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This shop only accepts Cash Shop items!

exclaim UPDATE April 4th 2014 exclaim

As many of you regulars may of noticed, I'm not around very much on Gaia if at all. sad Real life and its real life workiness keeps me super duper busy and while its great, my Gaia drawing time has screeched to an abrupt halt. I wish it were otherwise, but that's how it goes.I'll do my best to show up for freebie events and take on the occasional commission, but as it stands, it's looking like QuatroArts may simply be the watercooler left up for those of us who've been here from the beginning to still chill out.

My thanks and highly flattered thank yous go to all the regulars and lurkers who still come here and add to the mind boggling page count. You guys made QuatroArts the juggernaut that is it-or was. You should be damn proud.


~1st Post~
Welcome banner,
Quests and Updates
~2nd post~ FAQS and Rules
~3rd Post~ Pricing & WaitList
~4th Post~ Art Request Form
~5th post~ Siggy Samples
~6th Post~ Banners, Links
~7th Post~ Donations & GiftArt
~8th Post~ The threads History...

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-This thread is NOT first come first serve
- Artwork will either be bust/fullbody chosen at random and at the discretion of the artist
- Final work will be 500x500 pixels (or larger if requested in order form)

(This thread will only produce Gaia related artwork)
I'm going to say that when you order, expect to get a chibi sig or a hybrid of a chibi- but surprises have been known to happen


Begin your trade after I confirm it here on the thread. If you aren't around when I confirm your order I'll send you a PM and you'll have 24 hours to respond or I'll give your spot to someone else! I wont do anything with your trade until I'm done with your order, it just helps me to see a listing of active trades and their dates.

You post it here in the thread when I am looking to make art. just scroll down to "Rules and Directions" for more info.

I only draw Gaia avatars wearing Gaia items for Gaia gold. If you can create your OC or a cartoon/anime character with Gaia items, I will draw it.

I will post in the thread and ASK YOU when I am looking to art!

I will fill the slots by choosing at random.


I'll be eternally open now, be sure to check my latest posts to see if I'm looking for orders!

User Image


- PM Quatro with questions pertaining to the thread

- Post as many references as you like in your order form.

- PM Quatro with a wicked awesome bribe that'll get you chosen!

- Post your order information anytime, but you'll have better luck when I'm around and looking to art

- Casually post your own art/creations (difference between showing off and advertising!)

- Roleplay, chat, bump and debate in this thread.

- Input is encouraged, but the final style of the end product is up to Quatro's discretion.

- Funny inspiring convo's or helping Quatro with her quest may get you free art!

User Image


- Begin a trade with Quatro when she has not confirmed your order. (it will be canceled)

- DO NOT PM me your order form under ANY circumstances

- Make orders that are not Gaia related (OC's, evolving pets, furries. etc)

- Expect to be chosen simply because I'm looking to art

- Cancel your order when Quatro has already approved & is working on it.

- Begin drama in this thread with other visitors/thread owner.

- Request for an art slot to be saved or reserved for you.

- Advertise your contest, quest, artwork, etc in this thread (right only given to regulars)

I reserve the right to refuse service to ANYONE
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(ANY gen of EI is fine!)
This entire post is dedicated to the items you can use to pay for Quatro arts! Items are known to change as the cash shop changes.

Single art= 1 Cash Shop item AND RIG item
Couple art= 2 Cash Shop Items OR RIG bundle

Which ones is Quatro looking for? Either check her Profiles WISHLIST, or toss her a PM.

Don't have EI's? PM me, we'll talk.


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QuatroARTS has gotten more casual! Simply check my post history to see if I'm looking for art and express your interest! We can PM or chat via thread to quibble over the details once you are chosen. I will quote you if I pick you!

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Click the samples image above to be sent to the QuatroArts DeviantART page!

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New banner!

[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/art-shops-and-requests/quatro-arts/t.12795073_1/#1][img]http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r184/QuatroArts/Art shop signs/thread-clicker.png[/img][/url]

First QuatroArts banner
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FIND YOUR ARTIST! A great thread featuring a front page full of artists listings from A to Z! Check out prices, artist info and samples of their art all in this thread! (You can even find me in there) This is the PLACE to check out if your looking for just that right style! The ultimate link for all your artsy needs

User Image

A HIGHLY SARCASTIC GUIDE Are you totally thinking of making an art shop, but figure outright copying someone isn't your best bet? Then check out Djubre's Guide on not only making a great art shop, but making sure you aren't a l33t Gaia shop loser.
Which reminds me, I should bone up on some hard lessons and fix some areas of MY shop. Excuse me.

