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This got popular REALLY quick.
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When people have 100 stam an entire BL run cus they doin' nuthin but talking, then get offended after being called out. "It's just a game, chill I'm having fun"

Hunny my idea of fun is not having to use 3 packs of amps to make up for your leeching a**, and 2 packs of revives cus you think it's fun to kill the crew with Kam.

There is no emote for the rage. emotion_bigvein
&&Not going 2 namedrop. Although I've noticed people on z!F like to drop their own names, so that might happen. razz
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I am really sick of people abandoning crews, originally intended to get from GR to BL, because "oh baww i dont like this person's attitude"
i dont
know why having an attitude is so important because as long as the crew is doing something, WHICH they all are, thats rly a bullshit reason to leave omfg

stahp avoiding each other ;-;
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******** the people who bring bandage to smob. =A=
like y u no trust me to heal you huh?
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I know it's been said a thousand times before...But WHY would you leave in the middle of anything (from PS to DMS) when YOU are the leader???

At the very least don't leave your crew (that may or may not have already lost members without any notice) in the middle of a battle. Like....whyyyyyyy would you do that?
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I've about had my fill of rude zOMG!ers. Especially in the SS/SMEB/SMOB and DMS areas.
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I've about had my fill of rude zOMG!ers. Especially in the SS/SMEB/SMOB and DMS areas.

Rude DMSers: The reason why I don't DMS anymore.
I hate when noobs follow you around and try to add you to there group.
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okay so...rant time.
I am so sick and tired of grabbing a smob crew...getting to the tail and because their friends probably said 'hey omg come smeb or smob with me since we are best ******** friends ahhh!' they leave...and don't even say they are leaving. or what buffs they have. I am so sick and tired of getting a full crew, buffs up, and then middle of attacking s**t, someone leaves because they either a. got butthurt or got invited by friends to go do something. AT LEAST GIVE ME SOME GODDAMN NOTICE YOU LITTLE SHITS. Or say thanks but so and so wants me to crew or whatever. That'd be the NICE thing to do. but nope. ******** that. People can't even be nice.
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itt: bad players complain to other bad players
*meanwhile in a supposed speed crew*
3 people have wish. 1 has no heals. 2 have band on.

After clearing the first two rooms of the entrance, one of the band people realises they should've brought wish and begins debating whether or not to quickly null it (while asking bander no. #2 to do so as well). The non-healer says nothing.

But let's just ignore the non-healer for now as well as bander no. #1. Let's just focus on bander no. #2 (who only had on TWO attacks, meat, bandage, 2 buffs and 2 passives)

Bander no. #1 decides to null only in the case of the whole crew wiping. Bander no. #2 says nothing.

After clearing a few more rooms, it becomes apparent half of the crew is struggling with keeping their health up. Bander no. #1 is more concerned now. Bander no. #2 now pipes up:

"See. Band is better than wish. You're all dying, i'm not."

No-one comments.

Two rooms or so later, we enter another room smack dab in the middle, obviously attracting and aggro-ing the majority of animated in the room. 2 of the 3 wishers wipe. Non-healer wipes. Bander no. #1 wipes.

Bander no. #2 however does not daze. Care to take a guess why.

Wishers spam r2-r3 wish.
+300 health to all/per wish
Bander no. #2 bands only herself.
1 wisher dazes.
Wishers now get 'less' healed.
Bander no. #2 continues banding self.

Bander no. #2 now says:
"And that just proves why band is better than wish in speed. You all died. I didn't."

Wut? Wut? Wut? I'm sorry, but wut? :/
SINCE WHEN DID THE CREW ONLY COMPRISE OF YOU AND ONLY YOU? Congratulations on not wiping, but did that do you any good? Noooo. Course it didn't, don't be stupid. Too lazy were you? To keep the crew panel open? To i dunno, maybe possibly think about your fellow crew mates? To i dunno, maybe not only heal yourself?
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[******** the people who bring bandage to smob. =A=
like y u no trust me to heal you huh?i feel u bro
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I am sick and tied of people starting crews and not wanting to assign, I say I'll do it. That girl that calls herself "the leader" decides in the middle of a buff assign she wants 2 buffs I already assigned. I give in and say she can have them, but everything got mixed up and I said if she wanted those, she should assign herself. Then she claimes "She doesn't know what buffs you need for dms" and tells someone else to assign, and someone else after that. Once again she didn't get the buffs she wanted and left. What the hell? Better off without someone like that anyway!
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Boy I'd like to smack that bander if I were you. emotion_bigvein
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******** the people who bring bandage to smob. =A=
like y u no trust me to heal you huh?

I always bring wish, but I can't tell you how many times I wish I had brought band because the people couldn't be trusted to heal me. =/

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