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I wanna live in Japan for a year or two
I wanna get lots of anime and eat lots of food
*mmmm oodles and noodles*
and I want to check out some of the technology there
Japan sucks.
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I know that I want to live in Japan, or at least visit there for a couple of years. xd

Same here. whee
Too many Japanese people...

what's that suppose to mean? stare i've lived there until recently... it's not an otaku's paradise or anything... jsut as much of a normal place is america is .... ( is it?)

i would have to agree with her im in japan right now and its not bad..
Well, it all depends on which part of Japan you live in...
I would want to visit Japan there are alot of anime's there.
Japan sucks.
Japan sucks? Since when did Japan have a mouth?
i would go for a week but you wouldn't under stand what there talking about. they could be dissing you behind your back.
I used to tell myself I'd go live there right after I finish high school but I've decided that after I've finished university and got a good job I'll visit once or twice, then spend a few months then decide if I like it. Just moving there could be a shock, you have to get used to the culture and all.
Japan has always fascinated me. The culture, the people, the customs, the food. They're all so interesting.
Little Indigo
Japan sucks.
Japan sucks? Since when did Japan have a mouth?

Since I changed my name to Japan. xd
3nodding I want to live in Japan!!!!!!! 3nodding Three of my friends live there! I miss them crying .
i totally want to live in japan when i learn how to talk japanese or stay for a few years! heart
Umn, I don't wanna really live there really.
I'm an anime fan and all, but for me, I'm going to Japan for a year or two because it's my heritage and I have relatives over there and everything. I'm gonna learn the language, history, and that kinda stuff, 'cause well, I need to learn it to communicate better with my family (and mother)

But, while I'm there, since I am an Anime fan, I might look at stuff, buy stuff, that is related, but the main reason I want to go there for a year or two is what I said above. I like America, personally, and I wouldn't really want to live in Japan...like...for ever, or for the rest of my life or anything, unless (somehow) I get really attached over there. But I doubt it. I like where I live just fine.
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Since I changed my name to Japan. xd
Rawr.. heart
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Since I changed my name to Japan. xd
Rawr.. heart

xd heart
<racist comment>

That's it. I'm sick of you.

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