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Donators & Gifts

heart Jacky Boy (Tickets for my Royal Crown quest! 4laugh )
heart Scorpious (50000 gold!)
heart Jen-Til (Tin hat, Faunzy's Flute)
heart K4g3ryu (Kelp of th' Loch)
heart Princes-Fangoria-Pagan (All KINDS of gifts, freebies and goodies!)
IrishEnchantress (20000 gold)
heart Shmooze (10000 gold)
heart Kiodie Raventree (an OMG spirit!)
heart BlackAnglesKiss (Alruna's Rose & Nitemare headband)
heart Lunaii (Skunk plushie & Grace of Anteros)
heart Damio Roncartia (Goodies and gifts up the wazoo)
heart Nikichik (Mercury's Moon donation!)
heart Mala Fide (Lots and lots of goldies!)
heart Queen Taru (gifted Quatro a Mercury's Moon!)
heart BWO Spartan-490 (donation of goldies for Quatro arts!)
heart Vix Viral (tickets and tokens)
heart Mokoni (gifted 'let it snow'!)
heart Sachi Aray (Too many gifts to count!)
heart Jskill3t (Sinister Scarf)
heart Chocolate Parents (quest donation)
heart The Resurrectionist (Cardinal!)
heart [DarkDreams] (Mizuchi's Jewel!)
heart Shironoks (SDPlus Sam doll!)
heart Chamo (Gifts galore!)
heart Hiyate Uncia (Wishlist gifter!)
heart Brett Casey (Wishlist gifter!)
heart VioIette (art & item gifter!)
heart Moust (inks and tickets!)
heart Nikichik (gold goodness!)

Black & White ink donators
Aekea Kai
Queen of Insomnia
Nom Amor
Belleza Destruida
Darkness Everlasting
Phaeri TorAna
Jester Sprita
The Extortionist
Burnt Cookiez x-x

Credit and tools used

Fonts used from- www.dafont.com
Textures used from- various sources, but mainly http://www.cgtextures.com
Brush sets used from open sources found on http://www.deviantart.com
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Past Updates...

April 3rd 2013

Whoa, blast from the past? What's Quatro doing here and what is she up to?

- Woefully not drawing on Gaia, BUT! There has been a slew of activity over at deviantART!

- If adoptables, breeding and cute little creatures are your bag join me in the newly launched Starfall Island!. A fun adoptables group where you can tame a starfall pet of our very own!

- There are freebies currently being released so snatch one up if you can! Heck, if you know friends who're mad about breedables/adoptables send them on over too! I'd love to see the lot of you having fun with me in my new home surprised

User Image

UPDATE MAY 7th 2011 exclaim


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

The cheapest Quatro art you'll see this side of a freebie thread! Got some extra SDPlus Dolls valued at or under 200k? Then I want them AND am willing to trade some avatar art for them! Click the image above to check out my thread and offer up some stuff!

exclaim UPDATE NOVEMBER 8th 2009 exclaim


Another Hallows Eve gone by and another successful freebie thread,. Thanks to everyone- new and old for coming in, keeping us at the front page and just having a grand old time. I want to formally thank all the amazing guest artists who took time out of the event to contribute to all the great artwork that was given out, free of charge. much love to ya!
Most importantly, I was to thank all the Gaians who stuck around nightmare on 4th street and made the thread home base for chat, humor and lurking, without you, us artists would have no one to draw!
Here's to another great event!

exclaim UPDATE OCTOBER 11th 2009 exclaim


What is every Foury's favorite holiday? Halloween of course! The Gaia event is so close I can almost taste it, and along with it- FREEBIES!
That's right, another event thread courtesy of the Q. Once the event forum is open to the public, this handy dandy thumbnail below will link you to the event thread. Enjoy!
(Thanks to chrom0 for this years thread title!)

User Image

Oh and congrats to Oclupaca for making the winning post on page 20k! Wowza!

exclaim UPDATE OCTOBER 1st 2009 exclaim


What is every Foury's favorite holiday? Halloween of course! Kind of in an artistic rut and home sick for a couple days, so I've opened up a temp shop to snag some bad moons. Go check it out!

