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and various receptors get deformed by neuroleptic (antipsychotic) use?

My theory for how I got sick was that my cb1 receptors were deformed because of an omega 3 deficiency of sorts (works like a deficiency whether it is one or not and you have to take very high amounts to combat it) that is present in all people with the psychosis genes. So the drug (cannabis gets you high via cb1 receptors which are deformed by omega 3 deficiency) didn't have the same effect on me as it has on other people and thus made me unable to integrate into society properly.

But I'm very skeptical to the point of downright disgust about the neuroleptic. I think its torture for one. For another thing it has been shown in animal studies to shrink the brain and cause lesions. I think for sure that it makes the schizophrenia a very different beast than it originally was for that matter much worse but the symptoms are masked while you're on the drugs because they stop your brain from working period. Honestly doing stuff on neuroleptics its like stuff happens but its not happening at all. You're not there. Dead is the word.

Anyway, anybody really smart at neuroscience could tell me if maybe the receptors the neuroleptics block get similarly deformed and thus not work properly.

I've resigned to the fact that my utility (happiness measurement) and depth of experience will forever be a millionth of what they were a few years ago. So it wouldn't surprise me if you told me it did.

Come on guys. You don't need an experiment to answer this question. Given how the dopamine system works, and given what the neuroleptic is chemically, do some theoretical biology:

Does it deform the receptor?
You guys suck.

Someone could tell me.
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Anti-psychotics make no real change to the receptors. However other pathologies that coincide in schizophrenia, can affect the function of such receptors. People however, can get used to the bombardment from certain drugs... hence newer ones, tend to bind to larger amounts of the subtypes of dopamine receptors
I don't really know the answer, but I wanted to share a fact. The reason why we listen to music, is because it releases dopamine in our body, if I remember right. So if someone asks you why we listen to music. There is your answer smile
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It might be all the drugs that did this, since it can change your sensitivity to dopamine and whatnot, although THC binds directly to dopamine receptors in some cases.

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