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Anyone can be a model. I think you're talking about supermodels, and I don't know why height is so important. Because they draw them that way?
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Anyone can model. I did modeling over four years ago being 5'4". It is people that are under 5'8" that cannot be runway models. There are completely different modeling areas including photography.
Because the amount of Photoshop manipulation it would take the make short models seem taller takes more time than they are willing to spend.
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doesn't that depend on what kind of model?
this isn't true.
models are preferred to be taller,
due to how the photographs come out,
long legs, long neck, long waist, ect.

but there are many models, under 5'8"
I'm 5'8.
No beard.
Just ate pancakes.
the enlightenment
I know that the shortest model is around 5'7"

But that is just ridiculous. Why can't people between 5'0"-5'4" model too?

Ridiculous societal limitations
How tall/short are you?
Homemade pancakes

Generally, people under 5'7'' can't be models (except for parts modelling) because most designers design their clothes for taller people. They do this because taller people tend to have long legs, torsos, etc which accentuate their clothes. When models are on the runway, the designers want people to be looking at the clothes, rather than the girls. If the models are all different shapes and sizes it detracts from the clothing.

In my personal experience, the clothes are the focal point of the entire show. If people sitting at the back of the audience can only see the top of a model's head they leave disappointed and without an appreciation of the fashions.
It is a good thing that I am 5'11" because God knows I have the face and body for modeling should I ever choose that career.
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Anyone can be a model. I think you're talking about supermodels, and I don't know why height is so important. Because they draw them that way?

It's because clothes look better on a thin, tall model than on an average girl.
It's merely aesthetic.
Ugly people can't be models either, without ******** of makeup.

If they wanted it bad enough, they would surgically attach themselves to a pair of stilts.
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Ridiculous societal limitations
Sadly, the world we live in.

How tall/short are you?
5'2". Sucks for a guy, but what can ya do (and are def done growing)


Homemade pancakes
I am sure they are delicious emotion_kirakira
That's a runway requirement, and the runway "shape" is just a question of cost effectiveness and presentation. You need a certain amount of length for your design, but when you're pre-production, you have the economic consideration of wanting to use the smallest amount of fabric possible. You also want the greatest uniformity of body shape between your models as possible, so one model can be swapped for another if necessary with minimal garment alteration required. There's a lot more variety once you get away from runway.
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Im 5 feet and I havent grown an inch in years.


I'm 4'6, and getting close to being 24 years old. neutral
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People keep saying that I should be a model because of my legs.... but I'm 5'6. If I didn't have a scoliosis I would probably be 5'8/5'9

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