Welcome to Gaia! ::

I am now born (: lmao
shiny ponkan
I am now born (: lmao

      lol. welcome !

thank you! wanna be friends? (:
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Welcome, and I hope you enjoy your time in Gaia Online.

Here's a list of ways to make gold.

Booty grab (Go to aquarium tanks that say "Booty Grab" on them)
zOMG, Gaia's sorta-kinda-MMO
Chatting in the forums (Yup! It's that easy!)
Voting in art arenas.
Playing one of the many games in Gaia. razz
selling things on the marketplace.

And there's WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more ways to earn gaia gold... I think. I know I'm forgetting at least a few.
shiny ponkan

      well i think you should look for people of similar interests first?
      they would probably be more fun to be friends with, in my opinion
      that being said, we might have a few interests in common, who knows?
      so i guess i'll just give you a few key words about myself ~
      anime. roleplaying. pokemon. bisexual. fooood
      you can run away now if you want. 8D

lol uhm.
food anime and i'm bisexual lol
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Welcome to the Community!
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Hello, welcome to Gaia Online. I hope you have a wonderful time here.
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I am now born (: lmao
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I am now born (: lmao
lol Welcome to Gaia
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I am now born (: lmao

congrats! XD
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I am now born (: lmao

x) Welcome ! I hope you like it here!
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Greetings and Salutations....

Welcome to Gaia online! I hope you will enjoy here and you can add me as your friend if you like.
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I am now born (: lmao
Welcome to Gaia

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