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Windows XP


aswell as alot of other items from the MP.
I know of afew more but don't have their numbers as I bought them at inflated prices because luckily afew people were selling them.

When you select the link to goto the shop.. ie Available From: link

an error occurs saying that the item is undefined so you cannot buy it from the store. I looked in the store and the item isn't even sold there! I figure its because they are old items but the links need to be updated or removed.

<EDIT> extra info.

Hmn it might have something to do with that I have a female avvy. The old female items seem to be fine. idk because I can buy the same male items off people in the MP but I can't get them from the stores.*shrug*

Please post your bug to this forum:

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Location: Rallys,Towns and I dont know what else.
Problem: Everyone Is moving around and sitting up and down. (Fast Motions)

Browsers I Used:
Note: I have used Google Chorme & Safari to see if it was the browsers it is not the browers.

Take Note: I bought a coco so...maybe thats the problem AND I ASKED AROUND to see if anyone else was moving oddly. Nobody seemed to notice...gave me quite a headache...

I was moving around just like everyone in the rally very fastly it was so weird this never happend before for the last 7 years I have been lurking around/on gaiaonline.

PLEASE HELP WITH THIS PROBLEM <3 Thank you -The Beast 666

I's sorry but I'm not able to reproduce this problem. Try to clear your cache, close browser and log in.

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Yun San
Yun San
ok so i went to equip my avatar with an already saved outfit that i did and i noticed that a couple of them were missing. So i went to recreate one and it said "buy more outfit slots" the problem is there are three empty ones that i already own that it wont let me save in them. Please help me.

srry to bug u guys again but my avatar saved outfits is acting up again can u please help me

again my outfit slot is empty but yet it says all of them are filled
i dont know why this keeps happening but can u please help me
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Short description of the problem:
Trade moving all game items into trade when you want less to moved over

Browser: Chrome
Operation system: Windows 7

Step 1- Log onto www.gaiaonline.com

Step 2- hoover over someones drop down menu

Step 3- click trade

Step 4- click start trade

Step 5- try to move less games items over then you have in your inventory

result: all items being moved over instead of a few

Works as expected, new window opens up and ask you to specify quantity of items you want to trade "Do you want to move ".
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I have two different Trick Or Treat Totes and none of the items are on the right place, I will click one of the mouth poses it will be the candy corn person, or click the teeth necklace and its the cavity mask

Please report your bug to this forum:
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Browser: Chrome/15.0.874.121
Operation system: Microsoft Windows 7 Home

Step 1- Log onto www.gaiaonline.com

Step 2- Previously have clicked the Facebook "Like" Button for Gaia Online on Gaia

Step 3- On a Future date, Log onto www.gaiaonline.com

Step 4- Click Link Facebook button while on a New Facebook account

Step 5- Accept terms and allowances

Result: Gaia Online it will automatically friend you to anyone who is also linked their facebook and gaia accounts, who appears on your Facebook friends. Since your account is linked now to both Your old and new Facebook pages, it will actually friend you to yourself. Since you shouldn't be able to be your own friend on Gaia, you can't delete yourself from your own Friendlist. Instead an error comes up when you try to "Remove" your own name, thus you're stuck as your own friend.

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