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Hi there people! 4laugh
I have some questions about running so here they are:

#1 When I do long distance running ( Which has been quite a bit lately as I am training for my schools cross country ) I start getting phlegm kind of gurgling in the back of my throat, Should I be worried about this? ( I have Asthma If that changes anything )

#2 Again with the long distance running when I run long distance my arms are normal but then after a while ( 400 meters+ ) my arms start flailing around and go weird like for example they sometimes go up and stay up but my hand goes into a claw shape then it stays like that for a while and it gets a bit repetitive. Should I be worried about this?

Thank you to anyone who has an answer!
For question number one, you should drink more water and eat a small snack 15-20 minutes before you start training.

As you are training for long-distance, it is important you drink small amounts of water (2 gulps) throughout your run, so you will not become dehydrated. You are constantly sweating when you perform prolonged exercises.

For question number two, you should work on form. It is most likely a habit that is making you do this the act. Since you are conscious of the habit, you should be able to fix it.
Just practice. I do not know the form for long distance running, unfortunately.... I sprint.

One form I use is the jogging for is keep your arms bent in right angles and swing them like a saw.
It is the best input I can give on form.
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Oh Thank you for telling me! I got a bit weirded out by the Phlegm and arm thing... Thank you again!
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Okay for the phlegm thing, I have had that too. It should be anything to worry about as long as you keep hydrated. I had it a lot in the beginning of my track season, but after a few weeks I think my body adjusted better to the harder workouts and it went away.

As for #2, it may just be something that happens when you start to get tired out. Focus on your form and maybe you can break the habit.
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Answer to #1, don't worry about it, happens to me all the time xD I just spit it out and keep going as to #2 hmm, I don't have quite the right answer for that ._. sorry

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