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Nope, I'm in my senior year of high school, my school requires it that all graduating students have
to write a thesis paper to sort of... "prepare" us for college, even ours only has to be 5 pages long.
My teacher tells us that the papers are a lot longer in college. Dx

Oh, is it world history?
omg, this is such a cute shop! > w <
sadly, i will not be ordering anything,
since i need to save up =___="
..I was close sweatdrop
My English teacher said that her brother had to write a 75 page essay on economics. But he apparently bs-ed it.

Nope, It's APUSH (Advanced Placement United States History). And I also have to study for AP Bio, AP English, Religion, Honors Pre Cal, and French 3. It's times like these that make me contemplate suicide XD.

Heart: Wow, 75 page paper D: The most I've ever heard of was around 50, I think.
That's a lot of AP classes! The only one I'm taking this year is AP Environmental Science, and I
already regret taking it because my teacher is really hard on us when it comes to tests and
grading. French... I sucked at it. I got a 60something for that class last year lol.
Haha... It makes me feel old when I know that I'll be out of high school soon.

Misa: Thanks! Don't worry though, I'll have a few freebies up soon so you can still have something
for free. :)

eli: o_O

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        ★ Recipient; me

        ★ Items; everything, I'm a pig

        ★ Total; too lazy to count, but with tip: 1700g

Screw the quest, I need pixels!
Yeah, I do regret it now because I have no life. But it's pretty fun, my teachers are laid back (the tests are insane though). My school's pretty old school with the class choices. No fun electives crying
Haha, I only have no life because I'm playing Starcraft most of the time. >_>"
We get a lot of fun electives, like EMT and fashion design and forensics. The only bad thing is that
my school is really overcrowded (Meant for around 1400 students, but it has about 4800ish or so)
and most of the teachers suck.

Oh, I didn't realize you ordered from my shop, since I just ordered from yours. xD' I'll send my trade
after I do your order.
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Dude, I'm jealous. We only have a few clubs for fun things (fashion and design, etc). I would kill for forensics (that's a bit ironic).
My school...it's small. There are only 99 girls in my class. People have been leaving left and right. But my teachers are great, they're all 20-30 and we get to watch youtube vids if we finish early. And we have potlucks...I mean educational food sharing events... all the time. smile

edit: Btw, your order is in my shop. I deliver it in the thread.
Heart: Oh really? I've always loved smaller schools. I used to go to a small Catholic school
when I was younger, and it was a lot better, or at least in my opinion. Your teachers are nice,
most of mine wouldn't let us do that. My school blocked YouTube anyway xD
Potlucks... if food is there, I'm there! :D
Yup, I saved them already.

Sweet: I'll get to your order soon~
I'd love it if you could come to my school, it's too bad you're a guy. But I agree, small schools are more friendly. You know everyone, and it's like a family...sort of. My school blocked facebook, but every gets on it through their yahoo or something. Yay for loopholes!
Heart: That's alright, I'm pretty girly (ish) anyway :D
That's so true! It's like everyone knows each other/is on friendly terms with most people. My school
blocks everything, like Facebook, Kotaku, even Gaia. D: And their loopholes are hard to find, I
don't think there are even any. xD

Gemini: Hello~
I swear I've seen cross dressers at my school. Pretty ridiculous, but it's their choice, not mine. And there's no boy drama or anything, we all help each other. Pretty sweet.
They haven't blocked Gaia, yet. It's probably because less than ten people even have them at my school. When you have a bunch of old nuns and a crazy old man running your school's computer system, they're bound to over look a few things wink

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