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I write for many reasons. Sometimes writing is my escape or my venting, sometime I write because I have that feeling for it. There is no set reason for me as there are many. As for what i write, I write what I want to. I write fiction and fantasy stories with magic, humans, faeries, angels, elves, dwarves, dragons, spies and so many more. I just enjoy writing ^^
I love writing to carry out a message to the reader that is interested. It's all about making a message useful to me. But of course, not many like such. Nonetheless, I just hope well. Someday, I could just make TOO MUCH out of myself, though. I write horror novels.
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I've always been a storyteller even before I liked reading and writing. Then as I got older I saw the appeal of writing it all down. The way you can manipulate a language this way and that, and how your word choices can lead you in so many different ways is just so amazing to me. You get to create an idea, allow it to grow, twist, and change until eventually it seems to take on a life of it's own. It's one of the most interesting creative processes in my opinion.

As for what I write, that varies. I really got into writing when I was fifteen due to the fact that I got seriously ill and had to spend the majority of my time at home. At that time I wrote fanfiction. My biggest accomplishment there was a massive Harry Potter piece that was around 80,000 words, and that sucker had a sequel too.

However, as I got older I started to work on other pieces that were original ideas. I have one novella, a novel, and am currently working to finish another novel. I've also written a few poems when I've been in the mood, a few of which have been published.

I have several ideas in my head (and my idea journal), several of which are fantasy, some which are mystery, others that are horror, and so on. Basically I try to get at least one idea for each genre so I can keep my options open.

I aspire to be a paid author, along with being a paid artist (which I've already started to achieve), and then have some third job to supplement income. I'm not naive to think I'll be extremely successful as an author (though it would be cool, don't get me wrong), however my goal has always been that if I can put something out there and have just one person's day be better because of my writing then all the effort I put into my writing was worth it. 3nodding
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I write primarily because I have to squeeze my brain of ideas or else I'll be distracted for the next...hours, I suppose? Also, I have the urge to just write whatever comes to mind, because I'll most likely lose that idea after. On that...I suppose I just write whatever topic I want to write on, particularly fantasy, emotions, and everyday life. I also write essays and poems, although stories are not my forte.
i write fan fiction specifically about penguins.
The reason for why I am writing, is probably a mix of loving to read and daydream. I have a ton of other hobbies on the side, but another important one for me is drawing.

Furthermore, the people around me has always enjoyed me reading and writing stories, so that has encouraged me quite a bit.

I am currently writing a series; every chapter is at most 2-3 pages long, and is slightly science-fictional, but it's in a more or less contemporary environment. It's about some young people who escaped from a secret highly criminal organization that kidnaps young children to train, brainwash and experiment on. And the escapees have their own problems to struggle with, while they're attempting to tear down the organization, while having the financial backing of several governments from all over the world. It's still unavailable on the internet, but is on the way.
On the side, I usually write short stories, novellas and poetry.
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I write because I have a story to share. I have theories about my favorite works and I want to put them in narrative form! I have some original ideas that I don't want to keep in my head. I like to put things in words, and I love sharing them. And I love every piece of feedback I get, even if it's another view without a comment. Reading itself is feedback.

As for what I write - 99% fanfiction, 1% original stuff that I thought of since I was about 15.

I would like to think my fanfic ideas are creative. In my smaller fandoms, I feel like I am a pioneer - writing the first piece of fanfiction for that character or concept. It's an awesome feeling.
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I write because I like to escape this world and into another, the world of imagination, if only for a short time. I write short stories, and I am forming some ideas for a long-term project for myself.
I have this one character from one of my earlier stories where the antagonist is named Draco Crusher, who wears Italian silk suits, has lackeys, bases his operations in an abandoned warehouse, and is the leader of the mafia. I started using him at the antagonist in a lot of my short stories, just because he is such a classic 'bad guy' to me.
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i write fan fiction specifically about penguins.

Hahahaha that's AWESOME!
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I write to release the creativity that wants to be set free.

Otherwise, it becomes overwhelming to hold back.
I write because I love it. I've always been interested in writing since I was little. And, it's so much fun to escape into another world after a bad day. Especially if you get to control it. My friend, who is a brilliant comic artist, and I have been working hard on our respective talents because she wants to draw and I want to write for a living. We're both getting burned out in our jobs and dread getting out of bed in the morning. I'm starting with NaNoWriMo to get a draft started and then go from there with editing and looking at publishing options.

I like to write fantasy romance or historical romance. And the odd fan fiction here and there as well.

I have an old role play character that I love and when I finish the current story I'm going to work on a series about here. I may draw on some of my old role play stories but I need permission from a friend to use the idea of the villain.

I really like some of the characters in my current project, too. Lots of romance and chaos in this story. Can't wait to get really started on it Friday.
I like creating my own worlds.
Since painting apparently isn't working for me and my arts suck, I resorted to trying out writing.

I'm also very dreamy. I sometimes find myself spacing out, conjuring little stories in my head.
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I write because I love getting my stories out there and for people to know the characters I know, and either coming to love them or hate them.

I tend to write about tortured characters and how they do their best to overcome their faults to make life better not just for themselves but for the others around them.
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I write what I feel because I wanted to to inspire others in my own point of view.
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I write poetry and song lyrics mostly, but have been known to dabble in the odd bit of short-story writing.
Why poetry?
Good question, and one that I've never actually given much thought to now that I think of it.

I think I've always had a desire to be creative, but never really had the tools to be an artist or patience/perseverance to be a musician. I've always loved music though and enjoy singing along with my favourite songs, and I've always been an avid reader, so I guess in retrospect, poetry and lyric writing was almost a natural.
It gives me an outlet for my creative urges and allows me to explore/vent some of my emotional baggage when I'm down, and it's good mental exercise.

And it doesn't usually take all that long, which fits in quite nicely with my gnat-like attention span. wink

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