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Laguna is hot.

Selphie is my favorite character.

I would rather have FFVI remade.

Seconded, except swap Laguna and Selphie for me. Ditzy doesn't mean I wouldn't hit dat :u

Although, as far as a VI remake goes, it sucks because earlier this year, Yoichi Wada was quoted saying:
"The new Final Fantasy must overcome the Final Fantasy of the past.” which he elaborates on, saying that the newer games have to exceed the success and quality of FFVII before they make any more remakes; that if they were to remake games such as 7 or 6 or etc the final fantasy series "would be done with".

So unfortunately for you, Mr. OP, regardless of whether of not it's a good idea, there isn't going to be a remake for a loooooong time.
Ok so we have mutual respect. That be ggod ok.
Final Fantasy VIII is my favorite game in the franchise as well. I felt really connected to the story (especially Squall), I loved the battle system and junction mode and it was just a really fun game to play. I definitely wont say no to a remake wink
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FFVIII had a lot of potential, IMO, but not what it takes to actually fit together and be amazing. I think the thing that always gets me about the game is there's a lot of really interesting setting implied at but the way it's approached feels so... lifeless? You get glimpses at it but never really enough to tie things together. Then again, it's been yeeears since I've played the game and most of my recent impressions are based on reading Let's Plays.

It still holds a pretty special place in my heart because it was my first Playstation game. The soundtrack is top-notch and there's a lot of amazing atmosphere. It's just... the little bits and pieces never connected to become something greater, I guess. I think a remake would be interesting if S-E actually addressed this and fleshed things out.
Thank you very much for your imput. I would suggest that the story goes more in depth. But have to say that memories fade or become exxagerated over time.
My favourite final fantasy game alongside FF10. The only problem with FF8 is the junction and battle system, everything else is superb
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skippable gf cutscenes. a tutorial or focus on crafting weapons. i know there is one but i did not found out until i saw someone else crafting in the game
I really like FFVIII I honestly don't get what was so bad about the junctions system. You junction GF's who learn abilities and then equip magic to your stats its pretty straight forward. The game is easily broken too if you use the Seifer in Dollet trick, and then devour monsters to raise your stats further. The only part I got over was having to draw 100 magic of everything. Otherwise ff8 was all kinds of good in my book.

And the card game is like one of the best FF side quests and mini-games ever invented. Alongside Chocobo Hot and Cold ffIX, Chocobo breeding ffVII and Blitzball FFX (not the crappy X-2 version)
thank you for positive reaction! after so much hate mail....ahem...blessed preist...you really perk up over the good people.
Hmm, Final Fantasy 8? It has it's charm, I'll give it that. The character designs are still the best in the entire series, and I really like the idea of a time travelling antagonist, large scale wars, and the entire concept behind the Lunar Cry. But, on another level, the game is very, very flawed. The plot begins to break down after disk one, and takes several utterly nonsensical twists. The Laguna flashbacks, while interesting in their own right, really added nothing to the greater story and probably should have been cut. The characters themselves do have depths, but we see so little of them that they might as well be completely one dimensional.

Had the game had more polish, and, more importantly, an editor, I think it could have been the greatest of the series, though as it stands... it really doesn't impress me.
damn, is the funniest opinion ive ever seen of VIII. i respect your opinion tho :3

farming for magic was pretty annoying

personally, i really enjoyed the majority of VIII that i have played through. right now im somewhere in the third disc. the part where they rocket to the sorceress? idr its been a bit since i have actually played it. i honestly would love if they remade VIII. its my second favorite ff!

before anyone says how can you judge a game you haven't even finished, ive seen my best friend play through the end so i already know what happens.
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before anyone says how can you judge a game you haven't even finished, ive seen my best friend play through the end so i already know what happens.

Nobody says that unless your opinion is negative. :u
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Final Fantasy VIII had it a few flaws in it. But other than the lack of character arcs it worked pretty well. I know a lot of people disliked the plot because it got somewhat confusing but, if you either overlooked that, or paid attention during the game, the rest of it was pretty solid. Other than the appearance of Ragnarok, they could have come up with a much better explanation than that. As to everyone hating on the magic system, experimentation has to happen to keep a series running and it won't always appeal to everyone. I liked the magic system in FFVIII, the idea of not having pretty much infinity magic makes sense. In too many FF games the secret to victory is summon everything and spam high level spells until the enemies are dead.
I liked the game, but didn't love it. To first timers, the game is a violation of common sense. Here I am grinding away in the training ground, leveling up my characters only to later realize it was a bad idea because I should power up my GF to get stat bonuses. Here I was gaining empty levels with miniscule increases in power. I have to abuse the skill Card to farm AP while low level running my way through the game to get stat bonuses. What a pain in the cheese...

Other than that I still did have fun with the game and the only thing I would really change is what I mentioned in the above paragraph. I love those hotdogs.
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It will take much more work. There needs to be a demand for it. And the most important thing is that they need to capture everything perfect otherwise you can expect disappointing fans

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