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Shameless Gekko

I do NOT do GROUP RPS. Do not post them on here, do not message me about them, nothing!

Also just chase away people who won't bother to read much, let's start out here. Either pick something from my list or please come at me with anything new and exciting. No TypeA x TypeB(who is an opposite) Bull s**t. I want a real plot, come at me with a plot or don't bother trying to convince me of anything else than what I have mentioned below!

Hello fellow Gaians! Sorry for the lack of design of these posts but I dont see the point in making it all fancy when you just want the peope to read what you put. I feel as long as I get myself out here Ive done my job, dont think that that means I'll slack off in my Rps though!

I'm searching for a male or female roleplaying partner. I can play both sexes when I roleplay. I will do both hetero and yuri roleplays, but not yaoi, sorry just not too good at them. Ive been Rping for over four years now on here and have been through a lot of great times and rps durring that time. Unfortuantly it seems that a lot of my friends on here no longer have time for me so I must now shake off all the slacking from me and actually start putting myself out there to be found by other Rpers than just searching for some myself.

Do not look around my previous posts and such, just ask. However, I do not normally do them because I hate being judged by someone on a work meant for some other rp or may be old styled for me, and I am never happy with finding one to use. So if you have to have one you first must impress me and give me reason to go to that trouble. If not, well then I guess we were not meant for each other.

You don't have to read this, just at least read my rules and the section about me! And don't be rude please.

You are here at the intro and basic info
Next is rules and such
After that is basic ideas, picture prompts, and fandoms
And finally I have full out plots! Go read!
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Shameless Gekko

Ok, so let us get the basic stuff out of the way here ok? My rules and a bit about myself. Please for the love of everything sacred, read them!

1. I only want Yuri and hetro rps. I don't do yaoi sorry, I am open to any new ideas or one of my plots below

2. I only want 1x1 RPs and I will play over PM or Threads. I do not leave gaia since I don't check the other places enough.

3. I don't care about what you think your literacy level is, if you can give me at least decent high school level grammar and use spell check or at least proofread then I am happy. As for length I post 2-4 paragraphs on average, sometimes more or less depending on if we need it for action or conversations need them to be short, or if intros or time skips need to be long. Those are just examples though.

4. Some of the things I don't like to see: Even in cases with aspects of fantasy I want things to be real. By this I mean, no perfect characters, no totally dominant, or submissive. I also don't want total smut, instant romance, or total bitches. Thank you.

5. I love drama, it completes me. My plots will have drama and touchy situations. Characters will go through hardships. This is life, I want complications I want people to have to learn about themselves, I want people outside of comfort zones and have to see how they deal with it and I want tough times, not just sunshine and butterflies.

6. My second desire is just that, desire. I love sexual tension. Do not get me wrong I am not out to push someone to break ToS or cyber. But I love sexual tension, I love to put characters in awkward situations and flirt with them. And I am not a child so I know what goes on. But we do not have to act it out. But things like flirting and kissing and even nudity, come on, you should be old enough to handle that to rp.

7. Please, give me something to work with to. Give me characters with spines but also everyone has their weaknesses, and please contribute to the rp with your own ideas and twists. Thank you so much.

8. When messaging me I expect something in the subject box, a (no Subject) tells me there wont be much to the message or you right off the bat. And when you do message me, please, please please! Give me something to go on. Im tired of these 'you want to rp?' or 'I don't know what I want to do...' if you saw something or have an idea let me know it. Don't send me a message asking if I want to rp. I am here! It's kinda obvious I want to.

9. Also when messaging me, please give me something to work with. More than just one line is REQUIRED, I don't like these, 'hey I am interested in this plot hope to hear back' Give me something to work with. Tell me a bit about yourself, what you want to see in the rp, any ideas you have for it or changes or questions. Just give me something that let's me know you are worth while please? I will ignore any messages that don't follow this.

10. I reserve the right to ignore you if you show you have not read these and or do not show much promise in an rp. I also reserve the right to pester you if I haven't heard from you, so just please don't drop me and save us some trouble

11. I prefer a post at least a week to a few times a week. I would love to consistently do one a day or multiple myself, but I am very busy with life lately so I have to admit that I can't, so I won't ask that from you. There will be times I can post a lot and times you may go a week without me. If you can understand that then we will get along, though the more we post the more the more we can ultimately of course have fun but life is life. I do understand life and disappearing too, and am very forgiving as long as it is not a constant habit. And if you are dissapearing for some time I can be very kind and understanding, just please give me a heads up.


