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I am really excited for the Easter Event (my favorite event, of course!).

Feel free to add me as a blue dot! I am also looking for blue dots.
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Blue dots please smile
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friend requests now open~
feel free to re-add oeuf emotion_dealwithit
If you received a friend invite by me, it was for the Easter Event (I didn't send a message)

Add me for blue dots, as well. No need to send a message.

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Add for blue dots please.
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moar dots please.
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send me a friend request wink i love seeing other blue dots on my map heart i will warn you i do yell hi alot wink
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DID IT START?@?@?!?!?!?!
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Lonely Fatcat

Add for blue dots smile
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add me please
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p o m m e - p a n
friend requests now open~
feel free to re-add oeuf emotion_dealwithit

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Feel free to add me. ^^ I have yet to see the blasted golden egg. Someday I will emotion_dowant
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Once I am back from the con I am going to april 6-8th, today, and the next two days, I will be hunting the egg like a mad women XD. Add me if u like and make sure to tell me its for easter event!
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Conservative Entrepreneur

Add me for mourrre blue dots mrgreen

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