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BUMP 3nodding
BUMP 3nodding
I made a Acid Black Cherry thread. It's Japanese~
Could you put in the directory please?
ohhh i make a sadie thread that was already :O
i used the search and dint find a sadie thread so i tough there was none thread and i make the thread and i wanna get more sure and search in this list and i see that i repeat it! :O
is that bad? :O

Edit: i see that the other thread is really dead... was thinking if could give me the chance to me now since the other one is dead :O
Hello~ The other day I made an official Ami Suzuki thread :3 I'd appreciate it if it could be included in the directory~ Thank you!
Please add this Official SHINee thread onto the Officials Topic Directory! ^__^
It would be greatly appreciated~ Thank you very much! :)
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Made a thread for: Home Made Kazoku, please add it so it can be official? :] Thank you in advanced.

oh... I didn't know this was here... o3o;;;

umm... I have made an A'ST1 Thread. as well as a 초신성/Supernova thread.
Since I couldn't find them any where (and to think all this time I just searched the gajillion pages... x.x; ), I labeled them as the official threads.

Also, I know there's already an Official Shinhwa thread, but I noticed that one is well... put bluntly, pretty much dead. I made one and labeled it the new official Shinhwa thread I hope that's okay...? =/

all are Korean bands.
Made official thread for Bang Bang Tang.

=] Please put it up.
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It's me again!
Anyway could you please add the Fräulein Wunder Thread I made. They are from Germany.

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You put Battle as Chinese band but If im not mistaken(which im not cause im a huge fan) Battle is a korean band not chinese xp
I want to make a 2PM offical forum =]
I don't see it under the list.
and, I havn't seen any around.
2PM is a korean band by JYP Entertainment, Please take a look and PM me if I can make one
PLease and Thank you heart
On the list Golf&Mike is listed as Japanese. They are actually a Thai group that sings also in Thai, Japanese, English, and Korean. Most of their albums so far are Thai but lately they have been branching off into other languages.
I made a dARI official thread.

There are many threads and topics missing that are popular in japan but not to foreign people, japanese people are minority in gaia but those threads should be directed, so we wont see zillion and billion topics abou tthem and not let them clutter these threads....

I will post some links to those topics with high reply counts some time.

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