User Image

exclaim UPDATE April 16th, 2009 exclaim

Quatro's Chocolate Bunny Mansion Closes its Doors

I have to say that, without a doubt, these freebie events are starting to get ridiculously awesome- and the bunny mansion was no exception. Thousands of you came, lurked, goofed around and posted amazing art (which can be viewed on the front page). Much more art than I excpeted! It was quite the hangout and place to be while you hunted for eggs or retold your exploits in ZOMG. I hope everyone got what they wanted! Thanks for making yet another fantastical event a success everyone!

exclaim UPDATE April 9th, 2009 exclaim

Quatro's Chocolate Bunny Mansion is a Go!

Heya Folks! Hef Quatro here taking the time out of my busy bunny schedule to let my chocolate bunnies have a field day during this Easter event. We'll be on the lookout for guest artists and event hopping Gaians willing to join in our melt in your mouth and not in your hand shenanigans. Come join the fun by clicking the handy dandy link below!

User Image

exclaim UPDATE April 2nd, 2009 exclaim

April Fools!

Muahahaha! I totally had you going, didn't I? No, I wasn't hacked, and yes, it was me posting those horrible all caps n00b posts yesterday. All is well, just messing around during the first.
I'll be reverting the thread back to art shop mode even though I'm still closed. I'll be listing my past to-do list as well as the art trade winners in the waitlist section. Cheers!

exclaim UPDATE March 13th, 2009 exclaim

Love For Your Fellow Artist Mini Event A Success!

I had my doubts about QuatroArts' first mini event, but it went down much better than I actually expected! A whole slew of talented and awesome artists showed up and posted some spectacular work. I had quite a time only picking six to fill the available slots, but it was done! Thank you to all who participated and took time to
read the rules and make this an awesome first mini event!

exclaim UPDATE March 6th, 2009 exclaim

Love For Your Fellow Artist Mini Event!

Begins March 12th, 2009 at 3pm PST

Trying something a little different this time around- next slot opening will be opening ONLY FOR ART TRADES. Ignore my pricelist for now- your riches are no longer good here.
Once my slots empty and I'm ready to roll, this is how it's going to work out:

-Artists will post a form with samples of their work and a request of what they want drawn
-If I like your work/style, I'll put you on the list! Simple as that.

Not an artist? you can always hire an artist to represent you! (I will only be trading product for ONE person though. you can't have an artist offer a trade and expect a drawing for you AND the artist).

I will be giving my fellow artists a 10 to 20 minute window to post their offers, then I will start filling slots. Orders posted BEFORE my go'ahead green post will be ignored! So best of luck to everyone- hope to see some awesome art!

exclaim UPDATE Febraury 1st 2009 exclaim

Love for your fellow Artist
Trying something a little different this time around- next slot opening will be opening ONLY FOR ART TRADES. Ignore my pricelist for now- your riches are no longer good here.
Once my slots empty and I'm ready to roll, this is how it's going to work out:

-Artists will post a form with samples of their work and a request of what they want drawn
-If I like your work/style, I'll put you on the list! Simple as that.

Not an artist? you can always hire an artist to represent you! (I will only be trading product for ONE person though. you can't have an artist offer a trade and expect a drawing for you AND the artist).

more details will be posted as my slots near empty status.

exclaim UPDATE Febraury 13th 2009 exclaim

Another Holiday, Another Freebie Thread!

Valentines Day approaches and with it- artsu! QuatroArts is once again going to be bestowing any Gaian loving it up this VDay event with some freebie action! The freebie thread is accessible through our 'Qupid' struck fellow below- come on in!

User Image

exclaim UPDATE January 13th, 2009 exclaim

OPENING TODAY. JAN 15TH (3:00pm PST- closed at 3:30pm PST)

It's been a long time coming and heck- its about time! QuatroArts is ready to open again! surprised I know I'll be butting heads with the new donation items being revealed, but just remember you can use them as payment as well!
So get those order forms ready, something tells me its going to be pretty crazy. Remember you can ONLY post your orders once I respond in the thread in green like so:

Slots are officially open! I will be considering orders made after this post. Best of luck!

