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Rules & Guidelines for Lotto/Money Games


Welcome to the Lotto/Money Games subforum of Gaia Exchange. This is a forum for users who want to create a lottery or other kind of gold related game.
Since there have been many reports of scam lottos or lotteries that aren't realistically able to be completed, this sticky will hopefully help out with spreading info on how to make a good lotto, as well as raise awareness among all users.

Table of contents:

Thanks to da_azn_poet for helping with giving suggestions. 3nodding
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Rules & Guidelines

  • Entering contests with mules* or own account
    Prohibited. If proven that a creator has entered a contest with a mule account, it is considered a scam. The creator will be banned along with the mule that was used to enter the contest. And obviously, if the creator joins his/her contest, it is also considered as scam.
  • Refunding is required if the contest closes
    Refunding has never been stated as a requirement previously, but since many have used this to scam, it is now a requirement to refund if you decide to close your contest. This doesn't mean that the creator needs to refund if a contestant decides to quit. It is up to the creator to decide if s/he will refund when a contestant want to quit the contest. Be sure to state if you are refunding of not.
    Note: Even if you state that you will not refund if the contest closes, you will still need to refund, since this is a rule for the entire forum.
  • Must have [item] in order to create [item] lottery
    If you want to start a lottery where the prize is i.e. Fairy Wings, you must have the Fairy Wings. Giving the excuse that you will buy the item when you've enough gold from buying tickets is prohibited because of scam risks.
    Note: Prizes paid in gold only are still OK. I.e. you create a lottery with 50,000 gold in 1st prize, but do not have that much, and intend to use the ticket sale to pay the winner is OK.

  • Present the method of picking the winner
    Creator of contest must present which method s/he uses to pick the winner/s. Lotteries must also have a way to randomly pick the winner, i.e. www.randomizer.org . Not required to use this particular method, so long as the method is random, only a suggestion.

  • Wrapped giftboxes
    You can have your prizes in wrapped giftboxes, but if you have promised that the contents of the wrapped giftbox is a certain item, then it must contain that certain item. If not, it is considered as scamming which is a bannable offense.

  • Advertising in threads
    If thread creator states that s/he does not wish anyone to randomly advertise in their thread, please respect that and don't advertise. If the thread is an ad-free thread and you post an advertisment there, that is considered as spamming and will be treated as such.

  • Advertising through PMs
    Please do NOT PM users to ask them if they would like to join your lottery/contest. This will be treated as spam since it is advertisment. It's unwanted PMs and if someone report it to a moderator, you will receive a warning/ban for spamming.

Participants of lotteries/money games:

Remember: The gold you got scammed out of will not be returned by admins or moderators. It is up to everyone to be careful which lotteries/money games they participate in.

Same applies to users who quit Gaia without any notice. Admins and moderators are not responsible for returning gold a user decided to invest in any kind of lottery/money game.

Worthy of re-reading:

From the Terms of Service
You expressly understand and agree that:

  1. The Service is provided "As Is" and GAIA Online makes no warranties - expressed or implied - of any kind. You use the Service at your own risk. Furthermore, it should be noted, that GAIA Online assumes no responsibility for the accidental or circumstantial loss of inventory items, Gold, Avatars, lost communications, missed events or loss of personalization of a User's account for ANY reason.

From the official Gaia Rules & Guidelines

Grounds for banning also include:

  • Scamming. We reward our users with Gold and hard to find rares, but we have no tolerance for people who try to take other users' assets with get-rich-quick schemes or promises of rare items. Running any kind of scam - including but not limited to lottery scams or trade scams.

*Mule account is an extra account of a user.
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Suggestions for lottery/contest creators

  • Think through first before creating a lotto/contest
    A lotto takes time to manage. Creating a lottery/contest doesn't guarantee you'll earn a profit and it's not your way to a fortune. It all depends on if people buy your tickets, and that depends on if your lottery is good and attractive.

  • Spend time to organize your lotto
    It's worth it to spend the time to create a lotto that's well organized. Put some effort into creating the lotto/contest. The main reason is because this helps your lotto look well established and gives the buyers a good impression.

  • Refund if participants quits?
    It's advised to let the buyers know if you refund to the participants in case they want to quit. If they want to withdraw from the lottery/contest, will you refund 100%? Or will you not refund at all and let them stay?

  • Setting up your own rules
    Please remember to set up your rules for the contest. If you don't put up your rules, a user might have the right to i.e. demand you to refund, since it doesn't state that you will not refund if a participant quits.

  • Using price guides when accepting items as payment
    For the lotteries who accept items as payment for tickets, please use one of the larger price guides (E.V.I.L., G.E.N. or S.I.N.) as reference.

