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ever wondered that when you mate horses with donkeys you get mules?

have you ever had sex with an animal? i know its wrong but certain species can usually make a hybrid offspring like mules. But mating a human with a monkey? a dog? mating a cat with a wolf or bird? lol In the real world that may not happen. But in fantasy land yes lol.

Some of you might think this topic is frowned upon the community but this topic is merely to explain a curious act of nature. did you know that if you mate with an animal you dont get pregnant or the animal doesnt get pregnant. its because of relation. Mules exist because horses and donkeys are related to the same species. the Equestrial species. thats why they can populate. the same as different species of dogs and cats and even birds. Each male of a different species has different sperm cells. and females have different egg cells. all humans have the same sperm and egg cells that is why they populate. horses and donkeys have the same sex cells as well.

think about it. if you did mate with a dog or a horse the baby would look pretty ******** up.... in the fantasy world they would think mating humans with horses you would get a Centaur XD or mating humans with fish and you would get a mermaid! lol if the rules of mating didnt apply then yes centaurs and mermaids would definently exist lol
Bit strange.....
But even if you did then the baby wouldnt be able to reproduce
LOL. I thought that this topic was about Prius'es (the car model). Looks like I was wrong. lol
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Apparently, reproduction isn't for everyone, either. Look at your parents.
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