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I've always wanted to visit. But never live there.
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Okami Attorney
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I've always wanted to visit. But never live there.
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i agree.
Okami Attorney
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I've always wanted to visit. But never live there.
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Same. I want to go, take a few pictures, and move on. I feel like I'd stick out too much living in Japan, and I can't stomach some of the food. Besides, I want to offend as few people as possible with my horrible Japanese.
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I just wanna visit and see the sights not set roots down there.
Never want to live there, and as far as visiting goes...eh, there are other places I'd rather go first.
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I dont want to live there,
just visit c:
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japan doesn't really interest me

i'd rather go to england or vietnam if i'm going to travel
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i would LOVE to live there, or at least visit with a friend. whee
Do I? Maybe to the nature and buildings at night. My friends go and my mom's friend goes around spring time al the time.....I wanna go only when I know no natural disasters will happen. 3nodding
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I'd like to live in Japan for a study abroad session, not forever. My major is East Asian Studies, so it's recommended I study abroad in either China or Japan. I'm choosing Japan because China's too uptight for me and I don't want to keep watching what I say lest I get in trouble for it. Also, if I study abroad in China, I'd be restricted as to what websites I can go on since China has a ban on certain websites.

EDIT: WTF necro'd thread.
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The recent disaster in Japan doesn't want to make me live there, but a visit would be nice.
Old thread is old but oh well. It's a nice place to visit or maybe to study abroad but I wouldn't want to live there permanently. Too many god damn earthquakes over there.
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I'd rather go to england or norway.

England mainly because of the punkish styles they have there, plus the weather's nice around autum.

Norway because on the history channel it looked absolutely stunning, the scenery made me want to visit.

Japan isn't in the best of shape yet. : U
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The tsunami really crushed my dream. But..
I think I want to help them.
I mean their culture is beautiful. I love their media and we're great allies.
I mean.. did you know they actually helped to restore an old cabin here in Kansas?
Kansas is where I live. But they helped us during their troubles the tsunami caused them. <3

Not to mention I want to fit many little shotacons in a huge suitcase if I ever returned home. /*****

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