Abusive relationships
Arranged Marriages

Ok, done, thank you if you read this. Just send me a response via pm or post here, thank you!

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Shameless Gekko

Alright, here is what I desire, remember any of these can be yuri or het. Starting off is the basic ideas or settings, followed by my own plots. Please even if its not on here, feel free to suggest something to me! I will not bite!

Plots are below this post!

Also, for those below, come to me with YOUR ideas, the reason I dont' have any listed below for them is because I want to see what someone else can come up with, something new. Do not come at me with the same thing over and over.

Basic ideas: All are yuri or het based

Existing romance (ask if you want more, is actually a fun idea)

((EDIT: Right, so, perhaps I should be a bit clear before I make an a** of myself again... When I say existing romance I mean that I want to play characters who are already together, already admitted their love, already gone through what most rps usually consist of. They have gotten passed the meeting each other and comming together and that side of the drama. The rp is now to play out their relationship. The ups and downs that come with it and life, new dramas and difficulties to perhaps stay together or deal with a new change in their life. Or in the case of yuri dealing with the consequences of their love. ))

Master and Slave

((Not so much the owning kind but the more controlling for fun's sake. Ropes,collars, embarrassment, nudity ect . Not just sex fetishism but more dominant and controlling. I love embarrassing and tension situations so I want to try an rp like this, but I don't want to be Smut. Its boring and I like my gaia and don't want to go against ToS like that. (loves when people have a new idea for this one) Willing to play het and yuri for this and right now can be dom or sub. And I have a few ideas and sub plots, and one big one below, so if you want them just ask.

Picture Prompts you can bring ideas to:

Number 1 Lost love (yuri)

Number 2 Sort of a stripper x client thing

Number 3Not sure here, but I figure it might inspire something

Number 4 A spilt personality or mirror world idea, or anything else you think of

Number 5 Unfleshed out idea of a gender changing person or maybe body swap

Number 6 No idea what to do here, but it's an interesting picture.

Number 7 No previous concept, willing to hear any thoughts or ideas on it.

Number 8.1 Number 8.2 Number 8.3 Anything involving the common theme of these pictures. Could be friends, lovers, siblings ect heart heart

Number 9 Curious to see everyone elses take on this.

Number 10 This one is NSFW and a very vague/straight forward thing, be sure to read the description in the comment section for the page too. I am open to ideas and will be very picky on who I do it with. I am open to either character here but might prefer the guy/person the girl is trying to impress. Also can be made to be yuri btw! heart heart

Number Awesome! After playing a plot with one of my favourite people on here about opposites and just the growing of characters who would normally never be together, I have so been craving more like it, and this picture plot seems a good basis. So let me know if you are interested and we can so work something out. heart heart

Idea based on this video (not necessarily the anime) (Plot on my take on it below) heart heart

Anime, Manga, and Game Fandoms heart heart heart

Tales of Symphonia!
Seriously, everyone, do this with me! I want an adventure rp badly! And this universe is so much fun. We can make our own alternate timeline with our own chossen's story, go off of the ending or before the main story, or even during. And cannon is possible if you convince me, but seriously, do this with me! We will work out everything together lol heart heart heart heart heart

Katawa Shoujo (I would love if someone tried a cannon girl yuri with me, but not the obvious ones. Otherwise OCs or cannon, does not matter, just like the setting idea) heart heart

Pokemon heart heart (But you have to come up at me with a good plot) heart heart

Naruto ((Be warned, I am very picky with who I do this with!)


SakuxAnyone (Guy or girl)
((Both above have slight plot revolvoing around Saskue kidnapping and almost killing and raping Sakura, not for light of heart and not about gumdrops and bubble gum, must be willing to deal with an emotinal abuse victim, or in the ItaXsaku case willing to play such a person))

(Can be combined with a Garra, Kanku x Konoha Kunochi for doubling))

Hinata x anyone (Could be a dark plot like the one above or any sort, just looking to play her really)

Shika X Tayu
(Dark again, revolves around Tayu coming back to assult Konoha after surviving alone for years and Shika is put in charge of her, Willing to play either but if you are Tayu remember she was crude and heartless, and being alone after nearly getting killed won't change that beyond making it worse.)

