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Its been doing it often to me- and on random pages. Even when the pages are fully loaded it happens. It did it to me again today on the World and Shops pages.
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The Bug: Aquariums - Failure to Glow/Report Glow
Where it happened.: This bug routinely happens with the overall Aquarium system. The tank in question is my own tank.
How did it happen.: The foreknowledge for the Bug is essentially this: Aquarium tanks regularly glow along times between two and three hours, cycling through. The number of fish that glow is random and dependent on the type of fish; with Katsumi Kokeshi Doll and Lawnsharks, this means anywhere from 8 to all 17 fish will glow. Feeding them once or twice a day seems to always keep them perfectly happy and glowing at the regular, specified rate. You can check how many are glowing, how long each fish will live, how much gold it puts out, and other stats with any handy Analyzer. The one I use is posted below.

My tank is -not- doing what it's supposed to, though. No matter how much I feed these perfectly normal, certainly capable of glowing Katsumi Kokeshi Doll and Lawnshark, they have periods of 'no glow', or 'red glow', as the Analyzer will show all of them in red text saying 'Not Glowing'. During these periods, that stretch for the specified time that would be exactly one glow cycle, none of the 17 fish will glow, which isn't ever supposed to happen. They all go inactive, though continue to age, at that time.
Furthermore, while Gaia typically notifies the user on their My Gaia page, that they are going to glow around a certain ten-minute time period, for a 'no glow/red glow', Gaia never notifies that a glow is going to happen. It's not just the Analyzer that is correctly saying there isn't a glow, but Gaia isn't realizing the glow is happening. Sticking around and refreshing at the correct window of time also yields that the tank itself, checked by eyes and click, is not glowing.

Originally this lack of glowing was only a couple times a week, but now it's happening once or twice a day, where all the fish, which are expensive to waste like that, are not glowing and showing up Red in the Analyzer, and Gaia failing to notify of the glow.

What were you doing when it happened.: Anything and everything. On Gaia, off of Gaia, on the net, not on the net, on the forums, in the message box...It doesn't matter where I am. This glitch is not controlled by anything I am doing. It will happen when it happens, and I will lose out on the money I spent on the fishes, and the money I could have gained.

Screenshots: There wouldn't be much to show, but I can provide some if it would somehow help. It's not a visible error, but rather something that -isn't- happening like it's supposed to.

Operating System
- Windows XP; Google Chrome.
I have played on other computers for weeks at a time and it's not on my side; it's on Gaia's side.
Flash Version
Most recent version, updates are checked for daily.

I am immensely frustrated, having no control over this, no way to stop it, repeat it, or otherwise have anyone know what I'm talking about. The relevant tank information is that my tank is a full tank of Katsumi Kokeshi Doll and Lawnsharks, both Aquarium Mini Monster types of the recent Strike Pack. I really, really would like help with this, or at least explanation, as none of the Aquarium discussion forum or veterans seem to know what is going on. Why am I having this trouble? What else can I provide to make it go away?
My apologies for the length, but I have no way to tell you how to repeat it short of telling someone exactly when it happens so they can see.
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OS: Windows XP
Browser and Version: Firefox 3.0 with up-to-date Adobe Flash Player (

Steps to Reproduce:
1) Go to Gaia's homepage and log in.
2) Go to the Marketplace (http://www.gaiaonline.com/marketplace/)
3) Search for Pirate Starfish (http://www.gaiaonline.com/marketplace/itemsearch//?search=pirate+starfish&filter=0&floor=0&ceiling=No+Limit&sortBy=84)
4) Click onto the Pirate Starfish MP listings (http://www.gaiaonline.com/marketplace/itemdetail/54485)
5) Click on the 'Preview' button underneath the enlargened item thumbnail.
6) An aquarium 'tank' should appear.

Result and Actual Problem:
The aquarium tank loads, but the Pirate Starfish doesn't appear at all, like it is invisible. I also believe this will happen when this item is placed within an Aquarium: It fills a slot in the tank but is 'invisible' (I also searched for this bug and it's been reported in the last few months) - it should not be like this.

