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but i would make ninja games mostly since those are cool ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja
I've been to Japan twice. It's Heaven! But the cost of living there is very high. Still, I wouldn't mind living there, find my true-luv, raise a family, etc.. But my Japanese language skills are <poop>. I'd probably end up on the streets as a bum in less than a week xp
I would like too, but it isn't Otaku heaven(as stated on page 1), but I would like to go there, to continue on in my samurai studies.
i already do

<center><img src=http://www.imgmag.org/images/gaymenchildren/princresult.jpg><
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i wanna live there for a while as well

If you're not Japanese, they don't want you.
They would want me because I am so sexy.
i would love to live in japan...

i am fluent in japanese music and anime...

especially Inu Yasha!

i love him
ya i wont to live in japan
i would love to live in japan...

i am fluent in japanese music and anime...

especially Inu Yasha!

i love him

Fluent in japanese music and anime?
Well, then you should be all set! The japanese are addicted to anime and will support any anime fan forever with their lifetime supply of anime!
i wanna live in japan so i can watch the new naruto movie cuming out in august =D
sweatdrop Hmm.. I would want to go there for vacation, not live there.
But, I guess it would be kind of interesting. 3nodding
I'd visit. In fact, I plan to visit once in my lifetime. But I don't think I could live there.
I would love to live in Japan. Sometimes I'd wish I was Japanese. But now I don't. I like being me. And I am somewhat in envy of them since my boyfriend keeps talking about how sexy they are and whenever he sees a Japanese or Korean girl he drools, pisses me off a lot. But in the end he says he'd prefer me. Whatever.. Makes me so upset.. and over such a little stupid thing. He's lucky that I care and love him so much or else I'd kick him to the curb already!!! But instead all I did was punch him and s**t. We just had a little fist fight. stressed
im going there after highschool ^^ can't wait but going to japan is my dream whee
i would love to live in japan ^^ whee but it costs so much to fly their, let alone live their >.<

mew, i hope i get to go their one day, for a month or two ^^ that would be great ^^ i love japanese people ^^ and their are allready so many places i want to see, if i did end up going i would be on the move 24/7 ^^

maki heart
Not me. Cost of living is high. I'd have to learn the language. Foreigners stick out like a sore thumb. Only benefit I can think of us being able to walk to a store to buy screentones.

Besides, I like where I am.

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