Request if you want another pairing but I will more than likley say no without a good plot behind it.

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Shameless Gekko


I will do everything you see here, but more heart = more love.

Im What with Whom? heart heart heart

(yuri, pregnancy, science fiction, Possible kidnapping)

He was a brilliant scientist with big dreams big goals, and big offers. He searched many different organizations, doctors offices, record offices, anything that would give him the information he needed on those he was looking for. Finally he found them, the test subjects he needed, the two perfect girls for his research. Their genetic histories and physical conditions making them perfect for what his life's goal entailed.
Upon two seperate occasions he approached them both with an offer that, for lack of a better term, they couldnt refuse. All in exchange for their help in a small experiment.
From one girl he just asked for a sample of her blood telling her she was in good health and had the proper type he would need as far as genetic prowess. He told her the only things she would have to worry about was if it worked and they would need to study her a bit more to apply her genetics in future uses or her participation in social experimentation. In exchange she was provided with more wealth than she could have imagined. (or any other incentive you would choose)
The other he performed small tests and wanted to give a small injection. He called it a boost syrm and showed her all sort of legal papers promising it would not harm her. In fact she would want it more than he knew. She was born with a condition that left her in some ways sterile. Leaving her unable to concieve even though her eggs were in perfect health due to narrow passageways inside of her. Invetro would be possible but dangerous. But his procedures were promised to reverse it so that one day she could have a child of her own. But she had no idea just how soon that one day would be.
A little over a month later the second girl up almost every morning and feels very ill. A trip to the doctor gives her the most tramatic news that she, a Virgin girl, was pregnant!

The scientist calls them both that night requesting a meeting. There he tells them everything. That girl number two was given a special type of syrum that was created from girl number ones DNA. This syrum had successfuly impregnanted the second girl with the first being the 'father!'

Now both of their lives are turned upside down, girl two is a pregnant virgin against her will with the child of one of someone she has never met and girl one has to face the fact that technically her first born child will be from the body of another girl!

(Second, Optional edition)
And to make matters worse because one or both girls threatened to reveal everything before the scientist can ensure the baby is carried to term he is forced to kidnap them both hiding them away together in a remote location in the mountains, or somewhere secluded, and make sure they have no contact with the outside world until he gets what he wants. But the question is, are the girls going to stand for this? Or are they going to fight back and find a way to get free before the doctor can get his hands on them or the baby forever?

(Third Option)

Throwing the above on it's head the girls decide that they don't want to adhere to the doctor's whims nor let him get his hands on the child. They know that all three of their lives will be a side show if they allow him to get his way, so they know that the best thing to do is to find a way out of the mess. Deciding together to run away. Or possibly one want's to and the other follows, or one has the means for it and such, details can be worked out. The basic idea of it is that they will be on the run and constantly moving, could be interesting for cross country or even world travel. Would be something nice and am willing to give it a try. Drama would come from all the running and doctor dodging as it is fit.

Alrighty then! You got the idea! I am willing to be either girl in this case. However, I do not want the two girls to be friends already before this. They could know of each other or maybe be in the same group but not be close. Unless you can come up with a really good plot for a friends scenario. So needless to say I really really want to try this idea that came to me in my sleep one night. So lets get to it!

Black Mail heart heart

(Het, Blackmail, possible master-slave/pet play)

Simple idea for this one and a bit rough so please bear with it. A young girl joins an all male school, preferably senior year high-school or college, on the grounds of a dare / chance to prove something. She always enjoyed acting and role playing and the opportunity of being able to act as a guy for a few months was a chance to really try to stretch her wings. So she plan's to join the school under her brother's name, while he actually goes over seas on a trip using the money that she was supposed to use to go to oversea's study program. She had everything in order, even a room to herself. But just after school started and their families were already convinced they were in the opposite places, the dorm building she was living in catches fire from a group of stupid teens leaving a cigaret burning in a closet. She is forced into another formerly single room and there her secret soon falls apart when her roommate finds out about her secret one day.

From there they are faced with a choice. If she is caught not only will her parents find out but she would be arrested for impersonation and falsifying identity, noting big but she would be kicked from the school. But if he keeps her secret he could be implicated later down the road if she is caught. So a deal is made, or rather forced, as the guy figures he has nothing to lose to turn her in from the start, so to make it worth covering her and risking himself she is made to do whatever he says with a few rules in place that they discuss.

