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Siegfried. Not for any gameplay reason. Big Ol' swords are kinda my thing.

Oh, and Rock for the older games.
My favorite would have to be Siegfried, he's my only character actually. I think his fighting style is great and easy to adapt to.
His looks are just cool, though SC IV's Soul Calibur shouldn't be such a bizarre sword. I always used the one from SC III.
His personality is one of my favorites too, he isn't there to joke nor does he have time to waste, with the torment he lives in, pretty much sums it up.

I only used him when I couldn't use my custom character however, since the fighting styles were the same.

And him being voiced by Liam O'Brien only makes it better!
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I used to hate her back in SCII when I mained Taki. It's too bad they removed her from SCV. smdh
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I like Sophitia! I was so sad when Namco killed her off! crying
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i used to be good with Ivy back when i first started playing SC2
(btw i have only played SC2 and a lil bit of SC3)
but lately since i bought it again to remember the good ol' days (got it for xbox and play on the 360)
i have been better with youshimitsu and mitserugi
(not good at spelling sorry sad )
I dont have ONE favorite. So my favorites are Nightmare, Raphael, and Siegfried smile
My main up until IV was maxi but when i unlocked Vader and the apprentice those two became my main for IV. V Ezio and mitzuguri became my mains so wanted to switch it up this time maxi is a well balanced character if your not button smashing.
Screw Nightmare, this is the true wielder of Soul Edge!

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    Probably Amy for me. I rather like her design but most of all I like her fighting style. I guess I just enjoy being quick on that game. x)
My favorite character is Patroklos, due to his strong sense of justice.
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4laugh Tira-psycho, but cute. Xianghua-great for training. Viola-pretty, yet sadly like Voldo. Taki-I'm great with her in SC3. Setsuka-hate it when she blocks with that umbrella, Seong Mi-Na-it's an easy win with her. Sophita, Cassandra-they aight. Any girls are cool 'cept Talim and Ivy-pointless! I <3 Kilik and Yun Seong-sexy... mrgreen

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