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bob, definitely planet bob
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i'd probably follow the popular way. i'd name it after the star a,b,c, etc.
"ME" Yes... planet Me.
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maybe after a character in my stories, one with an original name.
Scrums of course.
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Gautama. Or Shakyamuni.
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OP doesn't belong in ED

If it is a habitable planet, I would name it after the most abundant elements discovered.

For example, Earth would be: Oxylicon

The most abundant element in the earth's crust is oxygen, making up 46.6% of the earth's mass. Silicon is the second most abundant element (27.7%)

If the the planet is uninhabitable, I would simply name it after an adjective describing the lengths it took to discover said planet.
Aeos. I'm sure there's a bug or two somewhere.
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Shrok because you know you wanna be from a planet called Shrok. It just sounds like a land of bad asses where brain is brawn and brawn is also brawn too but since technology is at a point where physical prowess is quickly becoming obsolete in anything that is not for highly inefficient sports programs that do not a damn thing for anyone other than ensure the health of those within it and create just another cycle of cash flow in an already overcomplicated economy few people ever agree on and the healthy effects of sports and such on health may be achievable through other means sometime in the future. I suppose it is however often more practical to look at now as opposed to what might be. As such no one will read this.
I like the idea of naming a planet Gaia.
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Assuming it was an Earth-like planet, I'd continue to little human tradition of naming after Roman and Greek gods/goddesses. My planet would be called Demeter.
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Depends on what it's like. If it's a desert planet that has a breathable atmosphere, then definitely Arrakis.

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