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it's almost easter time TIME FOR THE HUNT hehehehhehe twisted
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Still laughing at my bubble in the front page. c:

I should start cleaning my friendlist before the event starts~
Easter is around the bend!

I remember the last thread.
Ahh, good times, good times.
I'm hoping that this time I won't lag as much and I'll be able to send out some more invites [seeing as now I know how to do them.]

Anyone else getting excited?
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I'm *super* excited! Can't wait! This was the highlight of my zOMG'ing last year! whee
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any avatar recommendations besides Chyaku?
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I can't believe I'm gonna miss this event! D: My Adobe Flash Player isn't working so I don't gets to go hunting for gold egg ):
hey guys, that time of year again huh biggrin
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I. CAN'T. WAIT. eek gonk
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I remember the good old days when I run around in zOMG screaming "WHERE'S THE GOLD EGG???" rofl
I've been waiting the whole year for this. Any word on when the event begins? I'm going to have to clear my calendar so I can be here for as much of it as possible. biggrin

You guys remembered~~

Also, pics on the other thread; I was in like 70% of them. It made me lol. biggrin

Does anyone have any idea how soon it starts? I'm so excited. I've been running around zOMG! like a mad thing for the past few days. I already have my easter outfit planned out and bought. Do you think there's going to be any more Sundae Sweets? Like new ones? Or Chicks? Oh I hope there's more chicks.

If you can't tell, I'm rather excited. I was really ill last year and it was literally the highlight of my year. WOO! GE HUNTERS RE-UNITE~!
heart heart heart heart heart
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^O^ i so can't wait till the put the eggs out its one of my favorite things on this site XD looking for those eggs heart
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Crowding is no fun.
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It is Easter again. I have fond memories of last years events biggrin

I found my self in the OP pic, but my face is covered by a chat bubble XD.
Last years was fun, on my older account. Hope to do that again. xD

Are we the golden egg ring again though?

=deflation of the ring

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