From here it can take to directions, a simple fun black mail plot with tension and romance. Or a bit of an exploration into master slave/pet role play. Let me be specific I don't want sexual fetish bondage, I don't want this for the smut or to risk breaking ToS. However, I do want to try sort of a dominating master rp. Sort of she listens to anything he says which could go from controlling how she acts at times to what she does and wears. To put her into more compromising and embarrassing bondage and controlling play rather than pure sexual. I picture collars and ropes, embarrassing situations and dares. Something to sort of inspire a risky world. If you understand the difference and know what I am talking about then please message me. But I do reserve the right to be picky over who I play this with and will quit it if I feel it is going a way I don't want. I will let you know as you do something if it bothers me but remember no ToS breaking and if I or you say stop, then stop or we are done.

Love Escort

((Escort X Hire girl Yuri))

A young woman works as an escort so basically she gets paid to go on dates with men that basically want to use her as a trophy to show off to all their friends or business partners. She is not required to sleep with them however it does supply her with an excellent chance to get laid when she wants. However she is thrown a curve ball when the company tells her that she is going to be going out on a date with another woman. She feels quite uncomfortable by the situation but she is a professional so she goes through with it. Shockingly she has a good night enjoying the date but things get awkward again. She is not required to sleep with the woman but kissing is completely acceptable and as part of her job she is required to make sure that she is convincing that they are a couple.

So yea, something fun and interesting, can be mixed and matched with various ideas and plots if we like, just something basic that we can branch out of is all. I am willing to play either character.

Veiled Enigma:

(Samurai X unknown, het or yuri ))

A wandering ronin, no home, no past, no future. They live by their codes and by what they wish. The road is their only home and their swords the only friends that they know. Who they are doesn't matter to the world, nor to themselves, a life of solitude, curses, danger, any one of these things could be true. Who they are is up to what they decide to be.The only true thing known about them. Is what they can do with the swords they carry.

And… the only thing that matters to them is… her/him.

Wandering samurai meets whoever plot. Samurai can be male or female and their backstory is up to whoever controls them. The other person can be anyone we choose too, a girl lost in the sex or geisha trade. A common villager. A hit that went wrong. Another samurai. Anything and everything. This is one of my more vague ideas but I want to go with it so let's plan this one together. But above all I like this one for its aspect of travel and exploration.

Give me your hearts heart

((yuri and het and maybe yaoi, Basically a three/foursome romance))

Based on this picture Here

Little detail to this idea but I wanted to put it up here because I am willing to match this up with most of my other plots, just ask.

Not one for picture prompts but this one kinda gave me an idea. I want to do something with a three/foursome romance story. Meaning that I want them to all be romantically involved in some way or another, a relationship of some kind, not a love triangle they will all be together in some way shape or form.

I haven't worked out how they would all be together though and that would be something based on how things work out. It could be anything from a master slave idea (see above post for what I mean for this type of relationship), something involving alternate races that are more open to polygamy, or a series of unique circumstances that bring all of them together. Anything from friends realizing their love while in relationships, a love triangle made to help everyone fit together, a forced situation where its out of connivence (like a match up to my other plots), a need or favor based, you ask we can consider. I want to come together with ideas for this but I didn't want to just put it out without saying I have some ideas for it.

I am willing to do het and yuri here, you have to have a good idea to make it yaoi and it can be anywhere from two guys one girl, two girls one guy, three girls one guy, two guys two girls, but I don't want it to be all one sex, unless female, and not more than two guys, sorry if that scares anyone off. I am willing to play any gender here and any character type and control as many characters as needed. Modern and real are preferred but supernatural is all good with me too. Just approach me and we can work out anything if we want to try together.

This place is home heart heart heart heart

(A Harvest Moon esque RP. Dating sim like idea / harem concept)

It's not always your choice where you are born, who your family is, or how some parts of your life go. Fate always has a hand in things. It's what you do and who you choose to be, or sometimes be with, that determines it all.

Five girls born in a place that many might call simple, each of them with a secret to hide, each of them with a trouble in the past to bear. They live in a world that most would consider easy going and peaceful, but life has a funny way of messing with them.

A new boy/girl is brought to this town. Either by choice or uncontrollable circumstance. They aren't used to the simple life and may take some time to allow themselves to be happy in it. But what happens when they meet those five girls. Girls who need help in their lives and need someone to be strong with them. Does this person have what it takes to help them and find a way into one of, or even all of, their hearts. And will they allow the girls to help them in return?

