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Marvel vs Dv

Marvel 0.40740740740741 40.7% [ 33 ]
DC 0.59259259259259 59.3% [ 48 ]
Total Votes:[ 81 ]
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A couple years ago, this would have been so easy for me. Now? I'm not so sure.

I was always a DC fan, but...


If we're talking current run of comics, I'm leaning towards Marvel. I just think they did a whole lot better with Marvel Now than DC did with the New 52.
DC because BATMAN.
i like marvel because the heroes connect more with the people they are saving while DC seems more like its a obligation.
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dc comics is absolute horsepoop atm
but i prefer its characters over marvel's
unless we're talking about x-men
i am conflicted
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Marvel Comics. =x
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Marvel Comics, definitely. ^^
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Marvel! heart
I've always been a DC Comics kind of guy.
I grew up with them all of my life, Batman The Animated Series, Justice League, Teen Titans, and the Cassandra Cain run of Batgirl ( I miss her.) and collecting trade paperbacks/ keeping up with N52 titles on Comixology, so if we're picking sides,
I'm siding with DC.

Now if its an all out brawl between the characters of both universes, that's more of a tough question. anything could happen in that scenario.
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Captain Talavar

Truth be told? No one cares. Batman's still the better Superhero. However, Batman has beaten Superman on many occasions. If not physically, intellectually. Batman has even mind-raped Martian Manhunter. Just because he hasn't defeated Superman doesn't mean he can't.

Batman's the superior superhero, anyway. A fight between them won't change the obvious.
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i like marvel because the heroes connect more with the people they are saving while DC seems more like its a obligation.

Connect with people? Are you joking? Have you heard of the Silver Age?
I think DC's characters are more fleshed out and dynamic, their story lines grittier and more realistic. Their heroes can be extraordinary, but they deal with human problems. I find Marvel has more monsters and magic.

That being said.

Sometimes I like monsters and magic.

So I like them both. Like I say when people ask about Nicholson Joker vs. Ledger Joker, they're going after different things.

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