I will be giving Gaians a 5 to 10 minute window to post their orders, then I will start filling slots. Orders posted BEFORE this green post will be ignored! So best of luck to everyone- hope to see some awesome orders! 3nodding

exclaim UPDATE December 15th, 2008 AND A QUATRO IN A PEAR TREE!

Yep, you guessed it, the Xmas event is here and I'm calling one and all to join in the festivities Gaia style! Swing by the event forum and battle it out like you've battled it every event for some freebie action!

User Image

exclaim UPDATE October 23rd, 2008- exclaim

The Gaia event is heeeere! Come one come all and join in my haunted event thread to chat, spook and ghoul it up. Hey, you might just get an awesome freebie from me or any of the other artists who happen by, but you gotta be in costume! wink

Link to the event thread is below- just click the haunted house! twisted

User Image

exclaim UPDATE September 19th, 2008- exclaim

Gaia is on GIM!

Lookit Gaia Online being all innovative. I've signed in and am online with the live action! I'm available to answer questions, listen to rants and have hawt sexy convos at the speed of words per minute!

exclaim UPDATE August 13th, 2008- QUATRO SICK! exclaim

Ugh, crap. sad I think I caught something from a customer at work. I feel horrible. Shouldn't there be a rule against catching anything a week after you birthday?
Apologies to those I've been bribed by as well as the last two lovely ladies on the list. I just don't have the strength to stay on my comp for very long until I need to puke or sleep (yea yea, TMI, I know sweatdrop ).
I'll more than likely try and finish up these commissions by traditional means this time around since working on a piece of paper will prove easier than trying to stay on my comp working on it digitally. If the current folks on the list aren't cool with that, by all means toss me a PM and we can talk.

exclaim UPDATE July 28th, 2008- RENOVATION COMPLETE! exclaim

Its been a long time coming, but Quatro arts is back and better than ever! New graphics, new prices and future in-thread are on the horizon so hang on and enjoy the ride! 3nodding
but you're prolly just here because you want the goods, right? when does Quatro arts open for business??

Slots will be available July 29th, 2008 at 2pm (PST)

The opening sure came in with a bang! Orders came rocketing in here once the clock struck 2pm- I am not only flattered by the response, but amazed at how many Gaians came out of the woodwork and posted orders. Thank you so much to everyone who shows an interest for Quatro arts 3nodding I can't do this without ya! Be sure to keep an eye on the front page for news as to when slots will be opening up again.


Finally! Another event is upon us, and its Aekea or bust! Come join your fellow checkered brethren and mingle with other teams as well in the Rejected artists Olympics freebie thread. Follow the link to artsies!
exclaim UPDATE June 24th 2008-UNDER RENOVATION! exclaim
Will re-open after the Gaia Olympic event (Begins July 21st)

] exclaim UPDATE! Oct 30th, 2007- Freebie art for Halloween!

It's heeeere. Stake & bite! Come be my first victim customer! evil

You heard right folks! Not too sure on how Gaia will be hosting the upcoming Halloween event, but if an event forum crops up (and I'm sure it will), be sure to keep an eye out for a freebie thread I'll be making. I had such success being a mere artist lackey in a fellow artists thread during the water balloon event and had such a blast I am more than happy to spread some free art love again. How can you resist spooky Quatro art of your avatar in a patch of pumpkins, petting the dreaded unlucky black cat, or just being plain spooky? For FREE~! eek It's so awesome its scary!!! xd
Be sure to check the update section once the date creeps up for further details and where to find me. Muahahaha!

exclaim UPDATE! August 29th, 2007GO AEKEA TEAM!

Quatro Arts has teamed up with ixisstar to bring you some FREE art awesomeness! On the Aekea team? Want a joint to pump, chat and get freebie art to your hearts content? Then check out ixisstars >>PUMP FOR ART!<< thread in the event forum. biggrin Be sure to check out the second post for my freebie art as well!

Take me to the event thread! =D

exclaim UPDATE! August 9th, 2007
Volcanoes and Birthdays

Hey Folks! didn't think you'd see me again did'ja? Contrary to popular reports, no I didn't vanish into the interweb recesses- I've been out of state...err, out of the country even! Spent a glorious month in Nicaragua getting to know my culture and seeing family I've never met before. I even hung out on an island that was made up of two humongous volcanoes that are STILL ACTIVE. Talk about exhilarating! A truly glorious experience. My apologies to all who've been wondering where I am.

