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Okay so one of my colleagues introduced me to this webpage that will show you your academic lineage! IT IS AWESOME!
It is called Academic Tree if anyone else that has not already seen this is interested in checking it out.
Most all the trees are in the sciences, but there are a few others. It is a user-based website, so by no means complete.

Also, here is the link to my neurotree emotion_awesome
(M.A. Webster is my grad advisor)
Feel free to discuss how amazing my experimental psychology lineage is.

But anyways, this brings up the question;
Do you think that in the sciences we place more emphasis on our lineage than other disciplines?

I certainly do think so, especially since one of our main goals is to build upon the knowledge of others.

Yes, I also posted a similar thread in the psyc forum, but I am just so excited about this!
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And now for the fun fact of the day:

If you pour root beer into a square cup, you get beer!
In math we have the Mathematics Genealogy Project, which serves the same purpose. I know a lot of us like to trace ourselves back and see who we're connected to.
Do similar repositories not exist for the humanities? Three seconds of searching didn't turn up anything, but unfortunately the term "genealogy" means something within the humanities so Google didn't filter very well.
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I have seen one for music, but that tree is not as developed (only about 300 people in it).
My speciality is to young/undeveloped to have any sort of interesting heritage.
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I don't see archaeology gonk
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I don't know about your psychology lineage, but I don't know anyone who cares much about lineage in physics.

Sure, I know who I did my Ph.D. under, and I know who he did his Ph.D. under. But I have no idea who *he* studied under. I just know that we physicists are a small enough population that you usually don't have to go very far back before you find someone famous.
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Maybe in 100 years someone will have created a tree for your specialty and then some new dorky grad student like myself will be wishing to find your name on their tree ^__^

p a p e r b a c k i n g

Awww well there may be one out there somewhere!!


Thanks for your response, this is what I was curious about. I do think that in psyc we tend to place a stronger emphasis in lineage. The clinical/behavioral programs more so than my specific sub-field, which makes sense because a lot of their theories come from more specific and separate schools of thought. I do think it is nifty to see that Helmholtz is my great (to the eight) grandfather in my lineage xDDD

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