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Person being mardy in DMS, calm it and enjoy playing with nice people, oh wait nvm you rather carry on being mardy. (Someone was definitely on their time of the month) o.0
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At least you don't use it at boss. lol
FF is good, as long as you don't have 2 passives. emotion_donotwant
OH BRICK YEAH. emotion_brofist
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o m g tainbait

you should make me a leaving thread everytime i dont talk to you for 22 hours
how many is that so far
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So,time for my rant today.

Today, I had awesome crew. We did YM speed and got it done nicely, of course, and we hit GR soon.

Wel... so we decided to do GR. Had a little problem with recrewting at first, but we managed. I got to kite for the second time in my life and I only killed people... three times? I thinkXD Almost in every room there was NF or BD, and we had to get someone new in the middle of the run. She reseted YM and messed up the rooms in GR, but we still manged to continue.

I got two AWESOME teachers, who helped me out a lot, a great BU and I helped someone get attuned. XD No one died in HPR, and from now on, my most favorite ring is fleet.

/end rant.
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I HATE HATE it when people try to dictate a set when it is fine. I get it when there are AoEs in DMS sets or weak attacks rings in it or even the epic 3 passives case, but does it really even matter if I bring three attacks and passive? Especially in SMOB /SMEB when it doesn't matter that much. confused I get it if people ask me to drop Bandy for Wish, but it really matter about the passive to attack ratio? Because NO, I won't take a 4th attack, I like having my FF even if I know the luck doesn't do a huge amount, I still want the luck boost as well as it's dodge and accuracy boosts. Yes, it's a bit stubborn on my part, but it's SMOB and does it really matter in the end? The one thing I hate the most though is getting 2nd Fleet in SMEB. Just why? evil

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