Simply put I have five characters I want to play. They are part of a previous harvest moon idea that fell through sadly because I made them too complex at the time, but now they are where I want them to be and need to be free again. I am looking for someone to play the 'main character' to the small town. They can be moving in with family and everyone be younger, or older and owning the farm or helping run it. Though I would prefer no one go over 25 as it is so anywhere between that and 17 is good with me. We can discuss ideas for them but I'm pretty set in the girls and their pasts. Think of it as a dating sim too, where you get to know all the girls and slowly more about them comes out as they get closer. Can have a single route end, multiple endings, or a harem end for all I care. Also can be het or yuri.

For setting we can do beach town, mountain, plain, hell even Island for all I care. Lets discuss it.

Bound by tragedy heart heart heart heart

(A handicapped x handicapped rp. Yuri or het)

There isn't anyway to describe it. The pain and misery that follows an accident. Not so much the physical pain of the initial accident, nor the recovery time or injuries that last. It's the emotional pain. The fact that your life has been turned upside down, that it can never recover. When an accident leaves you changed, your body mangled or different. When you lose something you can never get back and no matter how hard you try you will no longer be normal.

That is what followed for one young woman. Age 20, the victim of a horrific car accident followed by an empty two week coma from which she woke with a shock to find that the arms that she had thrown up in defense at the last second had indeed given it their all and had lost the fight... forever...

Nothing but empty air and dead nerves now rested where they once were. One side from the shoulder to just below the elbow, and the other just above it were all that were left of them. The next six months were full of white rooms and horrible pain as her body recovered from it's ordeal.

Now, she was soon to be permitted leave from her single room. Alone with this new change in life she is thrust into a new situation where she meets someone who also has run into misfortune. Can these two kindred spirits form a bond in their pain, or was it truly all for not?

Alright, so basic line is both of us are to play characters who have been given recent handicaps. Either from illness, accident, or disorders.

The character mentioned above, the armless girl, is one example of the type of character you or
I could play, there are many others with different disabilities to be used.

Anyway, one character transferred out of their personal room, we can make it to several different places. Either to a shared room with the second character, or to another room with someone else but they can meet your's with the new found freedom. Or they could even be discharged and they meet in a rehab center. Either way I just want something that is rather serious and emotional. Can you take on something different and play a character out of the norm?

With great power comes great.... wait... what were the consequences here again? heart heart

((Plot based on the framework and idea in this video, tough not the anime's involved))
(Set up as het but can be yuri easily)

You don't have to know anything about Code Geass or Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu (I'm not even familar with the latter).

The character appearances and basic types can be changed but I'd like to keep a lot of the elements the same. Henceforth unless you are ok with that then I will insist on being the girls here.

The below is from the start of the video to about 1:06.
The basic idea for this is that a man is given a strange power as a gift for rescuing some sort of powerful spirit. He is somewhat down on his luck with women and hasn't had a girlfriend in awhile yet. Maybe he is shy, maybe he is an a**, maybe he just had his heart broken or he just hasn't found the right one. The last seeming very possible since the girl he does want is the school's head girl. This girl is the definition of perfection. Class president, drop dead body that both women and men want and are attracted to. She is the winner of pageants and a perfect homemaker. And despite being so popular she is quite the innocent and carefree type. She loves everyone and just loves to have fun. Sad part is though, she had no interest in the man, or many others. She may seem perfect but has her flaws and because people expect so much of her she can't let herself ever truly be close to people. She is the uneatable gem that our male must have. So he asks the powerful spirt for the ability to make any woman fall madly in love with him. The spirit agrees, since they understand the elements that make up love unlike most spirits with this power, though it warns him that they can't prevent free will and while the girls will fall for him, they won't know why or have a real reason for it. Nor will their overall personality change. Leaving a lot of flaws to occur in this grand plan. She is shy with him and nervous about getting closer, but she wants to make him happy. Of course this makes him feel guilty and she knows it, and when he tries to use his power to make her change her mind it works but she regrets it until he promises things to advance. She starts talking about marriage and being together forever, but he's got cold feet...

