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Like Naruto? Like to RP? Well join our guild we've been here since 2007. Scroll down and take a look.

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Hidden Village's Inc.©
Hidden Villages (A Naruto RP Guild) is just as the title is implying. Hidden Villages is essentially a Roleplaying guild where you can create your own Jutsu, lead a village, or eat some Ramen, not in that direct order.

Right now we are in need of active members. Not to say that the guild has no one in it would be untrue, but we just aren't comfortable at where we are with our numbers right now. And just to show you how active we are, if you were to go to the guild homepage we have over half a million posts, more like 754,211 posts to be exact.

What makes our guild special is that your able to create your own jutsu, character, you can make them good or evil, also if you were to be good enough you could even a a demon host just like Gaara, or Naruto. You can be whatever kind of ninja you want to be in this world of Naruto.


General Guild Rules
1. Read the Rules
2. No god-moding. First offense results in a warning, while a second offense results in being banned from the guild.
3. No auto-hitting. First offense results in a warning, while a second offense results in being banned from the guild.
4. If you are killed then you must create another character and post your role-play character's death in the Death Thread.
5. Everyone starts off as an Academy Student, until you introduce yourself to your kage & post your profile in the village of your choosing
6. Follow the Ranking Rules (DO NOT auto make rpc above academy student)
7. You must have your profile posted or you do not exist
8. Follow the Gaian TOS.
9. You must be active TEN times a week.
10. You cannot make up your own bloodlines. We have them provided for you already.
11. You cannot make up your own summons. We have them provided for you already.
12. No auto-killing! Breaking of this rule results in instant banning.
13. When making your own jutsu, remember to follow the rules and regulations. Also, remember to post in the appropriate forum. Members shall post here, while Crew and up shall post here.
14. You may only be human. You cannot be part animal, a vampire, a lycan, or anything of the sort.
15. You cannot use weapons that have nothing to do with Naruto.
ie. "I take a shot gun and shoot you." Their are no such weapons in the show or manga.
16. You are not allowed to have any item that helps power up an attribute, such as speed or strength, that is not already allowed in the guild from the reward shop
17. Do not post topics that deal with complaints of any sort.
18. If you quit the guild, then just quit. Do not post a topic that states that you are leaving and why.
19. STEALING ANYTHING FROM THIS GUILD OR OTHERS to be put into your guild or our guild will be severely punished by gaia mods and my moderators so plz dont steal from us
20. No cybering. This WHOLE site is PG-13.
21. No flaming. If you have beef with others, then take it to the private messages. If you cannot say anything nice at all, then do not post at all. People are entitled to their own opinions and you do not have to agree with them.
22. Please do not come here to ask for gold or items. There is a charity place on Gaia for that and a charity place Hidden Villages is not. If you are questing for something just keep it in your signature, as you can use that as your ad space.

Everything in this guild must confer close to or exactly to Gaia's TOS.

Hidden Village's Inc.�
Hidden Villages (A Naruto RP Guild) is looking for people who will stay active and socialize with other people in the guild and get along with one another so that everyone can have a good time. Any questions that you need to ask about the guild or troubles about joining you could ask the guild Captain Makenzi Uzumaki or any of the other guild Moderators listed at the bottom of the page at the guild home. Or if none of them are online feel free to PM me -Kazugetsu-

Hidden Village's Inc.�
Let the madness begin!
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Kumogakure D-Gennin ::: Senju Clan ::: Squad [N/a]
"It has always been my rule never to smoke when asleep, and never to refrain when awake."


Come and Join us at out lovely little Hidden Villages!
How are you Kazu?


"A cigarette is the perfect type of a perfect pleasure. It is exquisite, and it leaves one unsatisfied. What more can one want?"

"Watching the smoke dance out of a cigarette is like watching a girl dance out of her dress"
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I've been feeling kind of Zombie-ish lately. I don't know what it is though.
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I think the current high light of the guild, is me attacking Ito. And you know what, I just thought of the best thing...I'm supposed to lead Akatsuki right? Well, I can have the intro to my Second RPC if I am allowed to make him and not have to use freaking Castiel as the Akatsuki Leader, and pick her up. Take in Kyuubi as my first demon, and then bam. Scare the s**t out of the other Jinchuuriki... It'll be nothing short of awesome...

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Hm...Lol, maybe something Avi related? >.>
Well, just make sure to stay away from me brains...

Death on an Epic Level for everyone? That sounds fun xD.
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Murder! Subterfuge! Sabotage!
A dark time is coming, and no one is safe~!
This may be the start of the 15th arc! LET THE GAME BEGIN ninja ninja ninja ninja
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Just joined today, the crew have all been EXTREMELY helpful in getting my RPC set up. The systems are awesome and easy to follow, can't wait to actually RP! smile
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One of the most greatest RPs I've been in. Maybe, even the best one.
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I've yet to find an rp out there as good as this one.
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join for a new experince
Join I'm telling you it will be a good decision.
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Reasons to join HV, brought to you by Bryan:

1) Mak is an awesome captain and is better than all others
2) We are literate with few exceptions
3) We have legit rules, members, consequences, bloodlines, jutsus and RP's
4) Our VC's ensure the fairness and make sure you follow the rules disabling cheating
5) We have an awesome guild name
6) cool, awesome, friendly, exciting, funny, and overall great atmosphere
7) I'm there =P

And for those of you who don't...
Heed my warning!
Beware! Beware!
bad things, horrible things will happen to you!
a fluffy tail and a small bill...
a yarmulke!
No Escape from the Yellow Death!!!!!!!!!!!
Believe Me!
Be-elieve Me!

Thanks for listening/reading! ^_^

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