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i wud not move 2 japan bcuz there R 2 many japs and i hate japs

but yet you like anime which the Japanese make?
I went there a couple summers ago and it wasn't that bad. But I'd rather live in America.


(from a non-Japanese speaker point of view)

+Lots of sodas, and soda is good.
-You don't know what soda is what and you sometimes buy crap soda.
+Manga is teh cheapness
-I don't know wtf any of the words in the previously purchased manga said so I paid ~$2.30 for a big book of black and white pictures
+/-Because I can't read Japanese I accidentally bought a porno mag. when I was randomly picking up s**t in the cnvenience store lol
-Most other stuff is expensive as hell. -_-;

I don't think I'd choose to live there over the U.S. though. I don't like anime THAT much. o_O
i would definitely like to visit, but i wouldnt plan on being an 'oetaku' or looking for anime shops and stuff.. i mean.. i can't read japanese enough *yet* to buy a comic in japanese.. PLUS people who call themselves oetakus are frowned upon in Japan because there was a killer who killed girls to make them his 'perfect dolls' like in anime, and he called himself 'the oetaku'

and i dont think i would live there without having visited it first, i mean.. i have no family or best friends there.. but it would be cool to learn the language, i already teach myself a bit, and the culture is awesome.. theres plenty of differences to keep one entertained for ages biggrin
i wanna live in japan but everything there is soo evpensive
I want do went there for Holiday but I donĀ“t want to live there.

yeah, cuz I can't read Japanese. But I got lots to buy.
i'm going in december of 2004 biggrin
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I'd love to live in Japan, as soon as I'm done with my lessons of learning japanese. But I don't want to go there as an exchange student for the summer, but my mom is making me. sweatdrop
I wan 2 live in Japan.. those ppl r coool..
god i would want to go there So badly
*smiles lightly* i would like to live in Japan. it might be fun over there. *laughs sweetly.*
i wanna live there for a while as well
I HAVE to go to Japan in 2006!!! I cried cuz i tought: "If i take a lot years here, my favorite singers will be dead or retired...omg crying "
And I love cold places XDD ill be really happy there XDD even if i become a slave XDD
i would like to visit there someday. even if i odn't know the language.
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I definitely want to visit, but I don't think it would be any day soon. The culture is very different, just like in any other place. Your culture won't be the same as the culture from Australia, Kenya, Israel, Puerto Rico...I can go on forever.
i wanna live there for a while as well

If you're not Japanese, they don't want you.

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