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Of course it was going to be made but they didn't do anything. I think that it will come soon.
Yes, I agree with you. They couldn't achieve the 'Gaia' name to that satelite of NASA. If they put the language option we could do it and more things. We can do more things. It is all benefits.
I agree again. Wish it becomes true. YES WE CAN!
Thank you very much for your support. every type of help is necessary. PODEMOS!
Facebook for example is created in many languages and they have a very famous game who has been added in different languages recently and now they're 3 more times a bigger quantity of members.
I think too that if Gaia has more languages, more people will play. Because I usually enter in a thread with Beginners who DON?T know English and likes Gaia, but they can't play because, they don't understand.

So I think it's a good idea to put some languages, like in Neopet's website.

I'm not saying to pay to some people who must translate all the website, we can help too.
Hope for the language option soon. Por favor
He's right. Wish it could be possible!
Gaia en espaƱol! Por favor traduzcan pronto
Thanks to everyone for your support
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It's kinda weird to hold conversations with yourself you know.

Other than that....while I agree that having Gaia in other languages would be a great idea, imagine how hard that would be to set up. More server space, more pages, they may need to hire RL staff to man them, as well as find moderators who can speak the certain languages to monitor posts.
You and your mules fail.

They were talking about other languages a while back. In my opinion, they need to fix up the place before they do anything else major to the site.

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There are no mules O_o

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Gaia is far from being able to afford making the site every language under the sun.
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Please don't bump your thread unless it has fallen off the front page. rolleyes

Why Spanish? Why not Italian, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Chinese or Irish?
If Gaia does one language then the SF will be mobbed with "BAW BAW WHY DO SPANISH? WHY NO ITALIAN?" ext. And it'll cost a lot of time and money to turn every word on the site into different languages.

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