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damn, is the funniest opinion ive ever seen of VIII. i respect your opinion tho :3

Even amidst a rant, I aim to please ~
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I enjoyed FFVIII very much, and would LOVE a remake. I think the magic system should be very similar to the original. For the most part, if they just make it with better graphics and keep other things basically the same, I'd be happy. If they change the draw system so you can accumulate more magic and make other minor changes to it, that would be great, but I wouldn't want to do away with it completely... Each game is going to have different systems. That's why they aren't all the same game.

I doubt they'll remake it though. It wasn't all that popular, so it's probably not even being discussed by the people who matter...
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The junction system wasn't that bad. It was better than FF7's materia system, I thought.

Other than that, the game was very bland to me. The characters and story didn't hold a candle to FF7 in my opinion. I don't think I ever actually completely finished FF8. I got near the end, after squall and rinoa banged in space and all that, but I just didn't care enough to finish the story. I do remember doing alot of farming and looking for rare GF's though.
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best game in the series for me loved every minute of it smile
Edward E!ric
If they remake it I hope they completely redo the magic system. That was the games one fault in my opinion. The story was pretty good, but that magic system just ruined it for me.

I like the actual spell animations though. Better than any of the PS2 games, that's for sure.
The first two discs were fantastic. It fell apart at the whole orphanage scene which is proof the writers were probably on acid.
i agree with most of what you said.

in fact, what i agree with is spot on close to my own opinion.

funny rant is funny.
I think it was pretty good, contrary to popular belief. I hated Squall in the beginning, though, but started to like him after...

He was almost killed (or should have been killed) by Edea after the first battle with her.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY hate Rinoa. She reminds me of Aeris/Aerith, and I hate her too. Just their personalities. HATE. HATE. HATE.

Aside from that, I really love the 'draw' system in the game.

However, I don't think they should remake it. The graphics aren't too bad for it's time. If they remake any FF game, they need to remake VII not VIII.
Love Final Fantasy VIII heart

Haters are gonna hate talk2hand

The only thing is that I would try and improve is the first CD and make it less bland. It didn't really hype up till the Parade.
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BloodX the Vampire

He was almost killed (or should have been killed) by Edea after the first battle with her.

Actually, no he shouldn't of been killed, the ice shard his his ARM PIT area on the OTHER SIDE of his chest, AWAY from his heart so no, just because it was technically a bad injury doesn't mean it was an injury that would of killed him, especially when you have to stop and think it was a MAGICAL ice shard, it could of easily meant to stop him in his tracks so he could of been captured (which is what happened) and then just left no mark at all (which it did given that even SQUALL questions why he didn't have a wound and I highly doubt Seifer would of cured him.)
I think that it was Seifer that cured him. So he could torture him later on. Seifer was a jerkass, but he wasn't a murderer.
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I think that it was Seifer that cured him. So he could torture him later on. Seifer was a jerkass, but he wasn't a murderer.

Edea can't get information from a dead person. He was healed either by Edea or Seifer.
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FFVIII was the first Final Fantasy game I played (back when it came out in 1999), and I really, really liked it. The story arc felt pretty involved, and connected. The junction system was a bit broken, but playing more final fantasies after VIII, it wasn't all too bad.

I remember farming holys, dispels, etc. in some island with no encounter ability from one of the GFs.
I used GF's in all of my battles from disc 1-3, until Adel showed up crying . Didn't get the full concept of the junction system back then. And i didn't give a damn about attacking, I was GF-ing all the time hahahaha rofl .
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I really enjoyed FFVIII, I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that it was the first final fantasy I was introduced to as a kid so it brings back a lot of memories and will always have a special place in my heart^^

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