This is also the case for the Gingerbread Fish and the Mantaray. Adjust the search in the MP to see these as well. This glitch mainly effects fish that aren't common, but certainly exist.

Thanks for reporting.Our devs will look into it.
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os: windows google chrome, for some reason i can't put anymore fish in my aquarium, i've had more in there before, so why can't i put in anymore?

I tried in chrome and I can put the fish in tank. Could you please let us know the name of the fish that your are trying to put into the tank or more details.

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I cannot trade or cancel them when i have the right passwords. What do I do????

We are not able to reproduce the issue. Please provide more information when you report a bug in this forum.

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- where it happened:
Gaia slots

-when it happened: April 26,2012 & 12:35pm(philippines time)
- how did it happen:
i just keep on spinning the slots and then 2 wings appeared.

- what were you doing when it happened:
i just continue playing gaia slots.. so I planned to printscreen it.. this kind of bug happen to me yesterday. I got 2 halos but i didnt receive 200K tickets or my current winnings didnt change..it makes me feel sad..

User Image

If you would re-examine the image what you got was a "2 match" which, as you can see on the first row of the prize chart, gets you 1 times whatever you put in, regardless of what the match consists of. You would only receive 200,000 tickets for the halos if you got 3 of them, and had bet 2 coins.
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I have the journalist's camera pose equipped from Modus Operandi (2nd gen). I have been looking forward to the update so that I can equip a pose from the next level of the EI. However, when I try to equip any of the new poses it cancels out the camera, which I want to keep. I believe this is a glitch b/c with both my 5th Gen Hidden Ace and my 1st gen Noel's Gift, I was able to layer items from the different updates with previously equipped poses so long as they didn't equip to the same place, and I didn't remove the item, and thus all of the poses, from my avatar. I quite enjoyed this feature because I was able to incorporate the entire development of the EI into my avatar and I am deeply worried that you are going to tell me that this is "not a glitch; that function was removed."
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Everytime I click the lil cash tree to earn my gaia cash, it says sorry no videos and I havent got gaia cash in two weeks. I asked my friend and she gets gaia cash everyday.
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I don't know if this is the right place to post this... but I think you should know

Good day To all the Gaian mods and staff, I think there would be a string of hackings that would happen... You see I have been PMd by someone telling me that a certain "Lanzer" would be fixing Filipino IPs So she gave me a FB link telling me that this guy would give me 4m, and I just humored her.

(This is a chat between me and a friend of mine)
alam mu naba? (do you know)
na? (what)
Sa facebook? (on Facebook)
anu anu? (what?)
Namimigay sa Pinoy ng 4million gold? (they are giving Pinoys 4m gold)
ngayon? (now?)
OO online pa cya (yes he is still online)
(skipping ahead of the chatter)
anu link? (what link)
paramalaman muh (for you to know)
yan online payan (There he is still online)
sige sige (ok)
Puro filipino Friend nan! Gaian na Filipino (all his friends are Filipino Gaians)
(skip skip skip)
Buksan mu to! (open this)
http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003328429824 (<- This is the fake lanzer account)
yan tapos send mesage (then send a message)

Anyway This guy (The Facebook owner) was asking for Gaia Passwords because apparently you guys lost the Passwords and stuff.
And I have worked with some companies before in fixing and testing some game bugs and they provided me with the passwords to do so, and they even told me that once the passwords in the database got lost or messed up then the account owner's can't use their account. So if I lost my Password in the Gaia Database then I couldn't get on my account correct?

Hope that you ban this person and everyone else in cohorts with him/her. Thank you

Please report this to customer service.

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OS: windows XP
Browser: Chrome
Version: Not sure.
Brief description of the problem:
My wishlist has suddenly deleted all the items in it.This is the second time this has happened and i am wondering if you could help.
I logged out and in and done everything i could to try and fix it. Be grateful if you can help. biggrin

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