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1/0 cannot be defined, to wit, there is no number a which satisfies the conditon '0 * a = 1'. However, this is not the case for '0 * a = 0', any number will do in that case. 0/0 is indeterminate.
In fact for 0x=1 can work if x is infinity.

Well this thread was already necroed so...

No, zero is basically infinity nothing, ergo 0 an infinite amount of times will always be zero.

So zero x infinity = 0.

It is a legitimate lack of everything.

.000000000000000000001 x infinity could be infinity, but when you legitimately have nothing there is nothing.

In a way, 0 can be seen as the inverse of infinity, as everything is reduced to 0.
i have a unniverse full of empty boxes.
They are all empty, how much boxes contain anything? theres infinite boxes.

I'll give you a hint.

Hehe. xp
You're not the only one. I've always hated math and physics, too.
But ironically, I've always been fascinated by astronomy and cosmology, and both sciences require that. emo
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Yeah, I hate physics! mad

If it wasn't for physics I could do everything I've ever wanted.

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