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I like the skinny ones.
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same, too many big muscles is a turn off >>
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I like more of the lean muscle look like soccer players or swimmers have. Stick thin guys like the first pic look sic and I think big buff guys intimidate me to much or they usually don't have a lifestyle that I'm down with.
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these guy essentially have the same figure as your first guy you posted, do they still rack up the sexy points?

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I suppose I'm what you call squishy.
I agree ._. guys that are too buff usually scare me crying
I'm starting to love my boyfriend's build more and more. He's way too muscly to be considered skinny and has pretty nice big arms, but he's not freakishly buff. He thinks his belly is too soft and wants his 6 pack back, but I don't think you need a six pack to have sexy abs, as long as you don't have prominent gut.

In general I like strong arms, broad shoulders and strong cores. Flat stomachs are pretty damn sexy. Also, curved waists. emotion_dowant

As for the pics:
I don't really find the first picture attractive, though I do like his stomach and it looks like he's got pretty toned arms. I think I'm off put by the whole scene/emo look. It just doesn't do it for me here.

I'd probably piss the second guy off by playing with and giggling at his pecs. Too ridiculous.
Other than those, me gusta.
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I like my skinny boys too. emotion_dowant
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I don't like them emo skinny; eww. But, I don't like them buff. I'm in the middle. Though, picture number two, definitely. I liked toned to average body built nothing fancy.

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