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Well, is it bad to eat them raw?

Yes 0.25641025641026 25.6% [ 10 ]
No 0.74358974358974 74.4% [ 29 ]
Total Votes:[ 39 ]
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it is bad 2 eat it raw cuz it can give u worms
It's bad to eat Maruchan ramen period.

I wouldn't say its bad to eat it raw though. I used to have these Japanese snacks as a kid that was essentially ramen noodles with the flavoring coated on it. If I didn't have them, I would mash up a bag of instant ramen, add the powder and eat it as is.
No, it's fine to eat them raw. Ramen is deep fried before packaging, so it's already cooked when you buy it. When you boil them you're softening the noodles not cooking them.

You're not going to get worms from packaged ramen noodles, it might happen with fresh noodles if they are massively ******** up while being made. Though if the noodles could give you worms I wouldn't even eat them cooked.
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Where the hell is this worm rumor coming from? Is it something like Bubble Yum containing spider eggs that would hatch in your stomach or pop rocks and coke consumed together would cause your guts to explode?

Urban myth is myth-tastic, guys. I call shenanigans.

And yes, like the others have said, packaged ramen is either baked or fried at the factory. It's cooked, it won't do anything to you.
That said, its processed junk food and should only be had in moderation.
Well, it's not good for you whether it's cooked or dry, but since it's fried before being packaged, it's not going to be any worse than eating it as a soup. If you have it dry with the seasoning, you might just want to have a glass of water afterwards though, so you don't get dehydrated from the salt.
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I do it all the time and nothing bad has happened to me yet.
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My friend ALWAYS eats it like that, and he shares them with me. Tastes pretty good, and I bet it won't do much to your system.
its bad for your teeth, but its really good and i dont see anything wrong with it!
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        instant noodles are unhealthy,
        boiled or straight out of the package.

        butyeah; other than that,
        there's nothing wrong with eating them " raw "
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It's not worse than eating it cooked. Actually, it might be better if you don't eat the seasoning and even if you do put the seasoning on it most of it will fall to the bottom.
Seriously though, that stuff's fried.
Is it bad to eat them raw? Because I've done that, well, sort of a lot.

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no way i do it allthe time and it tastes way better like that and im not fat either but it tastes best eating it witrh the chicken seasoning
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I eat it raw, and it doesn't hurt me. It's just crunchy ^^
My mom says it's not okay, but I don't really see the reason... ^^'''
So, I think it's alright. :3

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