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(in process)

We're in the process of setting up the community bar for automatic updating, and wanted to explain what drives the community bar to fill up. Additionally, this message (when not in process any more) will automatically update with the latest information.

Basically, we're looking at the following things as filling up the community bar:

  • number of forum posts
  • number of visitors coming in (either via Google, searching on "zomg", or from
  • number of guests playing zOMG
  • sales in the cash shop

Basically, we took traffic levels pre-DMS and normalize that so that each number is 100 if it equals pre DMS levels.

every day, we take the normalized value for the four different values, and add them together:

(forum_posts + visitors + guests + 2 * sales ) / 5

when the summary of daily values == 800, DMS is opened.

For example, let's say that:
- forum posts = 50% more
- visitors = 50% more
- guests = 50% more
- cash = 0% more (baseline)

the daily result is (150 + 150 + 150 + 200) / 5 = 130 points
so if this were maintained for 6 days, the community bar would open up

Why did we do it this way? We admittedly bias a little towards the cash shop to encourage that, but also allow non-cash factors to play in it.

Past week:

Visitors and guests have gone up substantially since the release of DMS -- we're seeing increases between 50 and 60% pretty consistently.

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