From 1:06 to 2:00
A new girl comes to the school and things begin to change. Where he feels his dream girl has fallen apart, now that he has her or finds her flaws, his male heart starts to drift. As with all young men he can't fully make up his mind here and soon his attention shifts. This new girl is a very sporty type. Confident, strong, and very ambitious. She's not afraid to get close and to be flirty but seems a bit more independent. In a rash action he uses the power again on her and now he has two girls who crave him, only this girl is much more willing to get close to him.
Soon though his plans fall apart. Both girls are headstrong for him and while they both see something is up they can't figure it out. They begin trying more and more to keep his attention, since they are in love with him without reason and see no reason for him to take his words of love back from them. They soon find out about each other but becasue of the power they never leave him, they instead fight over him and try to seduce or charm him to choosing.
However he can never decide! And the more they fight the less it's fun! He can't stand it and can't find a way to get rid of the spell!

From 2:00 to the end.
Here i have two ideas, from the video stand point it could go like this. Another girl comes into the mix and while our guy isn't happy right now he clearly hasn't learned his lesson tries to use the power on her. But he finds she likes him anyways and is more than happy to be with him. He doesn't use the power on her, or maybe it doesn't work on her for some reason and he fails with it. And when he does this the spell breaks on the other girls.
Of course, there are consiquences to this (though the video doesn't go here) as both girls either have feelings for him or can't figure out what was going on, they believe he did love them and while it's not full devotion, they aren't happy with him. They could do all sorts of things now, try to get him back, try to make his life hell, ruin his relationship with the new girl. Ect.
Or, we could go another route in that he uses the power on ehr but doesn't know it doesn't work, so while she does like him for real, he feels that no one will ever truely love him and finds it hard to be with her. Plus he has the other two do deal with, or they are freed to and he feels that maybe while they aren't his devotion girls then the other one must still be.
Or we could throw it out that she is under his spell and then even more s**t goes down hill again. But in the end, while it was never true love he might have liked them all and can't live without them, but he can't ever be sure who really likes him anymore or if it's right and frees them, but one girl does stay...

It's a long term thing but will have a clear end so be ready for that of course. And I'd love to hear anyone elses ideas on this, and when you suggest it to me, please please please, let me know what ideas you like, what you are thinking and everything else. This is one of those that will take a lot of work for us but I think it could be super fun!

Lil' Punk in the Trunk

[ Roadtrip/Runaway x Brother's Best Friend. Het, can be changed to yuri maybe]

It was two hundred dollars for the piece of junk volkswagen bus. A five hundred dollar make-over for everything to make sure she didn't break down. It still looked like s**t, but it ran and it was a ticket out of his small town in Ohio. And he loved it for that very reason. He was tired of the sleepy humdrum of life in his town. Tired of having nothing to do. Tired of working at the local supermarket. So, when all the work to make it run was done, the twenty one year old was gone.

He said his goodbyes, packed and hit the road to see the sights on his own. Or so he thought.

Over one hundred miles out on his first day, he stopped at a campground for the night. Upon finally moving the curtain that led to the back of his van and the air matress it held...

He was greeted by the sight of a girl from his town. A girl with brightly un-naturally colored and chopped hair, clothes no parent in his town would approve of, and an unlit cigarette in her mouth.

"Good. We've stopped. I've needed one of these for the past hour." she said with a grin as she stretched her arms over her head.

He knew this girl. She was his best friend's little sister. And he wasn't even sure she smoked... wait, that wasn't important!

"I want to go out for the summer. I left my folks a note? Mind if I tag along?" she added before he could make sense of this.

He refused, until she held up the thick bundle of cash. He would run out of cash, and with this money he could make his way all the way to California and actually see some of the country while he was at it.

The rule was set. She would go with him to California, and catch a plane back to Ohio when he got there. It was summer. They had the time. Even if he would bicker and argue with her nonstop, he could get to California now.

Of course, it's never that simple. This little punk's hiding something from him, no one ever runs away from home without a reason, and doesn't plan on holding up to her end of the bargain, after all, there never was a note to home

So, that's the basic idea, we would change it around of course and fit things as needed of course. There will also be an age gap in this rp and a lot of drama between being on the road and what not. I am looking for a sort of travel rp here and a chance to have an interesting seting change all the time. The gir's troubles can be physical mental or anything with both or in between. Can also be yuri if you give me a good reason for the drama to be the same. Expect a lot of what I have listed above as likes in my rules and we can go from there.

