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no it was a joke i am japaneses
Nah. Heard school's way too hard, and the place is crowded anyways. I wouldn't fit in with the whole organization thing either. Plus, it'd be a b***h to learn the language. 3nodding

sweatdrop I might be wrong about what I said, but this is what I've heard. I'm sure it'd be nice to visit, though.

Well at least visit it alot!

And I am all most good at Japanese language!
no it was a joke i am japaneses
With all the trouble I've seen you cause in the A/M/C these past couple of days, I'm surprised the mods haven't banned you yet... stare

'Jap' is a racial slur, learn that, you troll.
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I wanted to live there since before I got into anime. The anime only inhanced the want to live there.
i dont wanna live there, but i wanna visit japan
i want to!
I DO!~!!!!...

Exept for the earthquakes eek
i want 2 live there 'causeit looks cool and Kagome lived there sweatdrop heart redface 3nodding *gotta love Inu Yasha*
oooooooo i ant to go soooooo badly my dads taking me soon crying im sooo happy
oooooooo i ant to go soooooo badly my dads taking me soon crying im sooo happy and yeah im afraid of the earthquakes sweatdrop crying
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I don't know I means I don't want to go just go there for anime. I want to learn about the culture and language first then I will go for a visit then I will find out if I want to live there xp . Monsters live there I could get foot prints and sell them on ebay xd .
i really want to live in japan very bad

me and my friends are going to make a horror game in japan.
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I really wanna go and see what it's like 3nodding
Nope. I wouldn't want to live in Japan. Why? They don't want me.

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