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i plan on become a gamedesginer in japan
I would love to live in Japan!!!
All I have to do is learn the language.
my friend made this and he must be rich now
i going to go to japan next summer.I have an aunt that married a japanese man.
I want to go but I don't think I'd survive with the food; I'm a picky eater...
im going to move to japan when i turn 18 or 19.
1st...i'm going tu learn japanese...then mover there tu work at an anime production company...any place that makes anime the way i do ^____^ and i'ma gonna marry my bf heart mike heart there (eventually)...and our kids are gonna grow up there....and....yeah......... whee
I'd love to live there...don't think I'd be able to get a job there anyway. From what I've heard, anime studios are picky about who they hire. Something about how non-asian people can't make "real" anime. Oh well. I'm off to NYC instead...at least they have anime stores.
I lived there a couple of years, and want to go back, and enjoy watching anime now and again..but the two are really not connected. Japan is a lovely place, the people are lovely, and life there is lovely - but there's not a lot to do with anime there. sweatdrop
I would want to live there just so I could have access to all of the movies that aren't released in America. But it would be in Japanese. *sigh* crying
me and my friends are going after college blaugh
Living in Japan is very VERY (very) costly.
I totally want to go to japan!!!But the problem is that i don't know japanese.. sweatdrop
I would move to japan and design games blaugh
buut of course i would have to learn japaneese xp

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