All we have is each other

((Stranded rp. Het or Yuri))

Thanks to a combination of purely bad luck and critical human error two young people are thrown into a situation that everyone thinks about at one point or another but no one ever thinks that they will have to actually be a part of it. They have read various books, seen a few movies that depict the situation they are in, but none of them compare to the real experience. After all, who really is prepared to be thrown out into the middle of no where on some unknown island in the middle of no where. ((Or could be changed out to some unknown wilderness or mountainous place)) They barely remember it happening, an alert signal, a sense of panic and terror, people screaming and scrambling in fear, an explosion and then the feeling of open air or water around them. They don't know where they are but they know that it isn't somewhere they need to be. They manage to pull the chord of the paracute (Or scramble upon a raft if we want to do a shipwreck idea) and get to safety. When they awake they are both alone, the signs of wreckage around them and a sense of dread. They explore their surroundings and find no sort of civilization, just each other, and that sense of relief is quickly lost as they realize just how bad their situation is. Together they have to survive and forge a life or try to get someone to help and find them. But at the same time, when you are alone you still crave natural human desires, so what happens when emotions start taking over and they feel themselves growing closer and closer despite their situation...

Now, I want this rp to be serious. I don't want thinks to go easily for them, I want there to be serious trouble around them. They will not find an emergency kit with a ton of stuff for them to use, they will not find supplies or an abundence of easily obtainable food, and they will not find a simple shelter beyond that of a cave if they really want to live in one. Depending on the situation they will only have what is around them and will have to learn how to survivive. This is not a paradise situation, there will be good times with the bad, and the bad will be bad. They can get hurt of sick and go through hardships. But at the same time they will have good times, they will learn the simpler things of life and how to make a good life together. It will turn into a romance story of course, but I want it to be real. These people don't know each other before hand and it's hard but I promise it will be fun.

Now, for some interchangeable details. We can have them anywhere from a deserted island to a large wilderness, but it would have to be in a 'third world' or somewhere with a lot of open space where they can't just wander up on a city easily. And we can decide how they get there either by plane or shipwreck or getting lost in the woods or something.

We can either plan to play out the entire rp in that place or we can arrange for them to be found or get out in time, and by time I mean years in their rp. So if we do have them found it will be a big deal to return to the normal world for them and will bring a new level of drama.

I also don't mind if it is het for them to have a kid, it makes things interesting and brings a new drama to it. At the same time we can also arrange for a yuri that one of the girls was pregnant before hand and she can give birth on the island with the help of the other. But that is not a necessary thing and we can easily arrange any sort of lie for the het for them not to have a kid if we want them to get really close, which they more than likely will.

This will be a fun but serious plot, but I would love anyone who plays it with me!

Can I keep them?

(Mail order 'bride/groom' )

(Plot Can be changed to Het)

It was hard for her, each day she saw couples in her school, on the street, on tv, everywhere they were happy. People were so lucky they had someone but she could never find the ideal girl for her. Why? Because she was in love with someone who had the same chromozones as her... she wanted another girl in her life and no man could ever match the feelings of desire that she felt for women...

Of course, she couldn't ever admit this, not till she could find a place of her own or somewhere away from her past where she could fill her desire without as much ridicule... one night while studying for her tests she decides to take a break and browse the web. Her loneliness is at it's peak and she decides to browse various dating sites to try and find one that she could maybe flirt with another girl, just something to make her feel special. One of the sites she finds however seems to bypass her popup blocker and a clearly phony add for a dream lover appears. Still, she is bored and kinda already in her own little phantasy bubble, what could a bit of fun hurt, she has a good virus protector...

She fills it out stating all of her desires in a woman, it feels good to be open even if it's to a faceless forum. She goes on apperance and a bit of personality before it's all done. It asks for a credit card and then she knew that she was in the scam part and just laughs it off with a bit of sadness and moves to click the close button, however, it minimizes by mistake and thanks to technology today it manages to access her information and puts the order in right away.

So what happens when the following days her account is dry, she panics and quickly checks her records and finds a large sum removed and charged. She knows it has to be a mistake so she blows it off and makes a note to go to her bank the following day, there is no way she spent that much money on anything, it was an error on their part and pulls out cash to pay for her things. That night she is trying to figure out what it could be while she reviews the charges and then hears a knock on her door. Skipping down thinking it is the pizza she ordered with the last of her cash in hand she opens it to somethign much more magnficent. Her dream girl, in the flesh standing before her with a happy smile and a suitcase!

