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Operating System: OS-X Snow leopard?
Browser: Safari

1.) Reset Safari
2.) Logged into Gaiaonline
3.) Went to inventory
4.) tried to use Aquarium Chest
5.) informed of a "general error serial_not_in_owner_location"

This is the second problem with my aquarium chest and it is kind-of aggravating me. Obviously it is in my inventory but i can not send it, sell it or use it. I would appreciate any help i can be given
Browser: Google Chrome
Operation system: Windows Vista
Location:Aquarium Chest (Most likely the key)

Bug - Lucky Key is not Opening Aquarium Chest

Step 1- Log onto www.gaiaonline.com
Step 2-Log in as a user: user name and password
Step 3-Saw Aquarium Chest in 'My Gaia' and Clicked on it.
Step 4-Aquarium Chest options popped up and I clicked "Use Key"
Step 5- Aquarium Chest made as if loading but nothing happened for 25-30mins and the Chest timed out.
*During the 30mins I closed and reopened the chest many times (waiting at least 5 minutes) even switching to different pages (my inventory, mail, and games) But the same problem came up.

Suppose to Result:
Aquarium Chest is suppose to grant an Aquarium Item.
It doesn't load/the key doesn't work.

I was in the Bug Report & Technical Support Form earlier to see if anyone else was having problems as well. Two other people had the problem but with different end results.

One person had the glitch work the same til Step 5, instead of timing out it would take "forever to load" and when it did, instead of granting an item, the Aquarium Chest Pop Up would close but the Chest still be in the corner of his Gaia. When he went to his inventory it showed him with one less key. This happened to him twice, but with no reward. He attempted to sell his last key on the Marketplace but he got a message saying:
At some point in time he figured it was just one of his keys so he tried to move it in to his storage but it said: "inventory has changed, please refresh"

The second person at first had all the same problems as me. However after a few tries on her part the chest opened but instead of granting Item it gave her this:
However when she tried to sell it she got a message or warning saying something about being banned for attempting to sell the Opened Aquarium Chest on the Marketplace.

Also I got my Lucky Keys from the Cash Shop, where as the first guy got all three of his from the Marketplace. The other girl did not say where she had gotten hers.

If you need to read what the others had wrote, but in more detail, here's the form link:
Form Here

You should probably check it out because the first person I mention has screen shots as well.

Also if it helps I bought my Lucky Key with GCash I had got via the Cash tree...

I have the exact same problem. My chest shows up in my inventory now (It seems that I got two of them somehow) but when I try to do anything with it, I am told it doesnt exist.

I have the same problem. My chest also showed up in my inventory but then I get a error message when I try to do anything with it. I'm using OSX Lion, but the rest of the specs are the same.
Edit: Update. Now the chest has disappeared from my inventory along with a cuttlefish dropping that got the same error message when I tried to use it.
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Moga aren't zodiac as listed in team roster/match-up pop-up tab.

Browser: Firefox 5.01
Operation system: Windows XP Professional

Step 1- Log onto www.gaiaonline.com

Step 2- highlight games tab

Step 3- Activate Monster Galaxy

Step 4- Engage in fight with Yoake or Southpaw

Step 5- Watch as Yoake becomes an Aquarius in a fight, and the southpaw becomes an Aries.

Suppose to Result:
Yoakes are supposed to be listed as Capricorns, and Southpaws are supposed to be listed as taurus.

Act result:
My Yoake is an Aquarius and I have no idea how to change it. It interferes with training and event fights. My Southpaw runs into the same issue as an Aries, and the enemy's zodiac attacks are weakened and strengthened sometimes to the new zodiac, and other times to the old zodiac.

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