This semester I'm taking a botany course, and we have to design a research project to work on all semester. Please don't assume I'm asking for homework help, because I'm not. I'd just like to know if anyone here has any experience with Botany research, or knows anything about it. I plan to do some research on google/in databases later.

What are some "hot topics" in Botany research right now that may be interesting for me to look into?
What are some really awesome things that people have gotten from Botany research?
If you've been involved in it, please share your experience. Because I have literally no knowledge or interest in Botany, and I'd like something to spark a passion. gonk I'm only taking this course because it's required for my major.

I really don't know the first thing about this subject, so I was wondering if there's anyone with a "passion" for it that would like to talk.