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I didn't like the ending of Arcana Famiglia. They barely showed the fight scenes and it was skipping all over the place.
Trinity Blood !!!
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G Gundam.
Love should not trumph over a soul eating mega robot.
What was that anime's name? I think it mightve been Death note. I don't like the ending. It's like they slapped the ending on in a half a**ed attempt to end the series. *shrugs* everything's getting a bit tough. Then the next episode, BAM! He's dead.
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I keep posting this but for probably good reason.

I think worst would be a very undeveloped ending with zero explanation of anything throughout the entire story. If anything, this is what every anime shouldn't be.
Whats the worst anime ending you have ever seen? I don't mean worst anime just the ending like in wolf's rain I loved the whole thing...then I utterly hated the ending...I've heard about plenty of great animes so I'd like to know which ones have the worst endings so I don't end up dissapointed with another anime series.

Kaze no Stigma
Chrono Crusade had a very depressing ending. cry
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School days the anime was sooo messed up, i hated it.....im never watching it again....
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There's Inuyasha, on another cliff hanger
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School Days.

I know it was loosely based off of the gruesome endings of the visual novel, but imo, the ending for this one was just too rushed, too sudden, and took it a little too far, even for this story line. (The severed head in the gym bag STILL creeps into my nightmares sometimes.)

The entire method that Kotonoha used to proved to prove to herself wasn't exactly logical given the time frame either. Then again, she wasn't exactly sane by the end....
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the worst anime ending I've ever read or seen would have to be in Chibi Vampire

WTF were they thinking making the main character lose all of her memory to think shes human just cauze she can go into sunlight like a normal human. also its total bull that the generation spirit decided to be born again as her daughter yet even though she too was also a vampire has no vampire traits.

the worst part is that now she thinks her family died in a car crash and her little sister is still looking after her for the rest of her ******** life evil evil evil
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wait ..... im currently on gantz wtf happens thats sucks so bad at the ending.

i want to know if its worth finishing or not
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Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

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