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WONDERFUL IDEA 0.90824563196076 90.8% [ 17778 ]
THIS IDEA STINKS 0.042862981506079 4.3% [ 839 ]
DONT KNOW YET 0.048891386533156 4.9% [ 957 ]
Total Votes:[ 19574 ]
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Shirtless Pumpkin


May I sign?
Tenshi_Ryuechi's avatar

Beloved Lover

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  • Cats vs Dogs 100
I'm afraid they wont do that because Vanessa will be out of business. :S
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Dangerous Foe

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  • Senpai's Notice 100
  • Threadmaster 200
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  • Forum Sophomore 300
i totally agree!
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Hallowed Pumpkin

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  • Torii Attendant 100
I sign!

I could have sworn I've been here before but I checked and I'm not listed anywhere.
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Partying Informer

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  • Dressed Up 200
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Aged Bilge rat

15,000 Points
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  • Magical Girl 50
  • Perfect Attendance 400
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Intellectual Dabbler

                    *Takes out quill and signs in large, lavish handwriting*
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Desirable Fatcat

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Beloved Nerd

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Lonely Poster

I'll sign ^.^
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Shirtless Fairy

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  • Entrepreneur 150
To everyone who posted no, CRAWL BACK UNDER THE ROCK THAT YOU CAME FROM! emotion_omnomnom
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Original Bloodsucker

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  • Rebuilder 100
  • Pie Hoarder by Proxy 150
♥ Sign me up! :U
sapiosexuaI's avatar

Shirtless Lunatic

I will never sign a petition for such a poorly thought out concept.

1. Do you think this thread is well organized?
No. It only demonstrated the pro bias. It doesn't show the people against it.

2. Did you find the information here understandable / helpful?
Understandable, yes. Helpful, not in the least bit.

3. Where did you find out about this petition?
Someone's siggy.

4. What do you think could be added to this petition to improve it?
Both biases and what people say when they voice against it.

5. If you could ask the admin any question about us keeping our hair what would it be?
Why would you think this would work? Gaia already has too much gold in circulation. Look at the marketplace. I remember when having 75k gold was similar to having 1 million gold now. Gaia needs more places to consume gold and to stop it from being in circulation. If people keep signing this just because it'll be convenient to keep hairstyles, it will become cancer.
I seriously hope the mods never approve this petition.

Bitching at people who disapprove of a petition only subtracts from the effectiveness of the petition itself.

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