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I wasn't sure whether to put this under Psycology or Science.

I just remember that me and my teacher talked about this once after class.

From what I have come to beleive, it's all dependent on WHICH emotions.

Humans as a society have created this silly idea that animals can love. In my opinion, it is just we as a people projecting our own behavior onto other species to feed our desire for them to feel the way about us that we do them.

We as people, being creatures who have the uncanny abillity to study ourselves, constantly project our ideals onto others- not only other humans, but other species all together- because in ourselves we beleive that our way is the right way, and that our beleifs are absolute. we want to beleive that animals are capable of our level of thought and understanding.

I do beleive that some animal instincts can be classified as reminiscent to emotion.

An animal can feel fondness, I beleive. Their memories can serve them with good pictures of us, make them beleive that we are safe. Dogs, in themselves, often show pack like behavior and will protect a human as their pack member.

I think an animals feelings have finite range, though.

Animals feel the need solely to survive. They do not love. They do not cry.

But they can feel fear, and protectiveness.

This of course, is all just MY take on it. I want to hear what others think.

EDIT: Okay the next person to come up in here freaking out because they think I'm suggesting that animals don't deserve love and respect just because I don't think they have complex emotion is gonna throw me over the edge.

They feel pain, they feel fear, the feel hungry and thirsty and cold and uncomfortable. So no, they don't deserve terrible treatment. They do have feelings, maybe less complex than ours, but feelings. I care and have respect for all living creatures- right down to the very last bug (Which isn't to say I haven't accidentally stepped on one without realization.) Sooooo Just shut up, kay?

If it helps diffuse the situation I have many pets and they're doing just fine. In fact I love my pets like family. So back off. I'm not some terrible witch who goes around spitting on kittens and kicking puppies.
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My dog makes an "eeeeh" noise when she doesn't want to do something.
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My dog makes an "eeeeh" noise when she doesn't want to do something.

Oh, dog. rofl
Research the emotional range of the elephant.
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If an animal can feel fear and protectiveness, what's stopping them from feeling love? Animals not only have the same range of emotions we do, but are also better at sensing them than we are.
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It's hard to approach this problem without anthropomorphising the animals. As they don't have the same cognitive abilities or self-awareness as we do- it's hard to say whether they experience emotion. Our emotions are heavily based on instinctual reactions to scenarios. We're different in the sense that we are consciously aware of these reactions. Hence why we do things such as bury our dead and hold ceremonies in commemoration. There are quite a few species that seem to experience emotions similarly, but not to the same extent as humans. Such as the great apes, a lot of cetaceans, elephants and arguably some bird species.
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There have also been some studies where the brains of some animals were scanned. Evidence supports the theory that animals do feel emotions, but not to the same extent and their emotions are not as complex as humans. This does not go for all animals however, for example, animals that lack a cerebral cortex.
I think animals can feel emotions, like happiness and protectiveness and maybe even love, but they feel those emotions for non-complex reasons. A pet won't love its owner, but a mother will love its babies.
and I think the depth of emotion felt by an animal depends on the kind of animal. A dolphin or rabbit will be able to feel more emotion than a worm or a sponge.
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I think it would be arrogant, to think that they do not.
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I think it would be arrogant, to think that they do not.

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Depends upon the animal.

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