. The difference is...each new generation already have information they can learn from the previous generations.

imo we aren't scientifically minded. We just learn something that someone has already though of/ postulated about. The only reason why we appear to be more intelligent is because more and more of us are introduced to ideas in schools. (edit: also "scientifically" minded people like to make everything they say sound fancy and intelligent by using pretty words. When you actually know what the definition to the word is and break down what they are saying...sometimes you can easily debunk somethings they are saying. I came across someone who used a word that was implying something about themselves...I steered the argument and found out that they used the wrong word to describe what they wanted to. They just wanted to sound smart. You don't have to sound smart. You have to reason.) Information is readily available at the click of our computer mouse.

I think the truly intelligent people/scientifically minded ... are the people that have a passion to discover more.

imo again... I have mixed feeling about science. Science is very limited when you think about it. It can help us understand a little more about ourselves and the world around us...but to me that isn't enough.

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