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Goto H&R Wesley and talk to Louie. Louie will tell you which store to go and then so on until the last shop tells you to go back to H&R Wesley to claim prize.

First time you will get: Rebuild Volunteer Bracelet
User Image

Second time you will get: Rebuild Volunteer Shirt
User Image

Third time you will get : Achievement Rebuilder
User Image

adding to this post:
Some people are having issues/glitches. If so you can report it here and may need your data reset
edit: this event is over
Update: new grants listed on front page
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Updated: check front page for new grants
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100g (3x)

100g (3x)
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Someone's gonna tell you who you should wanna be.
So you'll forget the vision that they didn't wanna see.

Geekomancy and Seraphina seem to have expired

And when they give up
cause they will give up, say

“Here I am alive.”
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Narumi Misuhara
Gaia Item Changes Complete

We've completed our database changes. These changes affected the id's items are assigned when we create them. In celebration of things not blowing up, here's an item we dug out of our top secret item vault:

The first handheld item ever!...


Free Black Tonfa

I'm only getting 1 grant on it
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100g (3x)
100g (3x)

Also, Halfling Day and Talk like a Pirate have ended.
This thread has been updated.
Thank you for testing the links & for posting new ones as well.

To help keep this thread open and updated please remember
to check the links to see if they're working correctly or if they have ended.

Posting new links helps spread the word to others. Thank you
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is this for what our gaian is.....cause im a vampire and that is a class S super monster.
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thanks for that!

the black tonfa no longer grants, event not active.
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sad sry your leaving this the only thread ive ever been interested in to actually fololw it.

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