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I know that I want to live in Japan, or at least visit there for a couple of years. xd
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Not me.
Too many monsters.
Too many Japanese people...
i do too me and my friends are go there the end of this year
Too many Japanese people...

what's that suppose to mean? stare i've lived there until recently... it's not an otaku's paradise or anything... jsut as much of a normal place is america is .... ( is it?)
its going to be fun smile
Vash600090 hey when are u going
I want do went there for Holiday but I donĀ“t want to live there.
I want to! I bet they have a lot of anime places(shops and such) there... that's not the only reason I want to go there though. I also want to learn about different cultures(and from what I know, Japan is cool!!!).
Vash600090 hey when are u going

I have no clue, I'm probably going with my friend once he finishes school. whee
i'd go there to check out all the anime, manga, and games that they have available there that they don't in the U.S. biggrin and to learn of the japanese culture, lifestyle , customs, language, and check out some shrines while i'm at it. i'm planning to go there with my sister and friends when we're of age.
not really
I've seen large numbers of Anime fans who want to move to or visit Japan. Until they try to learn the language, find out about Japanese teeth, discover what they view as an excellent meal etc etc. wink

If you can get past those obsticles it's a great country and culture. But like any culture not your own, it has it's oddities.
i admit it would kinda be cool, but i like it here, with my friends whee

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