What is she to do now!? The site did access her information illegally but to pull the court case would be to admit her actions, people would wonder why she did this and why she asked for a girl! She can't face that, and it turns out there is a reason the girl is involved in this situation too and she can't turn her away. But what is she going to do, she is in massive debt and now is face to face with her secret coming out at any moment.

((Details are worked out between the two of us of course, and I have a few ideas for the meat of the rp of course, just ask for them if you like))

What is beyond this glass?

((Mermaid x Human girl Yuri))

Inspired by This picture

For this plot I am thinking that the human girl is perhaps a rich daughter. She was taken at a young age durring one of her birthdays by her parents to a place where the supernatural exist and are on display to the most wealthy of dollar. She sees faries, cat girls, unicorns, you name it, and it's on display for her eyes. A bit of a show by her parents of their money and the fact that they do kinda want to keep their daughter's wonder alive by showing her a world only she and a few others have the opporunity to see. She is fascinated by it but there is one tank that catches her eye, a huge tank, almost the size of half a foot ball field filled with the most beautiful of coral and tropical fish. Sadly though it's empty beyond the simple fish but the little girl has such wonder for it's beauty and she wondered just what such a wonderful world was being prepared for. Fast forward a year later and another birthday she begs them to take her back, it's her only present she wants and she desperately wants to see the ocean world again. She bolts to it when they arrive and there she is, the person living there. A beautiful mermaid girl, barely older than herself, looking back at her through the glass.
From there they become friends, and each year she goes there for her birthday, till she can affoard it more on her own through chores and what not. She always spends the days with the mermaid and they become closer and closer. But, soon the mermaid expresses the desire to leave, the beautiful world she is in isn't enough anymore and they both realize that they don't want to leave each other again... but... as rich as her family is they can't affoard to buy the museum's most prized and crowd pleasing attraction.... but... money can buy other things... things that will help her get her goal... but the question is, can they pull it off, and when they do, will the mermaid even want to stay in another cage?

Not a full 'plot' like my others but more of an idea I ran past someone else and liked so much I had to use it for myself even when she didn't want to try it. Up for changes and additions of course.

Watery Grave

(Neko, hetro or yuri)

Their screams could be heard echoing through the night. Screams and cries of triumph, of wild desires, and of devilish intent. A large group of people ran down to the waters edge. Celebrating as they did, they held a young girl bound with ropes high above their heads. Her hands and feet tied behind her and to her legs were bound to a large rock that it took three men to carry. They walked out to the end of a large dock out on the lake they were aiming for. With a victorious yell and a loud grunt all of them threw into the water the girl and the rock. She could only scream as she was tossed into it and sank to the bottom. There floating under her skirt and among her dark black hair the reason for this wild death party was hidden. A pair of black cat ears and a long black tail... the people thought of her an abomination and thus knew she only had one place... to rest in death at the bottom of the lake. To let their god take care of her punishment for being alive at all...

But there is hope... another person who witnessed this event and was there to save her. But doing so would put them at risk. This woman was different and there were those who knew of her, those who wanted her alive for their own purposes or dead for what they thought were another's. Coming to her aid however would put them at an unknown risk.

The woman in danger also knows little of the social world she was in now, and beyond basic language and common scientific knowledge, she was unsure of the world around her.

So the question is, do they risk changing their life forever and take the leap to rescue this woman from her potential grave?

Self explanatory no? Any questions just ask!

The Gift heart heart

((Neko, Het, but can be yuri))

A boy enters a strange antiques shop, looking for a gift for his girlfriend. He finds one, an amulet the store owner says it'll bring good fortune for all of those who wear it. Confident in his choice, he buys it and gives it to his girlfriend. However, things don't go out as planned when he starts noticing changes in her behavior: She's staying out late at night, she's more aggressive, and sleeping in during the day: She's changing into a strange hybrid creature and the more her body changes so does her mind.

When the boy goes to find a solution he finds the antiques shop has closed and the owner's no where to be seen. Now the boy has two problems: To find a cure for her mysterious transformation, and trying to contain the animal she has become...

Simple enough right? I would like to play the one who is given the gift and changes, don't ask unless you are ok with nekos and the like, and her intelligence will drop and become more wild and care free. Could be a very fun and loose or serious rp at the same time.

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hope that's not to much to read for most people..
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yay first one for new thread!
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