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I am in a situation with choosing the right religion. I am very interested in the occult after learning various things about it. It has some proof yet it still has the unprovable. Not to be a slam in the face for others, that proof has been the most believable I have heard.
I have told you what I'm interested in but I have a question. Should I tell my parents so I can learn more, by learning more I mean buying books and materials. My parents are Catholic yet I call myself in public "Catholic". Should I, a 15 year old tell my parents about what I believe?
My dad goes crazy when you don't follow his rules (like he gets mad when you put salt on the food he makes because he doesn't want a sodium high diet.).
I will not be pagan but I won't my a Catholic because they would say I denying my god even though I would still believe in the same exact one.

What Should I Do??
Could someone help me, please!
Come live forever...

******** all religion.
...In the city Y'ha-nthlei.
Just show your dad that you are serious about this and talk it over with him. He can't ask you to change what you believe in.
there is no proof god is real; there is proof against it however.

jesus = historical figure.

there, i saved you money.
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there is no proof god is real; there is proof against it however.

jesus = historical figure.

there, i saved you money.

Proof against it?
Really, like what?

You can not prove a god, nor can you disprove one.

Silly ignorant atheist.
Just do what you want. If he says no, prove his religion to be worse than your new one.
If telling your parents is going to cause a bunch of hullabaloo and piss them off, why do it? It's not like them knowing this about you is vital to your survival, is it?
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Why do you have to tell them at all. Most of the time it's better to not tell parents things to shut them up.
There is no solid evidence against the existance or non-existance of a god. There are different theories that contradict eachother, but since none are proven there is no evidence one way or another. There is no evidence toward any polytheistic religion either, nor is there any evidence toward Buddhism or any religion in any way. The only stance that you can take and know that you will be 100% right is the stance of an agnostic, but that really doesn't get you anywhere closer to an answer. Atheism is a ridiculous stance to take because it is counter-productive. The goal of an atheist is to convince people that there is no meaning for human existance, which in the end is a worthless answer to a great question. In the end, any religious belief is equally great in my opinion. I choose to be a non-denominational christian with specific beliefs on the subject. I also practice Zazen every weekend. Religious practice is the only productive way to search for the answers to some of life's great questions. Agnosticism leaves you with nothing but the idea that you'll never know, Atheism leaves you with nothing but the idea that everything is wrong and life is meaningless, yet any religious faith leaves you with a positive mind-set and a genuine want to find REAL answers.

That is my personal take on the subject.
Religion is a serious thing, and I love how you're branching out and discovering it for yourself, but the occult is a scary thing.

They sound wonderful to rope people in, and then it's worse then with your father, with stricter rules.

I suggest you explore evangelicalism, protestants, lutherans, baptists, tons of different denominations along WITH the occult. Then you can make an educated desicsion.

My father was pissed when I left the Lutheran church, but I'm happier now at my evangelical free church, AND closer to God.
Catholics believe that you should stand up for your faith, like Jesus and a bunch of the saints did. So, stand up for what you believe, and then tell them that. =]

My name is about as Roman Catholic as it can get.

I'm an atheist. =]]
Religion is something you choose. Point out to your parents that this is something you are interested and believe in, not a 100% change of lifestyle. What works for some people doesn't work for others. Explain to them that you will still be believing in the same god (which I think you said) to make them less worried over your decision.
I don't want to sound cocky, but I really hope everybody who posts reads my first post on this as well. I've read every post here. I think it is every person who posts here's duty to read the other posts first.
I'm not sure if this helps, and it may just sound like a lot of propaganda, but there is some truth to what I have to say. Christianity is not a religion. Religion is man trying to reach God. Christianity (in all its forms) is God reaching man.

That being said, if your parents are truly Catholics (which can be hard sometimes because there are many who proclaim they are but really have no idea what the church says about half the questions they're asked), then you can explain to them that you disagree with some of the things (or all if that's the case). The key advice I would give you is that if you respect your parents and their beliefs while you are in their house (even if it means some inconvenience to yourself), then they will in turn have no reason to accuse you. Basically, while you're living under their roof, do what they ask of you, negotiate when there's a problem, and then, when you move out, follow your own heart.

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