Not only that, my birthday is coming up tomorrow! eek Thats right, the world was graced with my artful wonderousness on August 10th- granted the art upon birth didn't really look all that impressive and I spent more time drooling over art supplies instead of using them, but thats besides the point. sweatdrop Needless to say the party will be going from the 10th to the 11th, but after that I'll be back to serve all your crazy art needs. Thaaats right, just stuff me back in my dungeon and crack the whip for me to draw faster...I've missed it so... crying

exclaim UPDATE! Febraury 05, 2007
Pressing pause!

No no, that doesnt mean my life is a movie (although that'd be pretty awesome. Perhaps a romantic comedy?), it just means that the thread'll be on hold for a while. My arm is KILLING me. Silly Quatro has been at it for much too long and her body is warning her to back off or risk falling off of the arm sweatdrop and well, I happen to like my arm so I'm going to listen. I probably wont be about as much either. I'll try to fill up slots and start up commisions when my arm is feeling better. Catch you crazy cats later! heart

exclaim UPDATE! Febraury 1st, 2007
User Image
Priority Extravaganza! (cancelled until further notice)

You heard right, to mark the occasion of the new month, new prices and whatnot, I'll be opening up slots ONLY for priority letter orders! You have from now until the 15th to place an order. biggrin So if you have a letter (or three!) handy, come and post a request, the slots are open for youuuuu rofl

EDIT: Just to clarify, seeing that these slots will be open to priority orders until the 15th, I'll PM the Gaians I've chosen to work on requests or you can just be sure to check the front page- so if you don't recieve anything, take that as a polite 'no thank you' sweatdrop

(Information on priority letters found in the third post- be sure to look it over before asking any questions)
exclaim UPDATE! January 12th, 2007
Change in Prices?


OMG!!!! IT LOOKS SO DAMN GOOD!!! I love it. I love it! I LOVE IT!!! -pets it gently- You should SO up your prices...your art is too good to be simply 9k a single. Really.

User Image

Ryanna Silverthorn

Yeah, at least 15k a single.

whiskey sour
User Image

You definitely need to bump up your prices.
Make it worth your while!

Believe it or not, due to popular demand my prices are a'changing. Not just because of comments made today, but comments made to me by customers AND fellow artists concerning my prices. I've bumped the prices a little here and there, but its time to put it up to a vote. I mean who better to decide on prices for Quatro Arts than the customers themselves?

So please vote wisely or discuss it here in the thread. Changes will take place begining February 1st.

exclaim UPDATE! January 10th, 2007

Whew, new year, new city, new TOWN! Oh and lets not forget- I'm open again! biggrin I missed you guys. Thank you to everyone who came by the thread to bump, chat, RP or just whatever. It means alot that even on haitus you guys were keeping me on the front page. heart So! a few changes. The priority letters option has been updated due to the change in donation items- be sure to read that. Also, the prices for couple sigs have been numped up. sad Sorry folks. The upside is, I only seem to bump up prices every YEAR, so get all the sigs you can!

I'll add more to this update when new things crop up, in the meantime, its just good to be back!
exclaim UPDATE! Sept 5th 2006
Wow, time flies don't it? and still no Quatro to be found. I know, I've been away for quite some time, but life hasn't exactly decided to see with me eye to eye. I've got my computer set up enough to be able to check Gaia everyday, but when it comes to the matter of scanner, digital art programs, I'm still lacking. Rest assured, those still on the list are having their pieces worked on- you haven't been forgotten! I am able and willing to finish these in traditional media (Which would be prisma color markers and or colored pencils if you wish)- I can even just do black and white commisions of my linework. Please post here or PM me if those options suit your liking or if you'd just rather wait for your digitally colored work.

I'm working hard to get my tablet and scanner out of storage to use, but for now I'll no doubt be carting orders to school to scan them in and doing what I can.