  • Method of picking a winner in lotteries
    Many users choose http://www.randomizer.org to pick the winners in their lottery. It's advised to use this, or something like it, since it's a tool to randomly pick the winner.
    It's not yet a requirement to use the "Roll Dice" or "Random number" featured in Gaia's posting system, but it ensures the security of that the lottery is scam-free as users cannot control the outcome on their own.

  • Earning a lot =/= good for business
    It's not prohibited to earn more than 50% of the sales, but be smart. If the odds to win is low, ticket price is high compared to how much you will win, people won't buy tickets to your lottery.
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<center>Advice for contestants </center>

  • Too good to be true
    If you see a lotto or contest that seems too good to be true, take your time to think twice before entering. 10 spots, 1000 gold / spot, and 5 million in prize? Doesn't sound logical right? These kind of lotteries / contests are usually scams. If you see these kind of lotteries / contests, do report them using the scam report form.
  • Entering =/= guaranteed prize
    Remember that just because you've entered a lottery/contest, doesn't mean that it's guaranteed that you'll win. There are winners and losers in all contests.
  • Read the rules
    Before entering a lottery or a contest, please remember to read the rules. I.e., if you didn't know that the owner of a lottery didn't refund if a user wanted to quit, and want to refund, PMing a mod doesn't help anything.
    Same with Avatar contests, if you failed to read the rules, it is not the creators fault. You have to be sure to carefully read and understand the rules.
  • Item lotteries
    If you've joined an item lottery, and suspect that the user doesn't have the item in question, you could ask the lottery creator to put the item on (politely please, don't expect the user to be a scammer). If the the creator refuses, you can fill out the scamming form to notify a mod and have a moderator to investigate this.
  • Wrapped giftboxes
    Be very suspicious about wrapped giftboxes. Always question why the prize has to be in a wrapped giftbox. If the deal never had anything to do with item in a wrapped giftbox, do not confirm the trade. The item in the wrapped giftbox is probably not the promised item.
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<center>Contacting a moderator regarding lottery/money game scam </center>

Moderators for the Lotto/Money games subforums are listed here:

Once again, mods do not help you to confirm that your lotto/money game is scam free. So please do not contact us and ask us to give you a "scam free pass".


Reporting Scam

If you have been scammed, or suspects that a certain lottery/money game is a scam, you can use the following form:
(also linked from the Forum index page)

You should see this:

User Image

Please try to fill out this form as detailed as possible, and remember to include the link to the lottery/contest.
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<center>FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions</center>

<img src=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v499/wolfieGaia/questionM.png align=absmiddle> Why do I have to own the item in order to have it as a prize? I was going to use the ticket money to buy the item!
<img src=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v499/wolfieGaia/a.png align=absmiddle> There are multiple reasons. Mainly to prevent scams, but also to avoid new users who start i.e. a Fairy Wing lotto just because they see others having successful similar lotteries and want to earn gold quick. These are in many cases not successful and end up with the creator closing the lottery.

<img src=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v499/wolfieGaia/questionM.png align=absmiddle> Can I PM you (Wolfie) or any other moderator to get you to approve/give me advice on my contest/lottery?
<img src=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v499/wolfieGaia/a.png align=absmiddle> No, we do not approve lotteries/contest. Having a mod "approve" a lottery means the lottery is scam-free, and I don't feel comfortable in doing that, because there is no guarantee you won't scam later. And using mod approval as advertisment is just wrong.
Also, if you want advice, asking other lottery creators would be better than asking a moderator. They're probably more experienced in the area and mods doesn't really have time to give suggestions on how to make a successful lottery.

<img src=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v499/wolfieGaia/questionM.png align=absmiddle> I have something to add to this sticky, can I PM you or other moderators about it?
<img src=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v499/wolfieGaia/a.png align=absmiddle> Yes, you can, and it'd be best to PM me or another mod for this forum. Note that if your request is absolutely ridiculous, I will ignore it. If you continue to PM me the same question, I will warn for spamming.

<img src=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v499/wolfieGaia/questionM.png align=absmiddle> Someone is taking forever to end her lotto. Can I report her for scamming?
<img src=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v499/wolfieGaia/a.png align=absmiddle> Depends. If the user isn't active in her lottery thread and doesn't update or post in the thread every once in a while, chances are that she's left her lotto.
But there is no rule as: you need to sell all your tickets within 1 week. Most lotteries needs more than one week to end. If the creator has stated that the lottery ends when all slots are filled, it ends when all slots are filled. Doesn't mean it's scamming because it takes longer time to end the lottery.

<img src=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v499/wolfieGaia/questionM.png align=absmiddle> I don't want to read all this s**t. I'll send you a PM and ask you about it instead...
<img src=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v499/wolfieGaia/a.png align=absmiddle> Nooooo gonk
Ahem...I mean: If you PM me a question that is already answered in this sticky, I will ignore your PM. To know if I've ignored your PM, or just haven't gotten to it yet, check if your PM is in Outbox or Sentbox. Sentbox = read. Outbox = not read.
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