EDIT:This is just to clarify: I am not taking on new orders until I have the means to work on sigs comfortably here IRL land. It would be unfair to get into compromises with Gaians when I might not have the means to deliver. So please, no new requests until I ask for them please.

exclaim UPDATE! June 27, 2006[
Quatro is MOVING! Not from Gaia ,but IRL folks! got everything packed and the last thing to go is my computer, so I wont be able to submit anything online for a while. That and on top of everything my graphics card has finally kicked the bucket and stopped working today. Currently saving up and looking to get a replacement so that I can finish work on sigs, but until then I'm 'Out of Order' so to speak sad

I'll try and keep you updated as to my status as long as I have an internet connection. More than likely I'll be moved into my new place and have my comp ready to work on art by July. Thanks for your patience everybody!

exclaim UPDATE! April 27th, 2006
Added two new tiny Quatro Arts! banners for your use. (Found in the fifth post under 'Banners & links') Please help advertise the thread by placing a banner in your sig! biggrin
Also, be sure to check out the freebies section to find out which page numbers you need to hit to get a free sig!

Also posted my (totally not art related) info for Animal Crossing for the DS in the events & goodies section below. Got a town you want to show off? Looking to get other fruit? Lets swap codes!

exclaim UPDATE! April 22nd, 2006
After much deliberation, the winners of the party to page 1000 are here! Keep in mind these people were chosen based on the rules posted:
1.) You need to be RP-ing
2.) You need to be partyin'!
3.) BUMP posts wont win you a spot- even if you get a spot in the first 3 posts.
That and the people chosen looked like they were having fun! It was an awsome read. They weren't posting big long essays describing how they took a drink and they werent posting one-liners either. A perfect blend heart
It was a tough decision, but unfortunately I only found two people who were consistant and really stood out as they partied to page 1000. So congrats to you two, you earned it!

Yyuli and Chrisetterabu!
and winner of best RP-er overall: o0Storm0o
Prize relinquished to R10129

exclaim UPDATE! April 19th, 2006...
Added a few things here and there to the front page in response to some of the posts I've been reading. Here's a quick overview:
~ Added an example to the art request form. Mystehs Listeh is a great help to me, but NOT when people are getting on that list with order forms filled out incorrectly. Here's hoping my example clears a couple things up.
~ Added a status bar so you guys know whats going on with me- if I'm busy,, who'se sig I'm currently working on, etc. Also added a 'determined date for slots to open' notice for people to refer to. Due to the event taking place that feature wont be used until we reach page 1000 wink
~ I've removed the 1k+1 letter way of payment as well as brought the price of single sigs to 8K to even out the gap between couple sig and single sig prices. So now the only form of payment involving letters is the priority option. pending commissions will not be affected by the price spike.
~ oooh added a shiny new poll! biggrin Vote for what kind of event you want to see featured here in Quatro arts next! If you have questions on the event choices or have a suggestion of your own, feel free to tell me!

exclaim UPDATE! April 12th, 2006
Made a deviantart page to showcase all the art sigs I've been doing, so be sure to check it out, find your sig and gush over it, or if you have a DA account leave a comment, make your presence known! Follow the scarlet brick road...

exclaim UPDATE! April 10th, 2006
Party For Page 1000 is underway! Come on and join in the merriment, RP, chat and what have you while we party our way to page 1000! biggrin

exclaim UPDATE! April 9th, 2006
Everyone's favorite 'Thread in Review' author has become none other than the newest member of the Royal Gaurd- Miss 'lucky' 3 of clubs! biggrin Be sure to congratulate her if you see her about and watch out for those head bashin' clubs wink

exclaim UPDATE! March 30th, 2006
Ryanna Silverthorn (Miss 2 of Hearts) inducted and knighted as the first member of the Royal Gaurd! Beautiful Violence has followed as a second (Miss 2 of spades) Please be sure to keep an eye on the 8th post of this page to learn more!

UPDATE! March 27th 2006
*cuts the ribbon*
Quatro Arts re-vamped and moved to a new location! Update your bookmarks folks biggrin
WHEE! 4laugh heart First Post! <33 great art quatro!
So like.. why the new shop?
fairy can`t afford quatro arts so she wished you good luck~
[D u c k y]
WHEE! 4laugh heart First Post! <33 great art quatro!

Heey congrats on the first post!

*reminds herself to think of a prize*

Thank you very much. Make yourself at home

;w; thanks for the thought!

^__^;; I was actually suscribed here before the second post was reserved! XD I plan on getting a slot this time and hanging out with the fabulous Quatro-sensei ne <3
<Stalks for spot> ninja

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